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Its time time of year for those family vacations, or couple trips or heading to the beach or doing some road trips!! I love having a good book on hand to read a good beach read!! One of the best experiences I have had, is a few years ago when my family and I went to hawaii for a family trip. Reading on the beach was such an amazing experience and nothing beats reading in the warm weather and sitting by the ocean. So here are some of my favorites that are perfect for beach or vacation reading.

Outlaw Hearts by Rosanne Bittner 

This is such a perfect book to read while on vacation or at the beach. For one its a lengthy book at 600 pages, but it is also an epic romance (which is a personal fav of mine) This is an adventure themed romance—many conflicts one couple faces over twenty years of marriage. We see their family grow and their relationship deepen!! Its definitely not a story for the faint of heart—but wow what this pair goes through is amazing and I love how they band together. I have so much love for Jake and Miranda, and if you haven’t read this couple—-you are missing out on one wild adventure!!!

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The Pirate Lord by Sabrina Jeffries 

Ahoy Mahytees!!! Love a good pirate romance and Jeffries did such a superb job with this one. Its this book that caused me to fall in love with pirates. This is a story that balances out humor, adventure and passion. In my opinion, one of the best books this author has ever written. I take this book with me on every vacation and trip I have ever gone on ever since I discovered it. Its a story about a young woman that is traveling with a group of women and children who are on their way to be transported to Australia for certain crimes. Most of them low end crimes and seperated from their loved ones. Their ship is attacked by pirates seeing wives for their island paradise. And the heroine is appaled and furious and a fighter for women’s rights. The pirate captain Gideon and Sara go at it and what fun bantering and engagements these two get involved in!! And the side characters are just as fun as the main characters.

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The Highwayman by Kerrigan Byrne 

This is a author that is fairly new but wow she adds something so different to the era she writes in!!! She adds depth, emotion and a bit of darker characters. The heroes are lily white…..the oposite but they have also had their own struggles that have made them into who are they are currently. In The Highwayman—which is the first of the series, is a romance that is one of the best of Regency/Victorian era’s I have ever read. I read this last year, and I still think about these two quite often!!! They are quite remarkable and what a journey it is to see them find their HEA that they deserve.

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The Lord of the Clans by Chris Lange 

This is a fantasy themed romance and it starts out pretty engaging. The heroine is traveling and finds herself captured. They think she is the enemy, but she is only a healer and the hero is their leader. Its not a easy road for either of these two, they face certain enemies and their own fears and distrusts of each other. What I truly admired about this story was the world building, and the complexities of the relationships and certain character growths that add certain depths to this story.

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Radiance by Grace Draven 

Radiance is a story about finding love in ways you don’t expect. Our pair are forced into a arranged marriage. Both people look at each other as enemies but also with no attractive elements. But our hero and heroine find beauty in each other in ways that more meaningful and fall in love. Even though its an arranged marriage, they make the best of their cicumstances and embrace what they have together. It was quite a experience to see them grow together. This is such a beautifully written love story and is perfect to take with any romance reader on vacation or going to the beach!!!

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Blue Eyed Devil by Lisa Kleypas 

Now what a book this is, and one of my favorites by this author even if its a contemporary!! I do love her HR, but there is something about this family and most especially about Haven and Hardy. Now what a couple these are but finding a balance is pretty difficult. Haven has paid the ultimate price for making a mistake in love. She is on the road to recovery, with the help of a therapist and her brothers. But there is a man that makes her feel desire and other emotions. But she is handicapped by the past and Hardy is a hero that helps her heal. I can’t say enough how well written this boook is!!! Lisa Kleypas did wonders with this one, whether its printed or audio format—this makes for a perfect read

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Ransom by Julie Garwood 

As much as I love the first book The Secret….I find this book makes for a better reading while on vacation. There is something different to this story than the others she has written!!! From beginning to end it keeps you on edge, anxious and excited all at once. The romance is superb, and the characters are so well done. I literally have zero complaints about this one. I also liked how well connected it is to the first couple in The Secret. Especially since the heroine develops a strong bond to their young son—whom she saves by risking her own life. It has various aspects of intrigue and danger that really adds thrills to this romance.

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Warprize by Elizabeth Vaughan 

Keir and Lara are one of those couples that stay with you long after you read them. And this is a story that I take with me anytime I go on a trip or vacation. Its an easy book to get into and I can’t count the times I have read this, I have loved it that much!! This is a story where Lara does what she can to save her people, become the “warprize” to their enemy. She is a royal daughter, and knows about duty and obligation. But I love what a caring and gentle heart she has. I love the adventure that this author takes us on and one of the best fantasy romances I have read and such a perfect read for those long road trips or relaxing in your beach chair with crashing waves.

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Shadow Fires by Catherine Spangler 

This is part of a wonderful sci fi romance series and I have loved this series ever since I read it. I first read these books about five years ago and I still love the world building and the well written story. Shadow Fires is my favorite of them all. This is a story where we see a young woman, that knows her destiny and finds a home with people of a different race. These two go through some hardships and are very different in many ways, but we see how they bring out a balance and I admired the strength and fortitude these both have!!

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Captive Of My Desires by Johanna Lindsey 

oh what a story this is, and even though I am a fan more of the earlier books in the series—this one makes the BEST beach read ever!! Our heroine is hurt when the hero scandalizes her in public without realizing how much damage he has caused. Well Gabrielle spent three years with her pirate of a father, and takes Drew captive and control over his ship!!! What a riot these two are and what a great adventure Johanna Lindsey takes us on with this book. We get to see the ballrooms of London, some exciting thrills on the ocean and we even get some fun bantering of the infamous Malory brothers that take it upon themselves to rescue Gabrielle. Man does Drew have his hands full!!! Love the laughs and the fun adventures and has the perfect balance you need and look for in a romance.

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Questions For My Readers 

Have you read any of these books that are listed? Did you love or hate them? 

What are your top choices for beach reads? 


15 thoughts on “Tea and Biscuits Discussions: Best Beach Reads

  1. Julie Garwood is perfect for the beach. Well, her books are pretty much perfect anytime anywhere! 🙂

    I’m actually not a fan of reading on the beach. Or really even sitting on the beach. I like looking at it. I like walking on it. But sitting on the beach isn’t my thing. That’s awesome that you were able to go to Hawaii. I would love to go there. How long was the flight?

    1. oh yes she is!!! I love her writing. Thats too bad you don’t like reading on the beach. I love it, but I like to read just about anywhere hehe Hawaii was a blast. The flight was about five hours.

    1. oh really? You so need to read this pirate one from Jeffries especially if you are a fan of her work!! Its so funny yet romantic too. Its one of her more lighthearted ones. I think you would really like it.

  2. Great list! I find it hard to classify what would be a beach read as I am such a moodreader, often i go into a contemporary romance mood when the summer hits, but this year I’ve been in a fantasy and cozy mystery mood. I have one of Rosanne Bitner her books for review through netgalley, might have to try and fit it in this summer. I haven’t read any of the books from your list.

  3. Blue-Eyed Devil, The Highwayman, Radiance, and The Pirate Lord would make great beach reads. I’m intrigued by Warprize and The Lord of the Clans. My favorite beach reads are lighthearted historicals like Julia Quinn, mysteries like JD Robb, and YA contemporaries like Sarah Dessen.

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