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Tea and Biscuits Book Discussions: Book My Children Will Read

by | Jul 13, 2020 | Tea and Biscuits Discussions | 0 comments

Today I want to share some books that I want my children to read when I am blessed with them. With everything I have seen going on in recent years, I want them to be aware of events of history and philosophy while instilling within them the value of having a moral center and standing for truth, liberty and having the courage to do so. These books were such an influence to me over the years, helped me become the strong woman that I am today. And I want the same for my children.

I fell in love with Shakespeare when I was in junior high and I fell in love with his plays and his sonnets. He is an incredible poet that has been such a strong influence on so many minds both young and mature. I love the life lessons you can find in his words.

This is a childrens storybook that showcases the evils of Stalin and the role of Marxism and communism and how it destroys lives and the empowerment of young people to fight against it and realize the truth.

This is a true classic and a must read for everyone in my opinion. Such a beautiful influence for me when I was younger.

I love how factual this book it and relays the truth in the beginnings of American History. Perfect for any age.

This is such a beautiful story of facing adversity and having true courage from the eyes of a twelve year old girl in communist China.

I truly think this trilogy needs to be on every bookshelf, it fed my passion for fantasy but within the pages of this book is such truths that are hidden that showcase the importance of striving to overcome adversity and being courageous.

C.S. Lewis is such an empowering voice and so many lessons in virtue, strength, courage and having a strong moral center in life.

Probably one of my favorite books by Dr. Seuss and pretty underrated in many respects. I love what it teaches to young minds.

I am not big on comic books but this one is a must read, its a story I read due to my brothers and I am so grateful and its one I want my future children to partake in.

A novel that showcases the evils of government and the manipulation of the people

This is such a wonderful book, written by a Jew who suffered in the concentration camps of Hitler. Its a book that shows the value of what it means to have true courage, individual responsibility and the evils of human nature but also the good that can come from it.

This is a book that I think really shows the true depths of romance and especially a book I want my sons to read. And yes you read that right. But there are such gems of wisdom and elements of virtue, enlightening of the mind of women and the courage women, and the battle of our lives ….a social war of the modern life that is so relatable even for this modern era.

This author is one of the most highly respected historians in the country and I own all of his books and I love his books so much. He has such a strong voice that shows the truths of history both the good and the bad.

This is a more religious book by one of the most respected scholars of my faith, really shows the values and principles that have guided our society into improving themselves over the years.

Love seeing stories of strong women in the chapters of our history and this showcases how elemental women were at the fight against the British and in gaining independence from England. Very eye opening.

This is a great book by another scholar from my faith and love how it balances out faith and history and how miraculous some events have turned out like WWII for example and the courage so many young people had to face the toughest challenges our world has ever faced and their sacrifice we need to honor and remember.

What books do you want to have your children read? What were some of your favorite books growing up that influenced you the most? Let me know in the comments below!

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