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Sunday Post (50) Neck Pains and Headaches

by | Dec 5, 2021 | Sunday Post | 13 comments

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This past week I wasn’t able to get as much reading done as I was hoping for, because I pulled my neck on Tuesday and got some bad migraines due to it as well, so my reading was pretty low this week. So not the best reading week but hopefully this week will be better. But work has been going well, some days were overwhelming, but I learning and getting better each day. I really like how fast the days go by (which I had heard call centers were slow going) but this job isn’t your typical call center either and we do much more than just taking calls and thankfully most of the calls we get aren’t customers being mad, most of the time its just helping out or updating information and transferring calls to other departments. I have noticed I can listen to audiobooks which is nice. But I am so busy on the blog currently because I am putting these End of Year posts and I am so excited to start these soon this week!!! So while I do these End of Year posts some of my meme posts will be put on hold because that would be a TON of posts haha I don’t want to overwhelm all of you either. But also this week had a BIG disappointment in an audiobook with one of my favorite authors….Beverly Jenkins. I really don’t think the narrator she uses is for me and will be reading her in non-audio format. Because I only got 50% of the way through. I will probably pick up this book at a later date though, just not right now.

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Currently Reading

I actually got this as a freebie from Amazon, but as I was scrolling, I just randomly last night opened it up, and yeah I got sucked in with the first page haha Wasn’t even the book I was planning on reading next (which was Savage Urges by Geissinger) Well I haven’t read a medieval in a while so going to indulge in this one today

Currently Listening

I decided to start this today. After my recent disappointment in my last audiobook I needed something with a narrator that I knew I would enjoy. And I am trying to read a couple of Christmas/Winter reads a week at least.

Up Next Reading

New Additions at Addicted To Romance

No New Additions This Week

Lusting For Covers

I really love the winter theme in this one, such a pretty backdrop and love her gold dress and the winter greens she is holding that adds a Christmas touch to the cover.

Stepback Sunday

I just love this stepback and yes this is my own photo straight from Instagram, I did the cover reveal if you want to check it out HERE but I decided to go with a medieval pick for the week.


So tell me how was your week? Anything new or crazy happening in your life? Any good books you read? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Nadene

    Sorry to hear about your neck. I know painful neck pain can be and coupled with migraine. Oh dear. Hope you feel better soon,

  2. Sam@WLABB

    Sorry to hear about the neck pain. That is some serious stuff. I work in a call center but don’t answer the phones. I have to listen sometimes for my complaint matters, and wow! They are rough. Glad that has not been your experience. I think I only notice when I don’t like a narrator. Sorry that ruined the book for you

  3. Samantha

    Glad work is going well!! Have a great week!

  4. Sophie

    I hope you feel better now! And end of years posts keep us so busy!

  5. Greg

    Oh that’s disappointing about the audiobook! And sorry to hear about the pulled neck and migraines. I hope you feel better soon.

    Glad work is going well, and happy reading this week! 🙂

  6. Mary Kirkland

    I’m glad you are liking the job. My daughter worked at a call center for 3 years but they kept putting her on different companies and she didn’t like that so she found a different job.

  7. Carole @ Carole's Random Life

    I hope that you feel better this week. Migraines and neck pain are horrible. I have come across a few narrators that just don’t work for me and have to switch to either digital or print. I hope that you have a great week!

  8. Rachel

    Hope your pinched nerve resolves! I’ve had them and they hurt! I have Sleigh Bells coming up soon so I’m happy to see your 5 stars!

  9. Jamie @ The Fantasy Princess

    I hope your neck gets better soon! I have never read/listened to any audio book so I can’t relate. Hope you have a great week!

  10. Jen

    Sorry to hear about the migraines. I hope you stay better now! My week was a blur. I actually went into my office and helped decorate for the holidays. I also got my covid booster. Our little town had it’s annual Christmas parade after none last year – that was so great to get outside and see people from the community.

  11. Michele H

    Hope you feel better soon so you can enjoy the holidays! And get some reading done 🙂 I’ve worked at a call center for about 21 years and it can be extremely stressful, so I’m glad that’s not the experience you’re having so far. I just finished reading Kelly Elliott’s newest, She’s the One and have a book hangover. lol I’m about a quarter of the way through Dark Tarot by Christine Feehan and liking it so far. crossing fingers Have a lovely week, Renee!

  12. Sophia Rose

    Ah man, hope your neck feels better soon and argh on the migraine. Glad the job is working out and you’re getting the hang of it. Fun that you can slip in some audiobook time, too. I’ve got a few series I love that I have to skip the audio version b/c I don’t like it for this reason or the other. Hopefully, you can get back on your regular reading schedule and knock out all those big posts. 🙂

    Have a good week, Renee!

  13. Tanya @ Girl Plus Books

    Ouch on the neck pain. I hope that’s better by now. Yesterday I pulled my shoulder so I can kind of relate. So awesome that you can listen to audiobooks at work! I just love everyone’s end of year posts. I look forward to those every year. 🙂


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