Tea and Biscuits Book Discussions: Hardcover Vs. Paperback

When choosing to read printed books, it can be hard to choose between getting a hardcover and paperback. Usually its the price between them that will determine which one I pick up. There are both pros and cons to using both of these formats, and there is never a right or wrong in what you choose. Because as we are all different and prefer different formats, Hardcovers will work for others while paperback won’t and vice versa. I have always been a fan of both, when I was younger and didn’t have a car, hardcovers were way heavier and bulky and didn’t seem worth it where paperbacks are lighter and smaller and more compact in size.




The look of hardcovers can be so hard to resist, and the artwork on them can look so fabulous on your bookshelf and I love using them for displays at home. I do love reading from Hardcovers sometimes, especially if I don’t want to strain my eyes to read. Usually these have a slightly bigger print, or you can even find larger print if you have eye problems. I also like the pretty covers and how large they are. If you are a fan of pretty covers, then choosing a hardcover to read is NEVER a bad thing. And since many of you know I love a lovely cover, I do love choosing to read a hardcover because it is quite different.


There are some disadavantages to reading hardcovers. First is that they can be bulky and heavy. They aren’t the type of books that can easily fit into one hand and you can carry easily in your purse without it hurting your shoulder right? Also it can prove to be awkward while reading,




I have such a special affection for paperbacks, probably because they take up the majority of my bookshelf, especially when it comes to fiction. There is something so fun about picking up a paperback. And they are so easy to carry with you wherever you are. In your purse, on your desk or even in the glove box of your car. Paperbacks are really light, so easy to move. They can be held very easily no matter what position you are reading to read in. I especially love holding them in my hands while laying down at night before bed. I also love the stepbacks that many of them have which hardcovers rarely have.


Paperbacks are what many people prefer to read in printed format, but they have some downsides. Sometimes they are too small in text, and more compact so they don’t suit everyone’s needs.

How do you choose between them?

Honestly I have a mix of these on my shelf, although I will be honest, I have more paperbacks than hardcover because they are cheaper and smaller and lighter and easier to hold while reading. But I do want to put more hardcovers on my shelf because they really stand out and are just gorgeous!!! Now If I am in a hurry to read a book and I want it in printed form then I will take the extra money to buy it in hardcover, because you usually have to wait quite a while before its in paperback format. Now sometimes I am in the mood for certain positions of reading. Now I love reading on my stomach and I have found that hardcovers are just right for that. But in other positions, I do prefer a paperback. Most of the time I choose paperbacks, but there are special occasions that I like to grab a hardcover because they create such a different experience than a paperback does.

Questions For My Readers?

What do you prefer to read…..hardcovers or paperbacks?

23 thoughts on “Tea and Biscuits Book Discussions: Hardcover Vs. Paperback

  1. I used to buy both but the last few years I don’t bother with hardcovers anymore. I’d rather buy three paperbacks then one hardcover.

  2. I like both. I often go for hardcovers when they come with little extras like rough-cut pages or a beautiful book design especially underneath the dust jacket. Paperbacks are easier to carry around and of course less expensive, but sometimes their format can be a bit too small for my taste.

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  3. Like you, I have both and lean toward the majority being paper copies. My hardcovers are either the rare times I find those on sale cheaper than a paper copy or when it is part of a few series that are such favorites that I get them on first release and want the more durable quality of the hc bound. And as you say, they look so nice. 🙂

  4. I prefer hardcovers because they look better and don’t fall apart as easily as paperbacks. Reading them does kill my hands, though. Those books are heavy! They’re also expensive. That’s why the majority of my books are paperback.

  5. I love paperbacks!! SO much easier to read. I do have hardcovers too. They like so pretty but I do not like reading them. I also tend to give away my books when I am done reading them so I don’t care about how they hold up. Great discussion!

  6. I don’t read in print anymore. Am I the only person around here that is a strictly e-reader these days? I purged all of my print books because I went years without reading any so I built up my eBook collection and I read exclusively on my iPad.

    Between paperbacks and hardcovers, paperbacks won every single time (back when I was buying them) because I’m thrifty and will always go for the cheaper option. They were more comfortable to read as well since I didn’t have to take the jacket off and worry about my wrists hurting. I will admit that hard covers look way better on a bookshelf. 🙂

    1. haha oh no Rowena I still read plenty on my kindle…but there are times I just get in the mood for reading in print.

      Even though most of my shelf is paperbacks, I love the look and durability of hardcovers just wish they were more affordable.

  7. I prefer paperbacks for the convenience of transporting them but love hardcovers for the ability to use my booklight at night. For a paperback I have to have at least 100 pages for it to hold well. It clips on quite well to the hardcovers. 🙂

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