Tea and Biscuits Book Discussion: Is It Okay to DNF


So lately I have been thinking about DNF when it comes to reading and how much I have changed over the years. When I first started reading romance, I NEVER put away a book without finishing it. Of course, back then I never had any problems with getting engaged in a story, so it wasn’t much of a problem. And life back then was less stressful than it is now and I had way more free time. Now with life such as work and school and other responsibilities can wear on you if you let it. Over the past couple years, I have learned ways to help me be more engaged in a story. But there are elements when it comes to reading that you have to take into consideration.

Authors Writing Style 

Sometimes it can take someone a while to get used to the various writing styles that are out there. And there are quite a few out there that authors use. I am probably more picky about this than I ever remember being. There are some authors where there older books are much more fun to read than their more recent writings. And sometimes the opposite is true. When I find a writing style that is easily to be engaged it than, almost guaranteed I will fall in love with the story. The style of an author can determine your enjoyment of a story—not always but this is the case for me in most cases. Because if the author is talented enough they can take any plot or character and make the reader fall in love no matter the circumstance.

Surroundings of Reader 

If there are any distractions surrounding you, than this may be hard to get engaged into a story. It can be just about anything, loud noises, headaches, sickness, lack of sleep or even lack of healthy nutrition can be a cause. I have found if I have a headache or I am sick or not feeling well I have a more challenging time while reading.

Plot or Characterizations 

Now this can play a huge role, and its all dependent on what the reader likes or doesn’t like to read. Such as myself, I prefer romantic elements in any books I read, even if its a smaller type as long as there is some love story with a form of happy ending than I will read it. But there are some circumstances that I have a harder time such as affairs or cheating (which is the one set up I have a harder time with than any other) but it also depends on the circumstances surrounding it. Other times its a certain character that I have a hard time with. It can be either the hero or heroine. It usually is an aspect to their personality or the way they treat the other in a negative way that I can have a hard time with. But its rare for me to put down a book based on one character but it has happened once or twice.

So I have set certain rules for myself as far as what I will do when it comes to a book I can’t read and have no choice but to put it down. I do want to express how much I despise having to DNF especially since I never used to. At times I think something is wrong with myself and there have been a couple of times that it was either due to being too tired or having a bad headache for a couple days. But 90 percent of the time, it is because of not being able to get into a story. Many who know me, know what a big importance this is for me. But one rule I go by, is I give myself 100 pages before I put any book down!! Because sometimes I have picked up a book and it can take between 50 to the 100th page mark to get into it, and found a treasure of a read. Other times if I can’t get into it, I just set it aside for a later date if I want to try it again someday or try it with audio (this has helped me a couple of times. But I do think its important, that if you need to—set the book aside. There are so many great books out there, and iin my mind it can be a waste of time reading a book you have to practically force yourself to enjoy. No fun for anyone.

Books I wish I hadn’t had to DNF