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Tea and Biscuits Book Discussions: Olympic Book Tag

by | Aug 16, 2021 | Tea and Biscuits Discussions | 2 comments

Tea and Biscuits Book Discussions is a feature here on Addicted To Romance where there is talk of books, blogging, and reading topics….so come on in and join in on the discussion

So I discovered this book tag through Samantha and Shannon and after watching and keeping up on the Olympics in Tokyo I felt like this was just perfect to try out. This years olympics was quite different, but it was still fun to keep up some of my favorite events for the summer style of them. (Although I still prefer winter Olympics over the Summer but it was quite fun especially the swimming is my favorite to keep tabs on) For this book tag I will be showcasing books I have read more recently and not of all time (because I think you all know my all time favorites by now haha ) And I followed Shannon’s example, and links the book covers straight to Goodreads.

This story had me hooked from the first page, I just couldn’t put it down. Literally I stayed up all night reading this and worked on like four hours of sleep haha One of my favorite contemporaries with kink in it because it had plenty of emotion and heart balanced in with the BDSM elements

I had so much fun with this one here and so much fun of an adventure this author takes one on.

This is the closest I get to a love triangle ( I REALLY don’t read them) this is a menage retelling of the Little Mermaid if Ursula became the heroine and quite an interesting one that I delighted in.

I simple adored this book so much which is set in India. I loved the culture that this author captures. I need more books like this.

I don’t mind reading some taboo romance and after reading the blurb I was really looking forward to this one here. BUT this book baffled me. I just didn’t understand the hype surrounding these books because it was “meh” for me.

This is the perfect lively read for the summer or a nice beach read even. I loved the summer feels to this one. I had a blast with it all that had me yearning for some surf and sun.

This definitely has plenty of fighting in it, and is a kick ass read of a book. It will definitely keep you on edge all the way through, but is very suspenseful and has more violent elements at times.

THIS BOOK and really this whole series is packed with so many twists and turns, and it will keep you in suspense and wondering what is around the next corner. Truly delightful.

This book definitely has some “thriller” like moments, that kept me guessing and quite frankly one shouldn’t read this alone in the dark at night haha It is pretty intense and definitely scared me at times in the actions of the villain.

This book had so many depths and emotions packed within it. I wasn’t expecting this book to turn out the way that it did but man this author really delved on some deeper levels I normally don’t expect to find.

I am not sure where I got this recommendation, but I decided to try it up and I ADORED it. It was such a fun quick read. And loving this world this author has created.

This book is at 600 pages but since its a Kristen Ashley, you know that I breezed right through it and I loved this book SO much. It was a five star read for me and such a unique world this author has created. She needs more PNR haha

This book continually still surprises me. I never would have expected this book to be a tear jerker but the ending (and all those who have read it know exactly to what I am referring to) just tore me to shreds in all the best of ways.

Even though I listened to this one here, this was still a slow read fo me and I had to force myself to read through much of it. Even though there were some aspects I liked at times, it just wasn’t the easiest to read.

This is a true classic here and I have such fond memories of reading this when I was young. So many beautiful aspects in this story.

I just love some sexy dragons in a romance and love what Ruby Dixon has done with these here.

While I had enjoyed this overall, I really had a hard time staying engaged with this one in the first half. The way the flashbacks were written in this one here, really threw me off in ways that weren’t the best.

This book had the sweetest friendship ever. I loved the connection that these two had and such a lovely romance this author wrote.

This is a post apocalyptic world with a mix of mythological fantasy and as such due to the circumstances of the series as a whole, there is plenty of traveling all over. So interesting to see how this author has written this one.

This is one of the BEST books of the year for me. I couldn’t get enough of it. It had everything I need in a romance and a mafia themed romance. The heroine surprised me especially in how much I loved her when I wasn’t expecting to enjoy her quite as much.

The ending to this book and this series was sweet perfection, it was everything I expected and more!!! This author made me proud with how she wrote it. 🙂

So tell me do you all watch the Olympics? What is your favorite event to watch? My personal favorite is Artistic Swimming.

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  1. Sam@WLABB

    I know almost all these authors, but I had only read one book on your list. EEP! I get what you said about Beach Read. I did love the book, but I felt there were these shifts in pacing where it felt a bit slow. I also felt they fit the moment, if that makes sense.

  2. Tanya @ Girl Plus Books

    I’ve read one of the books in that J. Daniels Dirty Deeds series (Down Too Deep) and I loved it so, so much. I keep meaning to read the rest of the series, including Hit the Spot, but just haven’t got to it yet. And Wolfsong is high on my TBR. I’m excited for that one.


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