Sunday Post (40) High Blood Pressure Woes

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This week has been kinda crazy and stressful. I learned when I went to donate plasma this past week that I have high blood pressure, and I have NO clue how to deal with it haha Thank goodness for google. I have never dealt with it before and never had an issue but I haven’t been good about my health. Not eating as healthy as I should and not exercising as much as I used to. So been doing 60-minute cardio workouts and some days I feel somewhat better, and some days it just triggers my anxiety, and haven’t been able to focus on much of anything due to it. So hopefully I will be better by mid-next week. But if you have any recommendations on what helps with it, let me know. I am so clueless. I was able to take some pics of the new LDS temple being built right next door to me.

But happy note: I did get fully caught up on my reviews. I was so behind with them haha but I am so close to being caught up on my Goodreads reading challenge. Due to my hiatus, I did fall behind on it. But I also got into the Beta page of Goodreads….I am liking it so far, it does have some issues I am not a fan of but I LOVE the aesthetics of it, it looks so much better and less clunky. Any of you have access to it and your thoughts? I have been kinda obsessed with tik tok lately especially the “hocus pocus” vibes but I really have to watch how much I am on this app because its so addictive, I will spend hours on it if I let myself haha 




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Currently Reading

I have really been neglecting this author of late and I have missed this series so much and of course I need more paranormal reading, I am trying to make an effort to balance out my reading and read those subgenres I haven’t read that much of this year. (but then its hard because it feels like the PNR genre is decreasing, its definitely not even half as popular as it was years ago (and if you have been blogging as much as I have, you will remember the hype of PNR back then) And I KNOW I was supposed to have read this last week, but honestly I just wasn’t in the mood. But my plan is to read it today. 

Currently Listening

I am continuing with listening to this series, I really am trying to get caught up on this author, she is so fantastic and I love sci fi romance. But I only have a few books left of this series and then I can delve into some of her other series I have really been curious about more. And the heroine is shy and reserved and I relate to that. 

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18 thoughts on “Sunday Post (40) High Blood Pressure Woes

  1. Nice pics! And good luck with the blood pressure thing. High blood pressure runs in my family and my doctor told me to cool it with the salt as well as exercising. I take medicine for mine though since it still tends to run high.

    That TikTok cracked me up. 🙂

    1. Yes I love this tik tok, I can’t stop laughing about it. Yes I have really been watching the sodium levels and not using table salt at all. If I don’t feel better by tomorrow I will call my doctor about it.

  2. Oh no, high blood pressure does sound stressful! It sounds like you’re doing your best to work on it already. My suggestion would be to also treat yourself to some rest and relaxation occasionally, especially if your anxiety is also playing a role in it, but then I’m not a doctor. Also love the steaminess of all your covers and new reads! I hardly ever read romance but then they do look like so much fun that I wonder why! Have a lovely weekend and week 🙂
    Juli @ A Universe in Words

  3. Oh goodness, high blood pressure is nothing to play around with. Hopefully it can be controlled diet/exercise but that’s for your doctor to determine. Good that you learned of it, though! So many people don’t even know they have it. Hooray for getting caught up on reviews! I wish I could say the same. I am pitifully behind.

  4. Do you think maybe you were just anxious when you went to donate the plasma? Have you had any followup with your doctor since then? I hope you can get some answers about your pressure. There were things about the GR beta I liked, but I thought the images were too big. I switched back a long while ago.

  5. I don’t have high blood pressure but what I know is that salt is bad for it, overweight too as well as stress. Walking helps stabilize it as well as drinking lots of water. But if it’s permanent you should go to a doctor and take medicine as it can be dangerous. Good luck!

  6. Exercise is helpful with high blood pressure. Getting outside to do it helps me with stress. Somehow, being outside just clears my mind of all the anxiety. I run or jog and try to incorporate hills. Just walking isn’t usually enough to raise my heart rate. I listen to audio books while I’m out. It’s been helping my hubby with his high BP. Hope yours resolves!

    I’ve just downloaded a Ruby Dixon audio after seeing you review one of hers last week. I’m excited to get back to her. I love that Jennifer Ryan cover! Oh, looks like the new Kristen Ashley wasn’t all that good? I’ll check your review.

  7. That worked out good that your going in to give plasma caught the high blood pressure concern. Wow, your area must be a real population explosion for a temple to be built there. That will be fun for you to watch it go up. I haven’t taken to Tik Tok yet, but that one is funny and yay for a Mackinac Island sweat shirt (was just there last year- so pretty). Way to go getting caught up on your reviews. I love Paige Tyler books. It’s hard to keep up on them all. That Jennifer Ryan cover is gorgeous. Cheering you on to get the high blood pressure under control.

    Have a good week, Renee!

    1. Thank you so much Sophia. I am happy I donate plasma, because I probably wouldn’t have known what was even wrong and would have taken longer to take action about it. Yeah where I am in utah, which is Utah Valley is exploding so big right now. So there is a need for it since there isn’t a temple on this side of the city, I have to drive 20-30 minutes to the closest one, so it will be nice when its finished. Yeah I swear she comes out with so many books so its like how do I keep up with Paige Tyler?? haha

  8. I am sorry that you have high blood pressure. Have you had a chance to discuss it with your doctor? My dad always had HBP and I remember that he had to make some pretty big changes to his diet at one point but I also remember that he took medication to help control it as well. Sometimes these things run in families and you can’t do too much to change it on your own. My cholesterol is scary high no matter what I do unless I take medication. HBP is nothing to mess around with! I hope that you have a great week!

    1. I actually haven’t talked to my doctor yet. I was hoping I could manage it on my own. But it’s been a week and I am still feeling the same so going in tomorrow to see her. But I hope they can help because I feel horrible right now and literally only sleeping about four hours a night. I know its not normal for me to feel this way. So hopefully it will help soon.

  9. I have hypertension (high blood pressure). It is hereditary, and I am on medication. I do exercise (cardio) at least 5 times per week. I did eliminate some salt from my diet, but lately it’s gone back in! But I’m doing well on medication. I used to get really bad headaches, but haven’t in years since I’ve been taking the blood pressure meds. I know it’s not right for everyone, but it works for me. I hope you find the right mix of “stuff” for you.

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