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8ADD4EBD73A77678FF555C0A74170DA4I have so much love for my local library. This is a topic I have been so excited to write about….because its LIBRARIES!! Who here loves their library? I know I do. Now I have probably lived all over Utah, and probably have 6 different library accounts because I have kinda lived all over. But my favorite local library, would be the one I have now. It has one of the best selections I have ever seen and I love the way that it’s organized. Our Local library is divided into three sections. Its has the children’s section, which is pretty huge and has a variety of things for the kids. They have a play and game area, a huge selection of children stories, and even a section for movies and music for those kiddies. They have reading groups, playacting and so many special events for these kids, it almost makes me wish I had some kids to take to these activities.  Every time I go into this section, it makes me feel like a little girl again and makes me wish at times I wasn’t an adult. I love seeing all these children so excited over books.

We do have a teen section, but it isn’t big, only about a few small aisles, I do hope it gets bigger. Of course its been a long time since I have read YA anything so I haven’t even been in that area very much.

Then we have the nonfiction area which is pretty huge. It has quite a bit, at least 20 aisles of books, magazines, periodicals and newspapers and archives. This is located in the top floor and is also where many students study. Its perfect, because its super quiet in this area of the library. I have spent many hours there studying or doing research.

Then we have my favorite section…the fiction. This is the main floor of the building. We have quite a bit on this section. We have computers and printers, music and movies and audio books both on cassette and CD. Then on the other side we have the whole fiction area. There are about 6 aisles of General Fiction. Then we have about 6 aisles for sub-genres: mystery, sci-fi and fantasy, and romance. Obviously you know where I spend all my time. hehe, They have quite a bit of variety in romance. I love the way the fiction section is organized. The library I was at most of my life, was in Orem and that library just had all fiction bunched together, and I had to search aisle after aisle to find romance. This way I just go to the “romance” section and there is so much. They have quite a bit of historical romance, a bit of paranormal and contemporary and some sci-fi and fantasy romance.  And if my library doesn’t have a title I want, then I just go online and fill out a form for them to order. I recently discovered this, so I have been using it frequently.

Now our local library didn’t always look as nice as this picture above. About ten years, it was this run down building, that had the same structure but was older and kids would throw rocks in the windows. They renovated it and built some gorgeous ballrooms where they host weddings and other events. These ballrooms are amazing, wood floors and huge windows with marble columns. They then library is located on the other side of it.

What I love about the library is how much it offers. Now just books in print, but it also offers online choices such as audiobooks and ebooks. I do go through and use audiobooks quite a bit. I love how much there is available, and it doesn’t cost a cent…unless you return things late. But one nice thing about my library, is that it has a ten dollar limit before you have to pay. That is a huge lee way if you end up returning things late. I used to do that every now and then, but now I just go to the library about every week, so it’s rare to return my books late. But I love how much libraries offer and it’s FREE. It doesn’t cost anything to sign up, and you can borrow books, music and movies whenever you want. Its always a happy day when I can go to my library. Its been so fun to see my love of libraries have grown over the years.

Questions For My Readers: 

What is your Local Library like? 

What do you love the most about the library? 

5 thoughts on “Tea and Biscuits Book Discussion: The Library Love

  1. I’m so glad to hear how much you love your local library. Obviously that makes my librarian heart happy. The library I work at is wonderful. It’s small but serves such a marvelous community. My library system is proposing to get rid of genre organizing, where all the fiction would be together. The mysteries, general fiction, sci-fi and fantasy and romance would all be together. I think this is a terrible idea, but they will do what they want to.

  2. I love the library! Mine isn’t as spectacular as yours, but I do live in the middle of nowhere. Our house is bigger than the library, so they actually don’t have much variety at all. I do all of my book browsing online and then request them for pick up, because 90% of the time my branch doesn’t even own a copy. Luckily, there’s two large cities in my district and they usually have what I’m looking for. And the head librarian is always happy to see me, especially when I bring in huge stacks of donations. 🙂

    The library is really the only thing in my town, so they host a lot of events. There’s movie nights for the kids (hosted in the park across the street in the summer!), and they have this monthly gathering for Spanish speakers to come and practice their English because there’s a large Hispanic migrant population here. It’s small, but it seems like there’s always something going on.

  3. We didn’t have a library in our area of the county for the first ten years I lived here and then I was thrilled to discover that our town got picked for a new one. Our library is small maybe half of your first floor there, but its still pretty nice. Sadly, I don’t use it as much as I should.
    And hey, my SIL was a librarian assistant in three Weber County libraries. She loved the job especially the one in Huntsville.

    I love that you shared your library love with us.

  4. I loved riding my bike to the library as a kid and strolling the aisles for hours. Sadly now I reserve online, run in and pick up and then drop them off through the drive up. I miss being able to go in and wander.

  5. I love my public library though I mostly just pop in every few days to pick up books that I have requested through interlibrary loan. The city system of libraries is very big so I’m making my way through visiting all the different branches. I also work in an university library which is very different, but still fun. The biggest difference is that the university library has more study space for students and computers.

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