Tea and Biscuits Book Discussions: 2019 Spring Releases To Look Forward To

Tea and Biscuits Book Discussions is a feature that Addicted To Romance features every Monday where we talk books, blogging and reading issues. This week I would like to discuss the top reads to get excited for that are releasing this spring!!! There are so many good ones too.

I just love this series, its one of my favorite vampire series and after loving the previous book, I can’t wait for this one. The hero I just had so much fun with and so I am excited to see him get his own HEA.

This author is a old favorite of mine, and even though I haven’t read her in a long while, I am very intrigued by this new series. This is such a pretty cover too, I love how graceful and elegant it is.

I have had a fun time with this author, I have the first book sitting on my bookshelf and I didn’t grab the arc because I want to read this one in print. But gorgeous model we have on the cover. 🙂

I love this author so much, and even though not all her books are complete page turners, her books are so entertaining and I love anything with a sexy kilted warrior.

I was just given the ARC of this book and LOVED it, way better than even book one. This is going to be a big hit when its released. So well done.

I love this author so much and I have been working my way through this series and really enjoying them. Galen does suspense and espionage very well.

To Wed An Heiress is the second book and after LOVING book one, I can’t wait to see what Ranney has up for us next!! Love the backdrop here, it looks like a painting.

I love this author so much, but still need to read the first book, but this is the second book so hope KA really have a fun time with book two in the Motor Oil Series.

I haven’t read this new series, but I want to especially after seeing this cover. I love poses in laps, and this one is so sexy and her dress is gorgeous. I love the emerald green and works great for it being March too.

Linda Broday is wonderful and writes such engaging western romances and I am loving how she writes mail order brides so I am so pleased she is back to it.

I ADORE Rosanne Bittner and another plus is that this book is being released on my birthday!!! I did get lucky enough to be gifted an ARC!! If you haven’t read Bittner, you HAVE to. Her books are so romantic and swoony!! And the cover for this one is breathtaking. I do love a sexy pose on horses.

Lori Wilde writes some fantastic contemporary westerns and I can’t wait for another addition to the Cupid Texas series!!

I ADORE these contemporary romances that Alyssa Cole has written. They are so fun and engaging and the best characters to relate to. I love her dress and I would totally buy it, its so gorgeous. This is probably my favorite cover of the series so far though.

This author is so fun to read and I love her sense of humor she displays in her books.

I have heard such great things about Cat Sebastian, and I have quite a few of her works on my shelf I still need to read but I am interested to see how this one is. LOVE the elegance of this cover though.

This is one of my favorite authors in historical romance, she does great research, and her romances are kick ass!! You can never go wrong with a mary wine novel. and I LOVE this cover so much.

LOVED this book so much, this series is my favorite from this author. Rock star romance, mixed with some MC and a bit BDSM elements. Sexy and romantic.

I ADORE this author so much, she is one of my top favorites to read and she knows her history and I love how much I learn from her books. And as a plus they are super romantic!! And isn’t this cover so pretty?

I love this series so much, and this author is amazing. and I can’t wait to read it!!!

This author has been on my lists for quite a long time and I am really looking forward to this story here!!