Tea And Biscuits Book Discussion–What Genres Make Us

Tea & BiscuitsBook Discussion

Welcome to a new feature here on ADDICTED TO ROMANCE. Every Monday I will be hosting a book discussion with a variety of topics and issues. This feature will be a way for us to discuss together these topics and share opinions. So please and join in.

Today we will be discussing Genres and how they impact our choices for reading and what genre is for us individually. Each of us have different personalities and interests that separates us from each other. So when it comes to reading and books, there are going to be certain genres that make us in different ways. Of course when we read romance there is a web of genres out there for us to choose. Some of us just prefer one genre to stick to, others like a couple of different ones, or there are those select few that prefer a full spectruc of genres to pick. Many of you know that the only books I really read for fun and pleasure are romance novels!! I am practically addicted to them. But when it comes to genres…its a whole different ball game.

So what genres are out there–well let me list the main ones:

  • Contemporary Romance
  • Historical Romance
  • Paranormal Romance
  • Fantasy Romance
  • Science Fiction Romance
  • Urban Fantasy Romance

Now in each of these genres we have “sub genre”, and depending on the main genre you are reading, will determine if you have one or two sub genres or many. Let me List a few examples of sub genres so you can understand what I mean

Billionaires–Sub Genre of Contemporary

Regency–Sub Genre of Historical

Shape Shifting–Sub Genre of Paranormal

There are many others that I could list but I wanted to give you a general idea.


I first want to start with my own personal choices for genres and why they are so vital in how we choose a book to read and what makes it tick for us. When I first started reading romances, there wasn’t much in general genres…there were only a couple. Now keep in mind this was fifteen years ago, and so much has evolved and changed since then, and the romance fiction has developed much more than I could have ever imagined when I sixteen and got hooked on them. When I was sixteen, if I were to go to the library or to the bookstore such as Barnes & Noble, there wasn’t much in variety of genre. Back then there was mostly Historical Romance and some Contemporary like Danielle Steele and Nora Roberts. But Contemporary Romance wasn’t super popular…what was most popular was Historical Romance with authors such as Kathleen Woodiwiss, Johanna Lindsey and Lisa Kleypas. For quite a few years I read mostly Historical Romance and then we started to see Paranormal Romance more and more, and then Urban and Regular Fantasy Romance came to be. Its been a ride these years seeing all these new varieties. So what do I prefer now? It depends on my mood to be honest. But also I love to read a variety of genres…I like to enjoy a mixture of fun aspects that enter into a solid romance novel. From Pirates and Highlanders and Cowboys to Vampires and sexy shape shifters, to those hockey players and those billionaires, from witches and aliens…and many more!! If I had to choose a genre to read it would be historical romance, mostly because of the variety that can be found in historical romance. There are many other reasons, one is I have a fascination with history, and a mix of history, romance and a happy ending is the perfect mixture for a true love story! I love seeing a couple for to stay together and have a future and its such fun to see history come alive especially when the details seem so real. But in reality I will read anything that has a love story with a happy ending–no matter the setting.

Questions For The Readers


  • If you were on a deserted island and could only choose one genre of romance to read…what would it be and why?

  • What makes a genre tick for you?

  • Are you single genre, a couple genres or the full spectrum?