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Tea and Biscuits Book Discussions: Best Reads of Summer 2020

by | Aug 31, 2020 | Tea and Biscuits Discussions | 0 comments

Tea and Biscuits is a weekly meme post where there is talk of topics ranging from blogging to read and anything in between. So come and join in on the discussion and share your thoughts and ideas and lets DISCUSS!!!

This summer has actually been a really good season of reading, I didn’t quite get to all the books I had planned, but with COVID, the Riots, and Politics I have just been mood reading more than I have ever before.

This is one of the best dark/taboo romances I have ever read in a long while. I normally don’t cross this boundary BUT Nikki Sloane did a fabulous job in crafting their story. Just beautiful.

I just had a blast with this one, and their romance was teased in her Princess series so I really got a kick out of this “arranged marriage” trope (which is one of my favorites) and you rarely see it in a contemporary setting. And of course, its Alyssa Cole and her contemporary books are my jam.

This book has been on my TBR for the longest time and I have to say it definitely lived up to the hype. I just loved having a deaf heroine and seeing her settle into a marriage of convenience and having our hero be her 100% supporter and giving her a life she deserved.

This was probably my favorite of the series, and I liked that it took place in a more historical like setting (almost) and I just loved the growth in their relationship …Emma Chase did great work with this one here.

This is one of my favorites from this author, I just loved the portrayal of a healthy relationship. Especially in seeing the hero set boundaries –we need more of that in romance especially from the heroes.

This was my first Melissa Foster and I have been enjoying her books. I just loved seeing a man have such a strong connection to his siblings who he now has taken a fatherly role over in caring for. SEXIEST THING EVER!!

Rebecca Zanetti just didn’t disappoint with this one, it kept me on my toes and I loved the intensity of the writing, I couldn’t put it down….not once. 🙂

WHEW—-this book is on fire….LITERALLY!! LOL I have to say that Gena Showalter has outdone herself with this one here. I can’t wait for book three!

I have to say I had a blast with the finale and finally seeing these two get their story after seeing all the teasers building up in the series. And whew—the surprise in the ending there just shocked me, I didn’t expect that climax but I loved the ride this duo author team took us on. I can’t wait to see what they have in the plans up next. 🙂

I adored this book and this whole series has been such an adventure. Epic fantasy romance is my weakness in the genre and this book surprised me in many ways.

There is nothing better than Kerrigan Byrne she is like “chocolate” for historical romance and I couldn’t get enough of this one. Her writing is so refreshing and I wish we had more authors like this in this genre that write currently.

I have come to enjoy this author over the years but I was so impressed with this one here. I just love a good royal romance—the ending was delightful.

So tell me….what have been your favorite books this summer that you have read? Have you read any of these titles? Let me know in the comments below.

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