Tea and Biscuits Book Discussion:

This past month has been quite a stressful month for me and I keep wondering why am I letting life…that is all just LIFE getting to me keeping me from truly enjoying life, sleeping fully or even being able to enjoy a book without letting life get in the way.

I am the type of person where I worry….and worry and to the point where I worry about the strength of my heart….but I realize I am doing it to myself. Every time I get a check up with my doctor they say my heart is GOOD!!! So no worries there, but it is scientifically proven that stress can be quite harmful and it can keep us from truly loving life like we are meant to. I know this may seem to be a bit of a rant, but I do feel like I need to share this with all of you, mostly because it will be good to share some insights I have learned over the past few weeks!!!

First step to letting go of all that stress is deep breaths. I have found that when I worry way too much and I am letting the stress keep me from a good nights sleep or truly enjoying a moments peace….. I have noticed when I take just a few moments every morning and evening, and take some deep breaths. It has definitely helped me so much, it doesn’t make the stress or the worries of life vanish…but it helps you not let it get to you.

I read this one quote on Facebook that was truly inspiring:
“ A manifesto for a simple life:
Eat less, move more
Buy less, make more
Stress less, laugh more
Feel blessed, love more
Find a quiet spot every day and BREATH”

So perfect and so true!!! I know for me how hard these simple things can be especially when life can be so busy for us all. I honestly don’t know how you ladies do it with husbands and kids!!! Do you have servants and maids and the like? Because you are all my super heroes!!!! I am single, work full time and don’t do as much for my blog as many of you do for yours!!! Is there a secret ingredient? For myself, I like to take one step at a time. I do make the blog a priority though, mostly because its something I love doing and its more than just a past time or a little hobby….it’s a passion of mine and if I could make real good money doing it I would be rich by now hehe wouldn’t we all right? Another factor is that whether life is going good or not so good for us, I think its good to remember all the good things we have. Even the ability to breath fresh air, and enjoy a home cooked meal or doing a run in the morning with the sun shining has made me realize that simplest things in life are the most fulfilling. I am far from perfect and I have so much I want to work on, but running a blog can be so stressful right? It can really divide us at times. And the solution I have is don’t let the blog run your life!!! Its how I have done it for years and haven’t given up on it or let it go!!! I try to make other aspects in my life balance out with the blog. Its not easy to do this and the first few years I had a blog—-I TOTALLY didn’t do this at all. In fact, my blog was my LIFE. Not very healthy by the way, and I ran into some stumbling blocks along the way. But this past year or two especially, has really turned my world upside down in different ways. I am still not where I want or need to be personally, but I have found that when we take of ourselves, listen to our bodies and enjoy those special moments of peace and laughter, it can make all the difference in the world.

What are some ways that you have been able to keep your life stress free? To balance out your personal lives with the blogging world?