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I know its been a while since I have been fully active, and quite frankly I will be honest, this election mess has been the cause of it. I just haven’t felt the motivation or energy to even come on here. But whew boy has this thing been intense and its far from over (despite what the media claims) we still have weeks of lawsuits to get through. But I knew this would happen with mail in voting being so inforced among so many states. I am lucky to live in a state that has mail in voting down pat, our state has spent the past eight years making it secure. But I knew there would be states that couldn’t be prepared in time without levels of fraud being put in play. I just have faith in our system to make it work out in the end. But I see a bigger issue …..the hate and anger between everyone. I get it, its easy to let your emotions control you. But I have lost so much respect from many in the romance community because of how they seem to be promoting violence. I just hope that things will calm down soon and we can learn to accept and bring a level of understanding between each other no matter how political leanings. Lets be true American’s and build unity and trust once again. 

Hope you all are well and thriving despite what has been going on and hope you all had a wonderful Halloween. 

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