Tea and Biscuits Book Discussion: It’s Okay To Interact With Authors

Since I started blogging over seven years ago, I have grown and changed quite a bit. Lately I have been looking over what I have accomplished as a book blogger and what my future goals are for the future. How do I want to keep active in the blogging community? To not be the average run of the mill blog? When I first started blogging, I had NO CLUE what I was doing boys and girls. Honestly, I made so many mistakes and if I ever offended you in any way, I do apologize. I hope I never have. But I also look back at those early years, at how much I have loved running a blog, and all the great things that I was able to learn just from seeing the best of the best blogs do some great things and have less to work with than we do even now. I also look at what I have accomplished, and I think the most important aspect of blogging that has reaped the best rewards has been the friendships I have been able to make and my connections with authors.

Now why as book bloggers is it important to establish a relationship with the authors that we read?? SO IMPORTANT!! Now I imagine that this topic has been definitely discussed in the whole blogging community, however, I decided to throw my coin in the slot and share my thoughts on this topic. Because there are various opinions on this question: Should we interact with authors that we read?

My Answer is YES WE SHOULD. Now why should we? I am not saying that you need to and have to at all. Its really up to your own personal preference. However, I have found how important it can be as a reader, a reviewer and a blogger to interact with the authors we read. My first glimpse into this, was a few years ago, when I reviewed a book from Karen Hawkins “How To Capture A Countess” and she left the most sweetest comment on my blog, and even featured a quote of my review into her books. Can I admit I did a happy dance around my room when I read that? I know it sounds like something so simple, but I had no clue that one of my FAVORITE authors even noticed my blog. And ever since then, whenever I write a book review, and the author notices my review, I have a small discussion with them and it has been such a learning experience.

Sometimes I feel like we put some of our favorite authors on a pedestal, and we forget that they are normal human beings just like us, who adore books and writing and share their wonderful talent with us. I love going to book signings, because it can be so fun to get to know these authors. For example, when I first moved to Dallas last fall, I was invited by Melissa @ Lily’s Element to attend a book signing event that had a variety of romance authors. Some of which were Codi Gary, Emily March, Jill Shalvis, Caroline Linden. And what a blast I had, so many of these authors were so nice and hilarious. Especially the most memorable moments were with Codi Gary and Emily March. Emily March is a local author, and she was such a kind and sweet person. Codi Gary was quite frankly the funniest person I have ever talked with. She was so nice too, and seriously I have bought a few of her books just because of a what a great impression she made on me. And I was also able to talk with authors I had never read before, but wanted to after talking with them.

Lately though, I have also noticed that authors are taking a more interactive role in communicating with bloggers and reviewers. Some authors like Christine Feehan, C.L. Wilson, and Rhenna Morgan, just to name a few, I have had small interactions with and it has been AMAZING. Seeing these big authors who are some of my favorites, notice my blog, and read the reviews I write and contact me?? It definitely gives me the “Twitter patted feeling”.

Now there have been times when an author has let me down, and this can be really challenging as a reader, when you love their books, but when you meet in person….not very impressive. When I was a teenager, I went to a book signing, for a author I couldn’t wait to talk with. Her name is Anita Stansfield, she writes LDS romance fiction. All of her books I have read are pretty fantastic. However when I met her, and I have met her twice. The first time was at a book signing, and she was SO not nice. I don’t know if she was just having a bad day or that was her normal attitude. I felt like a fly she wanted to bat away. I was only sixteen years old, and had idolized this author growing up. So that was quite a bit of a let down. And then the second time was at a camping experience with a friend of mine. We traveled to Wyoming, and it was this reinactment of trappers and indians. Like really….everyone but myself, were dressed up as either trappers or indians. They slept in tippees and cooked over the campfire. My friend, took me over to a neighboring campsite where Anita Stansfield and her family were at since they were neighbors and all. And yeah the second time meeting her didn’t go over very well. She was a little mean is how I remember her being. So while it is important to admire authors talent, also realize that they are flawed and imperfect. I learned an important lesson when I was younger. And frankly, I am thankful I learned it when I was younger.

Thankfully, over the years I have had the opportunity to meet so many amazing authors that are some of the most kind and lively human beings. Having the experiences of interacting with authors has been so wonderful and I can’t wait to see what the future holds. So to all those amazing authors that have inspired me so much….you are much loved and you kick Booty!!! LOL Keep up the good work.

Questions For My Readers:

Do you like connecting with authors? What has been your favorite experiences? Any negative experiences? 

What methods do you use to connect with authors?