Tea and Biscuits Book Discussion: The Good & The Bad About Novellas


Novella’s have become quite popular over the past few years, and I do have quite a few issues with reading these short stories. I have a more love/hate relationship with these type of stories. Now when I first started reading romance—-NOVELLAS were practically unheard of…they hardly ever happened. The only author I can remember doing it was Julie Garwood and they were printed back in the day anyway. When I am reading, I like a full in depth romance and most authors really have a challenge making a novella to have depth. Whenever I pick up most novellas, I also feel like there is lack of depth in plot and characters more specifically. Now there are certain authors out there that can make novella’s work. However most of the time I really struggle with them, because even though they are short, most of the time they are lacking substance. Its why I don’t read them too often and why I prefer novels. Another reason I tend to have issues with Novella’s, is because the majority of the time the relationship is turned into a “insta love” trope, and its my least favorite trope to read. Mostly because its unbelivable and unrealistic most of the time, but since novellas tend to be so short, its what mostly happens. I like seeing some balance, growth and development in a love story, and novella’s just don’t cut it for me and I am hardly ever satisfied in the end, mostly I am left feeling like when your eating pie and you only get the crust and not the filling. Your content, but not truly satisfied.

Nalini Singh is a author that writes quite a few of these and I am so glad that she does. In her Psy Changeling series, she has quite a few of these and I love how she handles them. Because even though they are short, most of what she has written has been fantastic. Its a great way for us to see other side characters have their own stories. I love these small snippets into this world that I just love. Some of my favorite books from this author have been her novella’s—which is quite rare for me since I normally don’t like them that much. But Singh has a talent for writing compelling PNR romances and her short snippets are no different. Sometimes they offer us a bit more fun in her changeling packs or the Psy that we have come to love and adore. Other times it offers more history and background to favorite characters. Or even where the author explores other relationships that aren’t found in her main novels.

Jennifer Ashley writes a few of these, and these novella’s that Ashley writes are just as engaging, full and romantic as her full novels can be. And they aren’t normally as short as most novellas are all of the time. I never feel after reading one of her novella’s that there is a huge aspect of the story missing. She has a few historical ones that are cute, but my favorites of hers are her PNR ones. There is something more. From what I have seen from this author, its a way to show more depth to those side characters that we fall in love with throughout the series.

Novellas can most of the time leave me unsatisfied unless its from a author that I trust and know can handle writing them well. So I am curious to hear what you all think about reading novellas!!

Questions For My Readers:

Do you read Novellas?

What do you LOVE  about Novella’s? What do you HATE about Novella’s?