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Tea and Biscuit Book Discussions: Be My Valentine

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I am definitely in the mood for Valentines and being all romantic, and this weekend and this week I have been on a roll with watching some good ole’ romance movies!! I just love a swoon worthy romance especially on the “big screen”. So I wanted to share with you all my list of movies that I love watching around Valentines Day with some “Skinny Girl” popcorn (lime and salt–which is really good by the way), homemade fudge and some herbal tea.

So ….DRUMROLL……while I share with you those movies that are a must if you are in the romantic mood this week. “Hearts and Flowers” all the way. Don’t worry no Twilight or Fifty Shades are on this list.

I watched this one years ago, and its still one that I remember so fondly and its so EPIC!! I just love the history and the passion and some great suspense to get you on the edge of your seat.

I can’t count the number of times I have watched this one. I saw it three times in the theatre!!! I just love the depth of the love story in this one, and both actors are FABULOUS and so swoony. The ending totally makes me cry.

Not many people know of this movie and its SO Sad. I own it, because I love it so much. Although I will warn you, eat chocolate while watching this movie because our heroine runs a choclate candy shop. And Johnny Depp plays this river pirate and yeah he is so sexy in this movie.

This movie just left me feeling so happy and carefree!!! I was really impressed with how well they did this movie, especially since Cinderella is such a classic. But this remake was done SO well. I loved the whole “be kind and courageous” elements.

This is the kind of movie that makes you want to DANCE…and I am not talking pop or rap groovin. I am talking ballroom dancing all the way. I just love this movie so much, sexy but sweet!! But then ending is SO perfect.

Such a charming and endearing Cinderella Retelling and I love how realistic it is. With the settting ,the clothes used, even the food on the tables is so great. And it was nice that they put in the Da Vinci element and its rare to see a setting in France like this one. And seriously this movie leaves you with a smile.

this movie is just plain FUN and totally cracks me up every time I read it!! I just love seeing the change in the characters and I adore musicals and this is such a sexy mix.

This is still my favorite Mission Impossible movie and when I watch it ( I just ignore movie 4) but I just love this movie and its very romantic seeing these two fight for their lives in the end. And its totally kick ass and boy the first time I saw this movie I thought I would have an heart attack in the end there. And Now I still love it just as much!!!

Now I Just LOVE this movie, I know its not for everyone, but seriously I just laugh so hard in this one. Seeing two people that are married, are secret spies and become enemies and are ordered to kill each other….yep their marriage is about to have some problems.

I still love to sing along to this movie, and really this musical is such a classic and I really liked this movie so much. Its very intense and dramatic but I love seeing the complexities that develop.

I saw this movie in my first year of college and LOVED it so much, I probably saw it a few times in the theatres. I do love Jane Austen, and I know this adaption wasn’t everyone’s favorite. However I ADORED this one so much. And it has so many swoony moments and has such a beautiful ending.

This is the movie that got me hooked on country music but its also a wonderful love story. Unless you love George Strait, you probably haven’t seen this one. My roommates made me watch this when I was in college, and yes MADE ME!! But I am so glad that they did, because I fell in love with this one. Our hero is a country music star, who is tired of all the fancy smoke and lights and miss the old times of just a microphone and his guitar and nothing else. So he takes a short break and goes back home and meets this country girl who has no clue who he really is. And the ending, he sings this most beautiful song to her and its definitely the song I want to dance to when I get married…its that GOOD!!

I just love Kevin Coster, I always have admired this acting abilities and I adored this movie so much. Its full of action and romance. Love seeing Robin and Marian fall in love and the Sherriff makes such a bad villain (actor who plays Snape in Harry Potter) But I love seeing these two fall in love especially with this wonderful setting and forbidden romance trope.

Romancing The Stone is AMAZING and I always get a kick out of this movie everytime I see it. Our heroine is a romance novel author (so cool right?) filled with intrigue, adventure and romance. And one of my favorite movies Kirk Douglas has played in…he is such a hoot in this movie.

This movie is based on a book written by Clive Cussler (one of my favorite authors, doesn’t write romance, but he always puts in a romantic element in this stories) with some treasure, a villain that is about to destroy the world and the hero and heroine barely coming out alive. And yeah Matthew MacConaughey is so sexy in this one…he is so great with dark hair.

I ADORE this movie and yeah these two can MOVE!!! I just love this story so much, and this couple are great together. I especially loved seeing the mix of different dancing that just works for them.

I would say not only this one, but the next few FF movies as well make a great romance for this couple. Paul Walker makes a great hero and I really liked seeing their relationship grow and change through the movies.

This has always been a personal favorite of mine, and I have onwed this movie for AGES and I still love it so much. I just love the secret identity trope and it has a sensuality in it that gets to me every time.

This is such a classic lighthearted romance that I have loved since I was a teen. And the humor in this movie is so amazing!! If I ever need a good laugh, I put this movie in because I know it will get me in a happy mood.

This is my favorite royal themed romance to watch, and yes I like this one more than the first one. Probably because of the romance because its so flirty and sexy. I adore the bantering between this couple here. And man the kissing scenes in here are some of my favorites!! One of the best book to movie adaptations I have ever seen for a romance.

I ADORE this movie, and its probably my favorite cinderella retelling and it was one of the first musical’s I ever watched and I love it so much. Its also has a great playlist too, so many good songs.  I love the way this story is told though, because its not your average cinderella retelling and has such a realistic tone to it. I love the setting and yeah the clothes and the WIGS—yes they wear wigs like they would have back a few hundred years ago so I loved that element. They have it on Youtube and I am always watching it 🙂

I just started watching the movies on Passionflix and watched the first two they have on there and boy they were so GOOD!! So I am excited to watch this one and see how they did it. I can’t wait to see what this site delivers in the future though. They have been doing such a great job in creating movies from romance novels. So I will be watching this one this week and I can’t wait.

So this movie ROCKS!! Its one of my favorite “chick flicks” to watch. I love seeing her as a wedding planner and being able to find her own happy ending. Its one of those movies that leaves you all warm and fuzzy.

In my mind this is one of the most EPIC romances I have ever seen and honestly I just ignore the ending, the love story is so wonderful. I feel like they did such a great job with this movie as a whole.

This is a movie for any Christian lover and I just love this movie which is based on the story of Esther in the bible. And I always imagined this is a romance but this movie was written so well and love seeing their relationship grow and be challenged and put to the “test” There are so many sweet romantic moments between these two that just melt your heart.

I watched this the other night and it reminded me why I love it so much. Its so sweet and endearing and I love seeing them fall in love in a most unique way. This is the old fashioned way of online dating and so dang good. Both characters run bookstores. And its such a classic to watch. Gives you all the good feels.

Sandra Bullock is one of my favorites to watch but this movie is a must watch for me especially if I am in the romantic mood. So swoony and heartfelt.

This is a movie that I just love….and yes I love Michael Douglas, and he makes a great President by the way. Both main characters are fantastic but the heroine is wonderful, standing up for what she believes and yeah the way these two come together is so funny and the humor is fabulous. But we also see the complications that politics can brings into a situation.

What Romance Movies Rock Your World and that You love Watching??

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