Tea and Biscuits Book Discussion: Bloggers To Be Thankful For

This month I am devoted a few of the discussion posts to looking at ourselves and despite how tough life may get, to look at all the good things in life. Today I wanted to share some of the bloggers that have made such a big impact on me this year and how grateful I am for their friendship and the sharing of books over the years and some of them are very recent. But all of these ladies are an inspiration to me!!! I wish I could list every blogger that means something to me, but these have made the largest impact. Especially with what has happened this past week with the election, and how afraid and hateful so many people are right now— I think its so important to remember all the good things we have in life right now.

Sophia @ Delighted Reader

I love this gal so much!!! And boy does she get a lot read and a ton of getting around socially. I have been corresponding back and forth with her for a couple of years now. She is such a inspiration and so very nice!! She is one of those bloggers that is so genuine and there is so much I admire about her. Its rare to come across someone that reads more than I do—-but she does read almost twice as much as I have been able to now. Although a few years ago, I would have given her a run for her money when it comes ot reading hehe She has a love for Jane Austen and some of my favorite books we have in common.

Rowena @ Book Binge

This lady here is awesome and we have so many books in common and our interests in reading are the same!! What I have loved so much about her is her wit and friendship and we have quite a bit more in common that I thought we did. I love her voice she displays in her reviews and comments. She is a lover of romance just as I am, And I hope we can meet up someday.

Nick @ The Girl With The Happily Ever After

Oh I could go on and on about this darling….she is quite wonderful. She is actually quite talented, runs two blogs!!! I have hard enough time doing one blog hehe She is spunk and hilarious and her sweet comments always put a smile on my face. I haven’t known her for very long, but I am so grateful for this quick friendship. She is a lover of both romance and YA. I always know that if I read a book she recommend I will most likely love it!! I have found her to be kind, compassionate and understanding and openly accepting of everyone. Love ya girlie!!!

Michele @ Harlequin Junkie

Now Michele, is one of the many bloggers over at Harlequin Junkie….which if you have never visited—go over there!!! Such a wonderful site for romance book lovers. Now Michele and I have the perfect taste in books. Michele is a lover of romance as well, but we just starting becoming friends this past year and I am so grateful for it. She is such a sweetheart, and comments on every post I write and she always brings a smile to my face.

@ Book Girl Mur-y-Castell

Now this lady is one to admire and laugh along side with!! She is quite unique and I love the comments I get from her. Quick and sassy and says what is exactly on her mind. hehe I love it. She also shares some of the most beautiful scenic pictures she takes on her walks. She reads a variety of books so whatever your interest I am sure you will find it on her site.

Cyn @ Book Munchies

Cyn is quite the blogger, she is Canadian (and because of that I probably love her even more for that ) She reads a variety in romance but I see that she has a passion for historical romance just like I do!! Her blog is classy just like she is. She is such a positive and happy person (or at least that is the vibe I get from her), she has a fun outlook on life and on books.

Jennifer @ Feminist Fairy Tales

Jennifer….oh Jennifer my good ole friend, I wish I could say everything I want to about her. I have been friends with her since almost the beginning of blogging. I can’t even remember if it was me that found her or if she found me—-but I am so so grateful for her friendship over the years. We have the same tastes in romance and most especially in historical romance. Its rare for us to ever disagree on a book. And I love that we have read so many of the old time romance books (which is very rare to see, not too many bloggers have read romance long enough to remember the old style) Jennifer is a lover of reading and romance and writes some of the most heartwarming reviews.

Quinn @ Quinn’s Nook Book

Quinn…..my I love this classy lady so much, a lady that has such passion for reading and books!!! She has brought some warmth and light to my life and I hope one day I can meet her in real life!!! I love her personality and kind nature and even though we don’t “always” agree on books, there are many books we do have in common and have had fun talking books over with!! I have found some incredible reads through Quinn. She reads mostly historical and contemporary romance and has recently fallen in love with a few PNR. She has been a great friend over the past few years and am so grateful to have gotten to know her through blogging, reading and our infamous HR 101 and the twitter chat. Love you QUINN!!!

Melissa@ Lily Element

Oh Melissa is a such a great person and friend and love her to death. I feel like at times I have known her forever and other times I just want to know her more because I know I would just love her even more 🙂 We have been blogging friend for a while now, but recently got to meet for the first time and I am so thrilled too and eager to see more of her!! She just got married and found her HEA and so happy for her. She loves romance too and is rediscovering historical romance. She does read quite a bit of every other genre and is pretty well rounded. She is funny and smart and solid!!

Alyssa @ Eater of Books

Alyssa and I have been blogging friend for quite a long time, I can’t even remember how long it has been. But what I love most about her is her honesty in her reading!! I know exactly what she thinks for every book she reviews. She doesn’t hold anything back. Now I will say that we don’t agree on a few books (okay more than a few) which is just fine, I love her anyway hehe In fact, I highly respect her opinion even if its different from mine. But there are some books where we just “zing” in harmony and I love those moments too!!! I have really loved interacting with her over the years and she definitely can give me a good laugh when I need it.


Honorable Mentions: Karen@ For What It’s Worth, Lola @ Lola’s Review, Felicia @ Geeky Blogger, Anna @Herding Cats, Carol @ Rakes and Rascals, and Grace @ Rebel Mommy Book Blog, Danielle @TBQ Book Palace, and Kimberly @ Caffeinated Book Review.


I am so grateful for so many of these ladies and others I wasn’t able to list today who have been such a positive and happy influence on me. I love sharing life and books and romance with each and every one of you.