Tea and Biscuits Book Discussions: Couples Who Rise Above Adversity

One of the main things that I truly love about reading a romance, is seeing the couple rise above challenges that they are faced with and WIN in the end. I mean who doesn’t right? There is just something so satisfying in seeing the complexities of life come at a man and woman and seeing their strengths, their growths and even their weaknesses evolve into strengths in the end, in ways that you don’t see coming. I think what is truly wonderful is seeing all the varieties of challenges that a couple can face and seeing them rise above it, especially when seeing them work together as a team and overcome what happens. Many times this can be pretty intense and emotional because when you see this happen, it makes it so much more real for the reader. So I wanted to share some of my favorite couples that I have seen and admired and *hats off* to the authors that have written such couples that have captured by heart.

My first couple would have to be Jake and Miranda from the Outlaw Hearts series. Now this couple has had a special place in my heart and if I had to pick one couple to beat them all it would be these two. Jake and Miranda certainly face their own trials of adversity and come out on top somehow. It amazes me how right they are for each other. Jake is the bad boy, the rebel, and the outlaw. He has made some poor choices in life but also was deal a not so great deck of cards. I figure having a father who abuses you, murders your mother and brother will do that. And sweet but fiery hot Miranda. She is so good for Jake. I just love her spunk. She shoots Jake and then before she realizes it she is married to the man and falling in love with him. They have two wonderful children. They endure enemies who attempt to drive them apart, Jake getting put in jail, attacks on the family, revenge plots, and more. But what is also wonderful to see in this couple is also the way that these challenges only make them stronger together. Miranda stands by Jake no matter what happens. Her loyalty and devotion to him and their family is inspiring. I have adored seeing these two grow as a couple and a family.

Gillian and Christopher from This Is All I Ask is a fantastic couple here. They face some pretty great odds that are against them. They end up together through an arranged marriage. Gillian has suffered abuse from her father for years. Christopher is blind. Both have certain needs, and seeing the way they start to overlook their own fears and swallow their pride they have a wonderful relationship. We see how much they grow especially when Gillian’s father proves to be a threat to them. I love the way that they overcome their own fears and come together in such a beautiful way.

In Kiss of Snow we have a story that features a couple that are amazing together. Hawke and Sienna. There is quite a bit that this couple has to overcome. Hawke is alpha to his wolf pack and has been since he was a child. He also lost his “mate” when he was 10 years old. Sienna is a X Psy, who is more powerful than anyone realizes, deadly powerful. there is a powerful connection between these two. But Sienna’s power is growing more and more dangerous and all those she had heard of before died. We see how Hawke and Sienna overcome so many obstacles in this book, and we truly see how powerful real love can be as they overcome them and trust in the bond they have.

My next pick would be Ashlyn and Maddox from The Darkest Night. These two are simply wonderful together especially in the ways they are willing to sacrifice for each other. Ashlyn can hear voices from the past and its tormenting for her so she goes to a group of dangerous men that could help her. Then Maddox suffers death every day, as he suffers a curse. Seeing a tortured hero and a courageous heroine come together in this book is a unforgettable experience. Even though I read this book years ago, they still are very strong in my memory.

Brishen and Ildiko, are another couple that come into mind. They were brought together by a arranged marriage. Both not truly cared by their own families. Only to be used to gain a marriage. These two are from different people. They are opposite in every way, they view each other as distateful in looks, but we see how they find beauty in the friendship and love they build with each other. We also see them face some challenges that seem impossible to overcome. Including defeating an enemy that is killing thousands. And only Brishen and Ildiko are left to stop them.


The next featured couple would have to Ellysetta and Rain from the Tairen Soul Series. And man do these two overcome so much together. They are both powerful, but we see personal growth, growth of love and seeing how much they fight for those they love and for each other. These two face some horrible enemies, that plan on destroying everything in their path. We see how good overcomes evil. The relationship that Ellysetta and Rain build is phenomenal. This couple’s story is truly epic, full of love and courage and strength. You couldn’t go wrong with seeing these two come together and fight for what is right.

Christian and Maddy are breathtaking here. They overcome some real challenges especially in the beginning. Our hero has suffered from a stroke, but in the time period this book takes place, he is viewed as “mad” and has been put in a insane house. This couple is the epitome of true love in every way. Their romance is very unconventional and not the “norm”. Its so unique in its own way and is a true classic and a must read for every romance author, no matter if you like HR or not. This is a must because the love story between these two is guaranteed to take your breath away. I love what they overcome together, how they are willing to sacrifice, the close bond they build from the beginning.

What couples are your favorites when facing and overcomng adversity?