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Tea and Biscuits Book Discussions: Johanna Lindsey Tribute

by | Jan 6, 2020 | Tea and Biscuits Discussions | 0 comments

Welcome to the feature “Tea and Biscuits Book Discussions” where every monday we get together to talk about issues in the bookish community and our love of books and romance.…

Today I have something very special and honestly I was going to do this a couple weeks ago but with the busyness of the Christmas season and the all the end of year craziness I do so I decided to wait for it and quite honestly I wanted to make sure I wouldn’t be crying through writing this post (I still might) but here we go.

Johanna Lindsey, the most lovely author that impacted the hearts and minds of millions of romance readers past away on October 27 2019 while in an effort to fight off stage 4 of lung cancer.

The news of her passing didn’t reach the community until December and broke many of our hearts. She was one of the most influential and lovely writers of our day and she will be deeply missed. It still is unreal that she is gone and i don’t know what to do now. So to honor her memory I want to go through many of her books that I loved and adored. But before I do that I want to share why I deep love this author so much. For me she wasn’t my first romance author, it took a few authors before I reached her books. BUT I did discover her very early on in my career of romance reading and was quickly hooked on many of her books. I loved the realism, the history and the powerful storytelling this author portrayed in her books and her writing is like NO other  I have ever read. I never was blessed to know her in person, but I sincerely feel her for her family and loved ones that knew her the best and must be in devastated over the loss of this beautiful lady. She will be forever in my memory, my heart and soul. May you find peace RIP JOHANNA LINDSEY!!!

Most Memorable Reads From Johanna Lindsey

This was my first book from this author that got me hooked and boy I fell hard for Vikings and its all thanks to this book. A powerful alpha male, a strong willed heroine, lots of great history and cultural sharing and a beautiful love story. Its not a perfect book especially when looking at the consent issues, but still one of my favorites despite the problems. But I want to make it clear Johanna Lindsey wrote from HER time and also wrote realistic romance —no sugar coated story here

This book got me hooked into futuristic and sci fi romance and yes crazy but she did write a sci fi trilogy!! Which is incredible. But it still has many of the historical elements you saw from her older books. I LOVE this story so so much and its actually a book I think many people could still read today. The consent elements are much better than some of her others.

LOVED this book, I can’t tell you how much I adore this story and is a book that I am shocked doesn’t receive more love than it should. It’s one of her more underrated novels and one many readers today would really love I would think. I have already gone through like three print copies because I reread it so much. So if you haven’t read it….what on earth is WRONG with you? Pick this book up NOW lol

This is the book that got me to LOVE Harem romances (not reverse harem but the regular harem setting) and yeah I still love a good harem romance. I LOVE this book dearly though and the romance is just so captivating and beyond memorable. And the cover—-EPIC!!

This is one of her more recent novels I LOVED so much here. Its a western and deal with feuding families, a secret identity, intrigue and MORE!! I mean you honestly just can’t go wrong with this book and isn’t that model yummy enough to eat??

This book is LIFE CHANGING but surely isn’t for the faint of heart either. Its one of those stories that are intense, plenty of angst but all that passion is so swoony!!

This book is perfection if you are looking for a great pirate romance and seeing a heroine dressing as a boy and lots of playfulness in their courthsip and boy James is such a ROGUE up until the very end and its so fun.

This book is truly awesomesauce in all the delicious ways, This is Jame’s son’s book “Jeremy” and he is just like his father and really loved the interactions in this pairing….its sweet, delectable and memorable!

This is a Russian romance and boy I loved it and this fed my third for Imperial Russia settings (which we definitely need more of) and such  a great book we have here and one i definitely recommend if you haven’t read it.

This is superb in so many ways, I always grab it up when I am in the mood for a royal romance with a gamma hero and an avoidance romance. This pairing is pretty funny actually.

This is a highlander romance and yeah he makes a delicious scot to savor that is for sure!! But seriously this book is outrageous, funny and highly entertaining!!

OH THIS BOOK!!! *sigh* love it in every way and if you are in the mood for a sexy medieval knight, this is one for you to grab up and never let go!!!

What have you loved about Johanna Lindsey? Which books are your favorites? Let me know in the comments below

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