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Welcome to the world of mystery….danger and a world of espionage and spies!!!

Addicted To Romance Top Picks


Want More Recommendations…Here Are Some Books To Pick Up


Crown Spies

A series of four books dealing with friends and  colleagues who work together to solve mysteries behind threats to the crown.



Why I Recommend-

I am really in love with this series set in the regency era. Garwood rocks any time period she writes in. But these four books are so wonderful and really go together. What makes it so fun to read are the characters here. I love the build up of plots.


Liar’s Club Series


In these historical romances from RITA Award-winning author Celeste Bradley, there are plenty of rakes and rogues, as well as clever ladies and irresistible heroes. The Liar’s Club is an elite group of spies in Regency England, skilled at espionage and out to steal their leading ladies’ hearts.


Why I Recommend-

I have only read a few books in this series but boy are they fantastic and great books for spies and espionage in this time period.


The Inferno Club


The Inferno Club are lads from noble families, trained in an array of deadly arts, and sent into various countries throughout Europe to hunt down and destroy their targets, they are the operatives of an agency so secret that few beyond the Crown and a few top officials even know it exists…on the surface they pose as scoundrels and rakes. 

Why I Recommend-

This series rocks!! Each book is so excited and as the series progress you get more pieces to the puzzle. I love this secretive society of rogues and spies.


Lord and Lady Spy

This series is based on the time around Napoleans, secrets and spies—-Lords and Ladies that serve to protect their country.

Why I Recommend-

Shana Galen has done wonders with this series….I love these books and especially dealing with spouses at odds with each other. Think Mr. and Mrs Smith themes. So fantastically written.