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Book Cover Book Title Author Series Rating
The Duke in DisguiseThe Duke in DisguiseGayle CallenWillow Creek Pond (2)4 Stars
Montana Creeds: LoganMontana Creeds: LoganLinda Lael MillerMontana Creeds (1)4 Stars
Montana Creeds: DylanMontana Creeds: DylanLinda Lael MillerMontana Creeds (2)4 Stars
ShielderShielderCatherine SpanglerShieler (1)4 Stars
TylerTylerLinda Lael MillerMontana Creeds (3)4 Stars
When Love AwaitsWhen Love AwaitsJohanna Lindsey3 Stars
Into the FireInto the FireSuzanne BrockmannTroubleshooters (13)5 Stars
The Unsung HeroThe Unsung HeroSuzanne BrockmannTroubleshooters (1)5 Stars
Single White VampireSingle White VampireLynsay SandsArgeneau (3)5 Stars
Viking UnchainedViking UnchainedSandra HillViking II (8)4 Stars
The Care & Feeding of PiratesThe Care & Feeding of PiratesJennifer AshleyRegency Pirates (3)4 Stars
Always a ScoundrelAlways a ScoundrelSuzanne EnochNotorious Gentleman (3)5 Stars
Shadow GameShadow GameChristine FeehanGhostwalkers (1)5 Stars
The Tarnished LadyThe Tarnished LadySandra HillViking I (3)4 Stars
The Mackenzies: ColeThe Mackenzies: ColeAna LeighThe Mackenzies (10)4 Stars
Bride EnchantedBride EnchantedEdith Layton4 Stars
Dark PrinceDark PrinceChristine FeehanCarpathian (1)4 Stars
Vamps and the CityVamps and the CityKerrelyn SparksLove At Stake (2)4 Stars
Wild RainWild RainChristine FeehanLeopard People (2)5 Stars
Duke of SinDuke of SinAdele AshworthThe Duke Trilogy #14 Stars
ShadowerShadowerCatherine SpanglerShielder (2)4 Stars
Mind GameMind GameChristine FeehanGhostwalker (2)5 Stars
The Admiral's BrideThe Admiral's BrideSuzanne BrockmannTall, Dark and Dangerous (7)4 Stars
Truly, Madly VikingTruly, Madly VikingSandra HillViking II (2)5 Stars
Highlander Ever AfterHighlander Ever AfterJennifer AshleyNvengaria (3)5 Stars
The Beauty and the SpyThe Beauty and the SpyGayle CallenSpies and Lovers (2)5 Stars
The Immortal HighlanderThe Immortal HighlanderKaren Marie MoningHighlander (6)4 Stars
The GatheringThe GatheringJennifer AshleyImmortals (4)5 Stars
The Madness of Lord Ian MackenzieThe Madness of Lord Ian MackenzieJennifer AshleyHighland Pleasures (1)5 Stars
ShamaraShamaraCatherine SpanglerShielder (3)5 Stars
DesperadoDesperadoSandra HillCreole Historical (3)4 Stars
How To Marry a Millionaire VampireHow To Marry a Millionaire VampireKerrelyn SparksLove At Stake (1)5 Stars
Shadow FiresShadow FiresCatherine SpanglerShielder (5)5 Stars
Shadow CrossingShadow CrossingCatherine SpanglerShielder (4)5 Stars
Forbidden Nights With a VampireForbidden Nights With a VampireKerrelyn SparksLove At Stake (7)4 Stars
The RedeemingThe RedeemingJennifer AshleyImmortals (5)4 Stars
For the First TimeFor the First TimeKathryn SmithRyland Brothers (2)4 Stars
Penelope and Prince CharmingPenelope and Prince CharmingJennifer AshleyNvengaria (1)3 Stars
The Princess and the PeaThe Princess and the PeaVictoria AlexanderLove Spell: A Fairy Tale (12)5 Stars
Secret Life of a VampireSecret Life of a VampireKerrelyn SparksLove At Stake (6)4 Stars
The Nymph KingThe Nymph KingGena ShowalterAtlantis (3)5 Stars
My Wicked PirateMy Wicked PirateRona Sharon4 Stars
Spell of the HighlanderSpell of the HighlanderKaren Marie MoningHighlander (7)5 Stars
Whisper of RosesWhisper of RosesTeresa Medeiros4 Stars
In The NightIn The NightKathryn SmithRyland Brothers (4)4 Stars
Secret FireSecret FireJohanna Lindsey4 Stars
The Darkest PleasureThe Darkest PleasureGena ShowalterLords of the Underworld (3)4 Stars
The Truth About Lord StonevilleThe Truth About Lord StonevilleSabrina JeffriesThe Hellions of Halstead Hall (1)4 Stars
Lover UnboundLover UnboundJ.R. WardBlack Dagger Brotherhood (5)5 Stars
Your Wicked WaysYour Wicked WaysEloisa JamesDuchess Quartet (4)4 Stars
A Promise GivenA Promise GivenSamantha James4 Stars
The Seduction of an Unknown LadyThe Seduction of an Unknown LadySamantha JamesMcBride Family (2)4 Stars
Rules of SurrenderRules of SurrenderChristina DoddGoverness Brides (1)4 Stars
Vampires Are ForeverVampires Are ForeverLynsay SandsArgeneau (8)
TimestruckTimestruckFlora Speer5 Stars
Heart of a WarriorHeart of a WarriorJohanna LindseyLy-San-Ter (3)5 Stars
In My Wildest DreamsIn My Wildest DreamsChristina DoddGoverness Brides (5)3.5 Stars
Love BitesLove BitesLynsay SandsArgeneau (2)4.5 Stars
Murder GameMurder GameChristine FeehanGhostwalkers (7)5 Stars
Highland OutlawHighland OutlawMonica McCartyCampbell Trilogy (2)5 Stars
The Darkest KissThe Darkest KissGena ShowalterLords of the Underworld (2)4.5 Stars
Highland WarriorHighland WarriorMonica McCartyCampbell Trilogy #34.5 Stars
The Fire KingThe Fire KingMarjorie M. LiuDirk and Steele (9)4 Stars
The Golden BarbarianThe Golden BarbarianIris JohansenSedikhan (1)5 Stars
Slave to SensationSlave to SensationNalini SinghPsy Changeling (1)4.5 Stars
His Wicked WaysHis Wicked WaysSamantha JamesMcKay (1)
To BurnTo BurnClaudia Dain3.5 Stars
Caressed By IceCaressed By IceNalini SinghPsy Changeling (3)4.5 Stars
The Devilin Fey (urban fantasy, paranormal romance)The Devilin Fey (urban fantasy, paranormal romance)Jess C. Scott4 Stars
The Tiger PrinceThe Tiger PrinceIris Johansen4 Stars
Bed of RosesBed of RosesNora RobertsBride Quartet (2)5 Stars
Mine to PossessMine to PossessNalini SinghPsy Changeling (4)4 Stars
Storm of ShadowsStorm of ShadowsChristina DoddThe Chosen Ones (2)5 Stars
Mercury's WarMercury's WarLora LeighBreeds (16)5 Stars
The Secret Passion of Simon BlackwellThe Secret Passion of Simon BlackwellSamantha JamesMcBride Family (1)4 Stars
Her SanctuaryHer SanctuaryP.Q. Glisson4.5 Stars
Dead PerfectDead PerfectAmanda Ashley4.5 Stars
Beyond the Highland MistBeyond the Highland MistKaren Marie MoningHighlander (1)4 Stars
Tanner's SchemeTanner's SchemeLora LeighBreeds (9)4.5 Stars
The Scarletti CurseThe Scarletti CurseChristine Feehan4.5 Stars
The Dark HighlanderThe Dark HighlanderKaren Marie MoningHighlander (5)5 Stars
Men in KiltsMen in KiltsKatie MacAlister4.5 Stars
The Truest HeartThe Truest HeartSamantha James4 Stars
Dark CelebrationDark CelebrationChristine FeehanCarpathian (17)5 Stars
The VowThe VowLinda Lael Miller4 Stars
Never Marry a StrangerNever Marry a StrangerGayle CallenSons of Scandal (3)5 Stars
Vision In WhiteVision In WhiteNora RobertsBride Quartet (1)4.5 Stars
Lover RevealedLover RevealedJ.R. WardBlack Dagger Brotherhood (4)4 Stars
Pack of LiesPack of LiesVanessa Vaughn4 Stars
Seduced by a RogueSeduced by a RogueAmanda ScottGalloway Trilogy (2)4 Stars
Ain't Myth-behavingAin't Myth-behavingKatie MacAlister4 Stars
In Pursuit of a Scandalous LadyIn Pursuit of a Scandalous LadyGayle CallenScandalous Lady (1)4 Stars
Heart of the DragonHeart of the DragonGena ShowalterAtlantis (1)4.5 Stars
Sleepless in ScotlandSleepless in ScotlandKaren HawkinsMacLean Curse (4)4.5 Stars
Beyond the Night with Bonus MaterialBeyond the Night with Bonus MaterialJoss WareEnvy Chronicles (1)4.5 Stars
The Vampire's BrideThe Vampire's BrideGena ShowalterAtlantis (4)4 Stars
The Laird Who Loved MeThe Laird Who Loved MeKaren HawkinsMacLean Curse (5)3.5 Stars
The Accidental VampireThe Accidental VampireLynsay SandsArgeneau (7)4.5 Stars
Sea SweptSea SweptNora RobertsChesapeake Bay (1)
Inner HarborInner HarborNora RobertsChesapeake Bay Sage (3)5 Stars
Rising TidesRising TidesNora RobertsChesapeake Bay (2)4.5 Stars
Never Dare a DukeNever Dare a DukeGayle CallenSons of Scandal (2)4.5 Stars
Midnight Pleasures With a ScoundrelMidnight Pleasures With a ScoundrelLorraine HeathScoundrels of St. James (4)5 Stars
Love Me ForeverLove Me ForeverRosemary LaureyForever Vampires (2)4.5 Stars
Wild CardWild CardLora LeighElite Ops (1)3.5 Stars
In Bed With the DevilIn Bed With the DevilLorraine HeathScoundrels of St. James (1)5 Stars
Eternal Kiss Of DarknessEternal Kiss Of DarknessJeaniene FrostNight Huntress World (2)5 Stars
By Love UndoneBy Love UndoneSuzanne EnochBancroft Brothers (4)4 Stars
This is all I askThis is all I askLynn Kurlandde Piaget (7)5 Stars
The Golden ValkyrieThe Golden ValkyrieIris JohansenSedikhan (2)4 Stars
Chesapeake BlueChesapeake BlueNora RobertsChesapeake Bay (4)5 Stars
Heat SeekerHeat SeekerLora LeighElite Ops (3)3 Stars
A Summer SmileA Summer SmileIris JohansenSedikhan (6)4 Stars
A Loving ScoundrelA Loving ScoundrelJohanna LindseyMalory (7)5 Stars
Turbulent SeaTurbulent SeaChristine FeehanDrake Sisters (6)4.5 Stars
Between the Devil and DesireBetween the Devil and DesireLorraine HeathScoundrels of St. James (2)4.5 Stars
Wild FireWild FireChristine FeehanLeopard People (4)5 Stars
Surrender to the DevilSurrender to the DevilLorraine HeathScoundrels Of St. James (3)4.5 Stars
Viking WarriorViking WarriorConnie Mason4.5 Stars
Hostage to PleasureHostage to PleasureNalini SinghPsy Changeling (3)4.5 Stars
Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a RakeNine Rules to Break When Romancing a RakeSarah MacLeanLove By Numbers (1)4.5 Stars
Devil in a KiltDevil in a KiltMackenzie (1)4.5 Stars
Hot PursuitHot PursuitSuzanne BrockmannTroubleshooters (15)5 Stars
Visions of HeatVisions of HeatNalini SinghPsy-Changeling (2)5 Stars
Breaking PointBreaking PointSuzanne BrockmannTroubleshooters (9)4.5 Stars
Married By MorningMarried By MorningLisa KleypasHathaways (4)5 Stars
Jewel of AtlantisJewel of AtlantisGena ShowalterAtlantis (2)4 Stars
The Stone PrinceThe Stone PrinceGena ShowalterImperia (1)4.5 Stars
The SecretThe SecretJulie GarwoodHighland' Lairds (1)5 Stars
Never Trust a ScoundrelNever Trust a ScoundrelGayle CallenSons of Scandal (1)4 Stars
Shadow Of The VampireShadow Of The VampireMegan Hatfield5 Stars
Meet Me in ManhattanMeet Me in ManhattanJudith Arnold4 Stars
Ten Things I Love About You LPTen Things I Love About You LPJulia QuinnBevelstroke (3)5 Stars
Dawn's AwakeningDawn's AwakeningLora LeighBreeds (14)4 Stars
Love In The AfternoonLove In The AfternoonLisa KleypasThe Hathaways (5)5 Stars
Over the EdgeOver the EdgeSuzanne BrockmannTroubleshooters (3)4.5 Stars
Dark of NightDark of NightSuzanne BrockmannTroubleshooters (14)5 Stars
FlashpointFlashpointSuzanne BrockmannTroubleshooters (7)4 Stars
Hot TargetHot TargetSuzanne BrockmannTroubleshooters (8)4.5 Stars
Fire Burn and Cauldron BubbleFire Burn and Cauldron BubbleH.P. MalloryJolie Wilkins (1)4 Stars
The Darkest WhisperThe Darkest WhisperGena ShowalterLords of the Underworld (4)4.5 Stars
Surrender to a ScoundrelSurrender to a ScoundrelJulianne MacLeanAmerican Heiresses (6)4.5 Stars
Her Officer and GentlemanHer Officer and GentlemanKaren HawkinsJust Ask Reeves (2)4 Stars
The FirebrandThe FirebrandMay McGoldrickHighland Treasure (3)4 Stars
The Infamous RogueThe Infamous RogueAlexandra BenedictHawkins Brothers #23.5 Stars
A Tale of Two VikingsA Tale of Two VikingsSandra HillViking I #74 Stars
Tempt Me at TwilightTempt Me at TwilightLisa KleypasHathaways #35 Stars
Into the StormInto the StormSuzanne BrockmannTroubleshooters #105 Stars
Capture the RainbowCapture the RainbowIris JohansenSedikhan #45 Stars
Water BoundWater BoundChristine FeehanSisters of the Heart #15 Stars
The Earl Claims His WifeThe Earl Claims His WifeCathy MaxwellScandals and Seductions #24.5 Stars
Keeper of the HeartKeeper of the HeartJohanna LindseyLy-San-Ter #25 Stars
Branded by FireBranded by FireNalini SinghPsy Changeling #65 Stars
All Through the NightAll Through the NightSuzanne BrockmannTroubleshooters #12
The Darkest PassionThe Darkest PassionGena ShowalterLords of the Underworld #54.5 Stars
Born to BiteBorn to BiteLynsay SandsArgeneau #135 Stars
Viking HeatViking HeatSandra HillViking II #95 Stars
The Sweetest SinThe Sweetest SinMary Reed McCall4 Stars
Beware a Scot's Revenge (School for Heiresses, #3)Beware a Scot's Revenge (School for Heiresses, #3)Sabrina JeffriesSchool For Heiresses #35 Stars
The Notorious ScoundrelThe Notorious ScoundrelAlexandra BenedictHawkins Brothers #34 Stars
Season of the SunSeason of the SunCatherine CoulterViking Era #14 Stars
Savage DreamSavage DreamCassie EdwardsSavage Secrets #64.5 Stars
A Year and a DayA Year and a DayVirginia HenleyDe Warenne #14 Stars
Golden SurrenderGolden SurrenderHeather GrahamViking #14.5 Stars
Passions of a Wicked EarlPassions of a Wicked EarlLorraine HeathLondon's Greatest Lovers #15 Stars
Tender Is the StormTender Is the StormJohanna Lindsey4.5 Stars
RoseRoseLeigh GreenwoodSeven Brides #15 Stars
Lord of Hawkfell IslandLord of Hawkfell IslandCatherine CoulterViking Era #24 Stars
The Flame and the FlowerThe Flame and the FlowerKathleen E. WoodiwissBirmingham #14 Stars
Lady Isabella's Scandalous MarriageLady Isabella's Scandalous MarriageJennifer AshleyMacKenzies & McBrides #25 Stars
A Quick BiteA Quick BiteLynsay SandsArgeneau #14.5 Stars
A Bite to RememberA Bite to RememberLynsay SandsArgeneau #55 Stars
Ten Ways to Be Adored When Landing a LordTen Ways to Be Adored When Landing a LordSarah MacLeanLove By Numbers #25 Stars
Scandal in SpringScandal in SpringLisa KleypasWallflowers #45 Stars
The Renegades: NickThe Renegades: NickGenell DellinThe Renegades #24 Stars
The Abduction Of JuliaThe Abduction Of JuliaKaren HawkinsRogues #14 Stars
Kiss of the HighlanderKiss of the HighlanderKaren Marie MoningHighlander #45 Stars
With Seduction in MindWith Seduction in MindLaura Lee GuhrkeGirl Bachelors #44 Stars
Snowy Night with a StrangerSnowy Night with a StrangerSchool For Heiresses #4.54 Stars
Tamed by a HighlanderTamed by a HighlanderPaula QuinnChildren of the Mist #15 Stars
Beauty and the DukeBeauty and the DukeMelody ThomasMystical Bliss #14.5 Stars
RafeRafeGenell DellinThe Renegades #34 Stars
A Wallflower ChristmasA Wallflower ChristmasLisa KleypasWallflowers #55 Stars
In the Dark of DreamsIn the Dark of DreamsMarjorie M. LiuDirk and Steele #104 Stars
All I Want for Christmas Is a VampireAll I Want for Christmas Is a VampireKerrelyn SparksLove At Stake #55 Stars
Texas GloryTexas GloryLorraine HeathTexas Trilogy #25 Stars
The Viscount Who Loved Me (Bridgertons, #2)The Viscount Who Loved Me (Bridgertons, #2)Julia QuinnBridgertons #25 Stars
The Highlander's TouchThe Highlander's TouchKaren Marie MoningMagic Highlander Series #35 Stars
The Highlander's Touch (Highlander, #3)The Highlander's Touch (Highlander, #3)Karen Marie MoningHighlander #35 Stars
Seduced by a HighlanderSeduced by a HighlanderPaula QuinnChildren of the Mist #24 Stars
The Devil Wears PlaidThe Devil Wears PlaidTeresa Medeiros5 Stars
Seduced by a Highlander (Children of the Mist, #2)Seduced by a Highlander (Children of the Mist, #2)Paula QuinnChildren of the Mist #24.5 Stars
The Devil Wears PlaidThe Devil Wears PlaidTeresa Medeiros5 Stars
A Highland DuchessA Highland DuchessKaren RanneyThe Tulloch Sgàthán Trilogy, #23.5 Stars
A Highland DuchessA Highland DuchessKaren RanneyThe Tulloch Sgàthán Trilogy #23.5 Stars
The Immortal HunterThe Immortal HunterLynsay SandsArgeneau #114.5 Stars
The Immortal HunterThe Immortal HunterLynsay SandsArgeneau #114 Stars
A Little Bit Wicked (Last Man Standing, #1)A Little Bit Wicked (Last Man Standing, #1)Victoria AlexanderLast Man Standing #14 Stars
Since the SurrenderSince the SurrenderJulie Anne LongPennyroyal Green (3)4 Stars
Vampire, Interrupted (Argeneau #9)Vampire, Interrupted (Argeneau #9)Lynsay SandsArgeneau #95 Stars
Dark EmbraceDark EmbraceBrenda JoyceMasters Of Time #35 Stars
The Undead Next Door (Love at Stake, #4)The Undead Next Door (Love at Stake, #4)Kerrelyn SparksLove At Stake #45 Stars
Be Still My Vampire HeartBe Still My Vampire HeartKerrelyn SparksLove At Stake #35 Stars
The Christmas Brides:The Christmas Brides:Linda Lael MillerMcKettricks #104 Stars
The Christmas Brides: A McKettrick Christmas\A Creed Country Christmas (McKettricks, #10; Montana Creeds, #4)The Christmas Brides: A McKettrick Christmas\A Creed Country Christmas (McKettricks, #10; Montana Creeds, #4)Linda Lael MillerMcKettricks #104 Stars
A Woman's Innocence (Spies and Lovers, #3)A Woman's Innocence (Spies and Lovers, #3)Gayle CallenSpies and Lovers #34 Stars
Toil and TroubleToil and TroubleH.P. MalloryJolie Wilkins #25 Stars
The Viscount in Her BedroomThe Viscount in Her BedroomGayle CallenSisters of Willow Pond #35 Stars
McKettricks of Texas: TateMcKettricks of Texas: TateLinda Lael MillerMcKettricks #114 Stars
Honor's SplendourHonor's SplendourJulie Garwood4 Stars
First Drop of CrimsonFirst Drop of CrimsonJeaniene FrostNight Huntress World #14.5 Stars
Scandalous Again (Switching Places, #1)Scandalous Again (Switching Places, #1)Christina DoddSwitching Places #14 Stars
Dark SeductionDark SeductionBrenda JoyceMasters Of Time #14.5 Stars
Mine Till MidnightMine Till MidnightLisa KleypasThe Hathaways #15 Stars
Austin (McKettricks of Texas, #3; McKettricks, #13)Austin (McKettricks of Texas, #3; McKettricks, #13)Linda Lael MillerMcKettricks of Texas, #3; McKettricks, #134 Stars
The BrideThe BrideJulie GarwoodLairds' Fiancées #14.5 Stars
Dark Lover (Rose Trilogy #3; Masters of Time #5)Dark Lover (Rose Trilogy #3; Masters of Time #5)Brenda JoyceMasters Of Time #53.5 Stars
Surrender of a SirenSurrender of a SirenTessa DareThe Wanton Dairymaid Trilogy #24 Stars
The ConquerorThe ConquerorBrenda JoyceDe Warenne Dynasty, (1)4 Stars
Bride of the BeastBride of the BeastSue-Ellen WelfonderMacKenzie-Welfonder #24 Stars
Autumn's Flame (The Graistan Chronicles, #4)Autumn's Flame (The Graistan Chronicles, #4)Denise DomningThe Graistan Chronicles, (4)3.5 Stars
When Marrying a ScoundrelWhen Marrying a ScoundrelKathryn SmithVictorian Soap Opera #24.5 Stars
Eat Prey LoveEat Prey LoveKerrelyn SparksLove At Stake #95 Stars
Dark Victory (Rose Trilogy, #2; Masters of Time, #4)Dark Victory (Rose Trilogy, #2; Masters of Time, #4)Brenda JoyceMasters Of Time #44 Stars
Savor the MomentSavor the MomentNora RobertsBride Quartet #35 Stars
Worth Any PriceWorth Any PriceLisa KleypasBow Street Runners #34.5 Stars
Romancing Mister BridgertonRomancing Mister BridgertonJulia QuinnBridgertons #44 Stars
Seduce Me at SunriseSeduce Me at SunriseLisa KleypasThe Hathaways #24 Stars
Bonded by BloodBonded by BloodLaurie LondonSweetblood #15 Stars
The Countess (Madison Sisters #1)The Countess (Madison Sisters #1)Lynsay SandsMadison Sisters #14.5 Stars
Ruthless GameRuthless GameChristine FeehanGhostwalkers #94.5 Stars
Ravished by a VikingRavished by a VikingDelilah DevlinThe New Icelandic Chronicles #14 Stars
RenegadeRenegadeLora LeighElite Ops #54 Stars
Eternal PreyEternal PreyNina BangsGods Of The Night #34.5 Stars
Heart Of CourageHeart Of CourageKat MartinHeart Trilogy #34 Stars
Megan's MarkMegan's MarkLora LeighBreeds #74 Stars
Eternal PleasureEternal PleasureNina BangsGods Of The Night #14.5 Stars
Rules Of EngagementRules Of EngagementSuzanne EnochAdventurers' Club #34 Stars
Dark DestinyDark DestinyChristine FeehanCarpathian #135 Stars
Night GamesNight GamesNina Bangs4 Stars
Ride the FireRide the FirePamela ClareBlakewell/Kenleigh Family Trilogy #34 Stars
In the Bed of a DukeIn the Bed of a DukeCathy MaxwellCameron Sisters #35 Stars
Vampire MineVampire MineKerrelyn SparksLove At Stake #105 Stars
Happy Ever AfterHappy Ever AfterNora RobertsBride Quartet #44.5 Stars
SpellboundSpellboundKathleen NanceDjinn #44 Stars
The UltimatumThe UltimatumSusan KearneyRystani #35 Stars
Styx's StormStyx's StormLora LeighBreeds #224 Stars
Lair of the LionLair of the LionChristine Feehan5 Stars
Fires of ParadiseFires of ParadiseBrenda JoyceBragg Saga #54 Stars
That Perfect SomeoneThat Perfect SomeoneJohanna LindseyMalory-Anderson Family #104 Stars
Taken by the Prince (Governess Brides #9)Taken by the Prince (Governess Brides #9)Christina DoddGoverness Brides #95 Stars
The Vampire Who Loved MeThe Vampire Who Loved MeTeresa MedeirosCabot #24.5 Stars
Eternal CravingEternal CravingNina BangsGods of the Night #24 Stars
Love Me ForeverLove Me ForeverJohanna LindseySherring Cross #24.5 Stars
I Kissed an EarlI Kissed an EarlJulie Anne LongPennyroyal Greens #44 Stars
At the Duke's Pleasure (The Byrons of Braebourne, #3)At the Duke's Pleasure (The Byrons of Braebourne, #3)Tracy Anne WarrenThe Byrons of Braebourne #34 Stars
Lion's HeatLion's HeatLora LeighBreeds #215 Stars
Street GameStreet GameChristine FeehanGhostwalkers #84.5 Stars
Seduced By His Touch (The Byrons of Braebourne, #2)Seduced By His Touch (The Byrons of Braebourne, #2)Tracy Anne WarrenThe Byrons of Braebourne, #24 Stars
Savage NatureSavage NatureChristine FeehanLeopard People #55 Stars
An Offer From a GentlemanAn Offer From a GentlemanJulia QuinnBridgertons, #34 Stars
Desire UntamedDesire UntamedPamela PalmerFeral Warriors #14.5 Stars
The Star KingThe Star KingSusan GrantStar #14.5 Stars
The Star PrincessThe Star PrincessSusan GrantStar #34 Stars
Pleasuring the PrincePleasuring the PrincePatricia GrassoThe Kazanovs #43.5 Stars
When Harry Met MollyWhen Harry Met MollyKieran KramerImpossible Bachelors #14 Stars
Dancing at MidnightDancing at MidnightJulia QuinnThe Splendid Trilogy #24.5 Stars
Navarro's PromiseNavarro's PromiseLora LeighBreeds #245 Stars
Dukes to the Left of Me, Princes to the RightDukes to the Left of Me, Princes to the RightKieran KramerImpossible Bachelors #24 Stars
Midnight's Wild PassionMidnight's Wild PassionAnna Campbell4 Stars
Pride MatesPride MatesJennifer AshleyShifters Unbound #15 Stars
The Bed and the BachelorThe Bed and the BachelorTracy Anne WarrenThe Byrons of Braebourne #54.5 Stars
Bengal's HeartBengal's HeartLora LeighBreeds #205 Stars
Dark PerilDark PerilChristine FeehanCarpathian #214 Stars
Sin and SensibilitySin and SensibilitySuzanne EnochGriffin Family #15 Stars
The Raven PrinceThe Raven PrinceElizabeth HoytPrinces Trilogy #14.5 Stars
UnraveledUnraveledC.J. BarryUN-Forgettable #25 Stars
UnearthedUnearthedC.J. BarryUN-Forgettable #14 Stars
To Taste TemptationTo Taste TemptationElizabeth HoytLegend of the Four Soldiers #14 Stars
To Seduce a SinnerTo Seduce a SinnerElizabeth HoytLegend of the Four Soldiers #24 Stars
To Desire a DevilTo Desire a DevilElizabeth HoytLegend of the Four Soldiers #43.5 Stars
To Beguile a BeastTo Beguile a BeastElizabeth HoytLegend of the Four Soldiers #35 Stars
Dragon Actually (Dragon Kin, #1)Dragon Actually (Dragon Kin, #1)G.A. AikenDragon Kin #14.5 Stars
The Serpent PrinceThe Serpent PrinceElizabeth HoytPrinces Trilogy #34 Stars
UnleashedUnleashedC.J. BarryUN-Forgettable #33.5 Stars
Wedding the HighlanderWedding the HighlanderJanet ChapmanPine Creek Highlanders #35 Stars
Secrets of the HighlanderSecrets of the HighlanderJanet ChapmanPine Creek Highlanders #65 Stars
Ripe for PleasureRipe for PleasureIsobel CarrThe League of Second Sons #1Did Not Finish
Her Dark KnightHer Dark KnightSharon Cullen5 Stars
Sexiest Vampire AliveSexiest Vampire AliveKerrelyn SparksLove At Stake #115 Stars
If You DareIf You DareKresley ColeMacCarrick Brothers #13 Stars
Beauty Dates the BeastBeauty Dates the BeastJessica SimsMidnight Liaisons #15 Stars
If You Desire (MacCarrick Brothers, #2)If You Desire (MacCarrick Brothers, #2)Kresley ColeMacCarrick Brothers, #24 Stars
Touch A Dark WolfTouch A Dark WolfJennifer St. GilesShadowmen #14 Stars
Breaking the RulesBreaking the RulesSuzanne BrockmannTroubleshooters #165 Stars
If You DesireIf You DesireKresley ColeMacCarrick Brothers #24.5 Stars
Charming the HighlanderCharming the HighlanderJanet ChapmanPine Creek Highlanders #15 Stars
The GameThe GameBrenda JoyceDe Warenne Dynasty #44 Stars
One Night in ScotlandOne Night in ScotlandKaren HawkinsHurst Amulet #13.5 Stars
One Magic MomentOne Magic MomentLynn Kurlandde Piaget #134.5 Stars
Just Like HeavenJust Like HeavenJulia QuinnSmythe-Smith Quartet#13.5 Stars
A Lady Never TellsA Lady Never TellsCandace CampWillowmere #14.5 Stars
A Most Dangerous ProfessionA Most Dangerous ProfessionKaren HawkinsHurst Amulet #34 Stars
Scandal in ScotlandScandal in ScotlandKaren HawkinsHurst Amulet #24 Stars
Virgin Slave, Barbarian KingVirgin Slave, Barbarian KingLouise Allen4 Stars
Seducing the GovernessSeducing the GovernessMargo MaguireRegency Flings #42 Stars
Never Love a HighlanderNever Love a HighlanderMaya BanksMcCabe Trilogy #35 Stars
Seduction of a Highland LassSeduction of a Highland LassMaya BanksMcCabe Trilogy #25 Stars
Highlander's CurseHighlander's CurseMelissa MayhueDaughters of the Glen #84 Stars
Of Noble BirthOf Noble BirthBrenda Novak4.5 Stars
In Bed with a HighlanderIn Bed with a HighlanderMaya BanksMcCabe Trilogy #15 Stars
Prince of WolvesPrince of WolvesSusan KrinardVal Cache #14 Stars
Highlander for the HolidaysHighlander for the HolidaysJanet ChapmanPine Creek Highlanders #84 Stars
Wanted: Undead or AliveWanted: Undead or AliveKerrelyn SparksLove At Stake #125 Stars
What the Heart KnowsWhat the Heart KnowsKathleen Eagle1 Star
Homespun BrideHomespun BrideJillian HartThe McKaslin Clan Historical #24 Stars
Heart DanceHeart DanceRobin D. OwensCelta Heartmates #64 Stars
Lord of the DesertLord of the DesertDiana PalmerHutton and Company #35 Stars
Heart MateHeart MateRobin D. OwensCelta Heartmates #14 Stars
BodyguardBodyguardJennifer AshleyShifters Unbound #2.55 Stars
Texas BrideTexas BrideJoan JohnstonMail Order Brides #15 Stars
Scandalous DesiresScandalous DesiresElizabeth HoytMaiden Lane #34.5 Stars
FuryFuryLaurann DohnerNew Species #14 Stars
SladeSladeLaurann DohnerNew Species #23.5 Stars
ValiantValiantLaurann DohnerNew Species #35 Stars
When Strangers MarryWhen Strangers MarryLisa KleypasVallerands #14 Stars
Suddenly YouSuddenly YouLisa Kleypas4 Stars
My Ruthless PrinceMy Ruthless PrinceGaelen FoleyThe Inferno Club #45 Stars
My Wicked Little LiesMy Wicked Little LiesVictoria AlexanderSinful Family Secrets #35 Stars
My Dangerous DukeMy Dangerous DukeGaelen FoleyThe Inferno Club #24.5 Stars
The HeirThe HeirGrace Burrowes(Duke's Obsession #1, Windham #15 Stars
Thief of ShadowsThief of ShadowsElizabeth HoytMaiden Lane #44.5 Stars
My Wicked MarquessMy Wicked MarquessGaelen Foley, James GriffinThe Inferno Club #14 Stars
Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker, Fifty Shades FreedFifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker, Fifty Shades FreedE.L. JamesFifty Shades #1-34 Stars
The KeyThe KeyLynsay SandsDeed #24 Stars
Again the MagicAgain the MagicLisa KleypasWallflowers #0.54 Stars
The Lady is a VampThe Lady is a VampLynsay SandsArgeneau #175 Stars
Let Love Find YouLet Love Find YouJohanna LindseyReid Family #43 Stars
Never Seduce a ScotNever Seduce a ScotMaya BanksThe Montgomery's and the Armstrong's #15 Stars
Safe HarborSafe HarborChristine FeehanDrake Sisters #54.5 Stars
Something Witchy This Way ComesSomething Witchy This Way ComesH.P. MalloryJolie Wilkins #54.5 Stars
A Warrior's PromiseA Warrior's PromiseDonna FletcherThe Warrior King #35 Stars
Loved By a WarriorLoved By a WarriorDonna FletcherThe Warrior King #24 Stars
How to Capture a CountessHow to Capture a CountessKaren HawkinsThe Duchess Diaries #15 Stars
Lyon's BrideLyon's BrideCathy MaxwellThe Chattan Curse #14.5 Stars
Hard MatedHard MatedJennifer AshleyShifters Unbound #3.55 Stars
Mate ClaimedMate ClaimedJennifer AshleyShifters Unbound #45 Stars
Desperately Seeking ShapeshifterDesperately Seeking ShapeshifterJessica Sims, Jill MylesMidnight Liaisons #25 Stars
Desperately Seeking ShapeshifterDesperately Seeking ShapeshifterJessica SimsMidnight Liaisons #25 Stars
Wolf FeverWolf FeverTerry SpearHeart of the Wolf #64.5 Stars
The Lady Most Likely...The Lady Most Likely...Julia Quinn, Eloisa James, Connie BrockwayLady Most #15 Stars
The Perfect WifeThe Perfect WifeLynsay Sands3.5 Stars
Lord of the KeepLord of the KeepAnn LawrenceMedieval Trilogy #14.5 Stars
A Season of SeductionA Season of SeductionJennifer HaymoreJames Family #35 Stars
A Winter ScandalA Winter ScandalCandace CampSt. Dwynwen, #14 Stars
Wyoming BrideWyoming BrideJoan JohnstonMail Order Brides #24 Stars
Untamed FireUntamed FireDonna FletcherRancheros #14.5 Stars
Wild About YouWild About YouKerrelyn SparksLove At Stake #135 Stars
The Lady Most WillingThe Lady Most WillingJulia Quinn, Eloisa James, Connie BrockwayLady Most #24.5 Stars
The Panther and the PearlThe Panther and the PearlDoreen Owens MalekPanther's Legacy #14.5 Stars
Married at MidnightMarried at MidnightKathleen E. Woodiwiss, Jo Beverley, Samantha James, Tanya Anne Crosby, James BeverleyHeather Duvall #0.54 Stars
Heart of the DoveHeart of the DoveTina St. JohnDragon Chalice #30 Stars
A Touch of ScandalA Touch of ScandalJennifer HaymoreJames Family #24 Stars
Confessions of an Improper BrideConfessions of an Improper BrideJennifer HaymoreDonovan Sisters #14 Stars
Secrets of an Accidental Duchess (Donovan Sisters, #2)Secrets of an Accidental Duchess (Donovan Sisters, #2)Jennifer HaymoreDonovan Sisters #25 Stars
Pleasures of a Tempted LadyPleasures of a Tempted LadyJennifer HaymoreDonovan Sisters #33.5 Stars
Tiger TimeTiger TimeMarissa DobsonAlaskan Tigers #14.5 Stars
Christmas Eve at Friday HarborChristmas Eve at Friday HarborLisa KleypasFriday Harbor #15 Stars
Kiss of Fury (Dragonfire, #2)Kiss of Fury (Dragonfire, #2)Deborah CookeDragonfire #24 Stars
A Hint of WickedA Hint of WickedJennifer HaymoreJames Family #13.5 Stars
Kiss of FireKiss of FireDeborah CookeDragonfire #14.5 Stars
Spellbound FallsSpellbound FallsJanet ChapmanSpellbound Falls #14.5 Stars
Charmed by His LoveCharmed by His LoveJanet ChapmanSpellbound Falls #24 Stars
Winter KissWinter KissDeborah CookeDragonfire #44 Stars
Whisper KissWhisper KissDeborah CookeDragonfire #54 Stars
Immortal Ever AfterImmortal Ever AfterLynsay SandsArgeneau #184 Stars
Darkfire KissDarkfire KissDeborah CookeDragonfire #63.5 Stars
Heart of the Highland WolfHeart of the Highland WolfTerry SpearHeart of the Wolf #75 Stars
Proof by SeductionProof by SeductionCourtney MilanCarhart #14.5 Stars
What Happens in ScotlandWhat Happens in ScotlandJennifer McQuistonSecond Sons #15 Stars
Trial by DesireTrial by DesireCourtney MilanCarhart #24 Stars
Silk Is for SeductionSilk Is for SeductionLoretta ChaseThe Dressmakers #15 Stars
Scandal Wears SatinScandal Wears SatinLoretta ChaseThe Dressmakers #23.5 Stars
Be My PrinceBe My PrinceJulianne MacLeanThe Royal Trilogy #34.5 Stars
Courting CarolinaCourting CarolinaJanet ChapmanSpellbound Falls #34 Stars
A Perfect Knight For LoveA Perfect Knight For LoveJackie IvieKnights #7Did Not Finish
Princess in LovePrincess in LoveJulianne MacLeanThe Royal Trilogy #24.5 Stars
The Princess and the PeerThe Princess and the PeerTracy Anne WarrenThe Princess Brides #14 Stars
Kiss of FateKiss of FateDeborah CookeDragonfire #34.5 Stars
The Bridegroom Wore PlaidThe Bridegroom Wore PlaidGrace BurrowesMacGregors #14.5 Stars
Highlander Most WantedHighlander Most WantedMaya BanksThe Montgomery's and the Armstrong's #25 Stars
Bound to a WarriorBound to a WarriorDonna FletcherThe Warrior King #14.5 Stars
Her Highness and the HighlanderHer Highness and the HighlanderTracy Anne WarrenThe Princess Brides #25 Stars
The Bridgertons: Happily Ever AfterThe Bridgertons: Happily Ever AfterJulia QuinnBridgertons #94.5 Stars
The GuardianThe GuardianMargaret MalloryReturn of the Highlanders #14 Stars
Sins of a Ruthless RogueSins of a Ruthless RogueAnna RandolSinners Trio #24 Stars
The SinnerThe SinnerMargaret MalloryReturn of the Highlands #34.5 Stars
The WarriorThe WarriorMargaret MalloryReturn of the Highlands #34.5 Stars
Sins of a Highland DevilSins of a Highland DevilSue-Ellen WelfonderHighland Warriors #13 Stars
Dark StormDark StormChristine FeehanCarpathian #234 Stars
One Night Is Never EnoughOne Night Is Never EnoughAnne MallorySecrets #24 Stars
His Captive LadyHis Captive LadyAnne GracieDevil Riders #24.5 Stars
For the Earl's PleasureFor the Earl's PleasureAnne Mallory4 Stars
When You Give a Duke a DiamondWhen You Give a Duke a DiamondShana GalenJewels of the Ton #15 Stars
The Making of a DuchessThe Making of a DuchessShana GalenThe Sons of the Revolution #14.5 Stars
Rainshadow RoadRainshadow RoadLisa KleypasFriday Harbor #24 Stars
Destined for an Early GraveDestined for an Early GraveJeaniene FrostNight Huntress #44 Stars
Roses After RainRoses After RainCassie Edwards4 Stars
Bride by MistakeBride by MistakeAnne GracieDevil Riders #54.5 Stars
Lachlan's BrideLachlan's BrideKathleen HarringtonHighland Lairds Trilogy #23 Stars
Seven Secrets of SeductionSeven Secrets of SeductionAnne MallorySecrets #14 Stars
Beauty and the BlacksmithBeauty and the BlacksmithTessa DareSpindle Cove #3.55 Stars
A Rogue by Any Other Name (The Rules of Scoundrels, #1)A Rogue by Any Other Name (The Rules of Scoundrels, #1)Sarah MacLeanThe Rules of Scoundrels, #15 Stars
Headed for Trouble (Troubleshooters #16.5)Headed for Trouble (Troubleshooters #16.5)Suzanne BrockmannTroubleshooters #16.54 Stars
The ChieftainThe ChieftainMargaret MalloryReturn of the Highlanders #45 Stars
A Howl for a HighlanderA Howl for a HighlanderTerry SpearHeart of the Wolf #104 Stars
The Right BrideThe Right BrideJennifer RyanHunted #33 Stars
Wicked in Your ArmsWicked in Your ArmsSophie JordanForgotten Princesses #15 Stars
A Mackenzie Family Christmas: The Perfect GiftA Mackenzie Family Christmas: The Perfect GiftJennifer AshleyMacKenzies & McBrides #4.55 Stars
The Dangerous Viscount (The Burgundy Club, #2)The Dangerous Viscount (The Burgundy Club, #2)Miranda NevilleThe Burgundy Club, #24 Stars
The Tattooed DukeThe Tattooed DukeMaya RodaleThe Writing Girls #34.5 Stars
Seducing Mr. KnightlySeducing Mr. KnightlyMaya RodaleThe Writing Girls #45 Stars
Seduction & ScandalSeduction & ScandalCharlotte FeatherstoneThe Brethren Guardians #15 Stars
Surrender to the EarlSurrender to the EarlGayle CallenBrides of Redemption #23.5 Stars
The Lady and the LairdThe Lady and the LairdNicola CornickScottish Brides #14 Stars
Dragon BoundDragon BoundThea HarrisonElder Races #15 Stars
Never Deal with DragonsNever Deal with DragonsLorenda ChristensenNever Deal With Dragons #14 Stars
The Highlander's PrizeThe Highlander's PrizeMary WineThe Sutherlands #14 Stars
One Heart to WinOne Heart to WinJohanna LindseyCallahan-Warren, #15 Stars
The Bride Says NoThe Bride Says NoCathy MaxwellThe Brides of Wishmore #14 Stars
AdenAdenD.B. ReynoldsVampires in America #75 Stars
UnleashedUnleashedSara HumphreysThe Amoveo Legend #15 Stars
What the Duke DesiresWhat the Duke DesiresSabrina JeffriesThe Duke's Men #15 Stars
'Twas the Night after Christmas'Twas the Night after ChristmasSabrina JeffriesThe Hellions of Halstead Hall #6, The Duke's Men #0.55 Stars
Lunar HeatLunar HeatSusan KearneyHeat #14 Stars
What Happens At ChristmasWhat Happens At ChristmasVictoria AlexanderMillworth Manor #14 Stars
What a Wicked Earl WantsWhat a Wicked Earl WantsVicky DreilingThe Sinful Scoundrels #14 Stars
A Highlander's TemptationA Highlander's TemptationSue-Ellen WelfonderMackenzie-Welfonder #75 Stars
What the Groom WantsWhat the Groom WantsJade LeeBridal Favors #43 Stars
UntamedUntamedElizabeth LowellMedieval Series #14 Stars
When the Rogue ReturnsWhen the Rogue ReturnsSabrina JeffriesThe Duke's Men #24.5 Stars
Lady Amelia's Mess and a HalfLady Amelia's Mess and a HalfSamantha GraceBeau Monde, #23.5 Stars
MarkedMarkedElisabeth NaughtonEternal Guardians #14 Stars
Breaking PointBreaking PointPamela ClareI-Team #55 Stars
ForbiddenForbiddenElizabeth LowellMedieval Series #2
The HighlanderThe HighlanderElaine CoffmanGraham-Lennox #14 Stars
Must Love DukesMust Love DukesElizabeth MichelsTricks of the Ton #14 Stars
Temptation in a KiltTemptation in a KiltVictoria RobertsBad Boys of the Highlands #15 Stars
How to Entice an EnchantressHow to Entice an EnchantressKaren HawkinsThe Duchess Diaries #34 Stars
Vampire Most WantedVampire Most WantedLynsay SandsArgeneau #204 Stars
Dark WolfDark WolfChristine FeehanCarpathian #255 Stars
Much Ado About JackMuch Ado About JackChristy EnglishShakespeare In Love #34 Stars
The Loneliest AlphaThe Loneliest AlphaT.A. GreyThe MacKellen Alphas #14 Stars
A Wedding in SpringtimeA Wedding in SpringtimeAmanda ForesterMarriage Mart #13.5 Stars
The Trouble with PrincessesThe Trouble with PrincessesTracy Anne WarrenThe Princess Brides #35 Stars
Caged HeatCaged HeatMilly TaidenBlack Meadow Pack #23.5 Stars
RaphaelRaphaelD.B. ReynoldsVampires in America #15 Stars
JabrilJabrilD.B. ReynoldsVampires In America #24 Stars
A Town Called ValentineA Town Called ValentineEmma CaneValentine Valley #14.5 Stars
EntwinedEntwinedElisabeth NaughtonEternal Guardians #25 Stars
Wedded in SinWedded in SinJade LeeBridal Favors #24 Stars
When the Duke Was WickedWhen the Duke Was WickedLorraine HeathScandalous Gentlemen of St. James #15 Stars
Taming a Wild ScotTaming a Wild ScotRowan KeatsClaimed By The Highlander #14 Stars
Fury of IceFury of IceCoreene CallahanDragonfury #24 Stars
Heart of StoneHeart of StoneChristine WarrenGargoyles #14 Stars
Big Sky CountryBig Sky CountryLinda Lael MillerParable Montana #14 Stars
The Devil in DisguiseThe Devil in DisguiseStefanie SloaneRegency Rogues #14 Stars
RajmundRajmundD.B. ReynoldsVampires In America #34 Stars
A Rake's Midnight KissA Rake's Midnight KissAnna CampbellSons of Sin #24 Stars
Healing the HighlanderHealing the HighlanderMelissa MayhueDaughters of the Glen #75 Stars
DarkfeverDarkfeverKaren Marie MoningFever #13 Stars
The Book of ScandalThe Book of ScandalJulia LondonThe Scandalous Series #14 Stars
The Bride Says MaybeThe Bride Says MaybeCathy MaxwellThe Brides of Wishmore #24 Stars
SophiaSophiaD.B. ReynoldsVampires in America #44.5 Stars
One Night With YouOne Night With YouSophie JordanThe Derrings #34 Stars
Pleasing the PiratePleasing the PirateSharon CullenSecrets and Seduction #34.5 Stars
Be WereBe WereEliza GayleSouthern Shifters, #53 Stars
BloodfeverBloodfeverKaren Marie MoningFever #23 Stars
Primal LawPrimal LawJ.D. TylerAlpha Pack #15 Stars
The Cowboy of Valentine ValleyThe Cowboy of Valentine ValleyEmma CaneValentine Valley #34 Stars
The RaiderThe RaiderMonica McCartyHighland Guard #85 Stars
A Kiss at MidnightA Kiss at MidnightEloisa JamesFairy Tales #14.5 Stars
Last Kiss GoodnightLast Kiss GoodnightGena ShowalterOtherworld Assassin, #14.5 Stars
A Wicked PursuitA Wicked PursuitIsabella BradfordBreconridge Brothers #14.5 Stars
Sun God Seeks…Surrogate?Sun God Seeks…Surrogate?Mimi Jean PamfiloffAccidentally Yours #35 Stars
Sapphires Are an Earl's Best FriendSapphires Are an Earl's Best FriendShana GalenJewels of the Ton #34 Stars
DuncanDuncanD. B. ReynoldsVampires in America #54.5 Stars
Wicked Earl Seeks Proper HeiressWicked Earl Seeks Proper HeiressSara BennettThe Husband Hunters Club #5
The Sheik RetoldThe Sheik RetoldVictoria Vane, E.M. Hull4 Stars
The Angel in My ArmsThe Angel in My ArmsStefanie SloaneRegency Rogues #24 Stars
Beloved ImposterBeloved ImposterPatricia PotterBeloved Trilogy #15 Stars
LucasLucasD.B. ReynoldsVampires in America #64.5 Stars
Summer Is for LoversSummer Is for LoversJennifer McQuistonSecond Sons #25 Stars
TemptedTemptedElisabeth NaughtonEternal Guardians #35 Stars
All Night with a RogueAll Night with a RogueAlexandra HawkinsLords of Vice #14 Stars
A Promise at Bluebell HillA Promise at Bluebell HillEmma CaneValentine Valley #44 Stars
Say Yes to the DukeSay Yes to the DukeKieran KramerHouse of Brady #34 Stars
Fury of SeductionFury of SeductionCoreene CallahanDragonfury #34.5 Stars
Wallflower Gone WildWallflower Gone WildMaya RodaleBad Boys and Wallflowers #25 Stars
Atlantis UnleashedAtlantis UnleashedAlyssa DayWarriors of Poseidon #35 Stars
After the ScandalAfter the ScandalElizabeth EssexThe Reckless Brides #44 Stars
Moonlight On My MindMoonlight On My MindJennifer McQuistonSecond Sons #34 Stars
What a Reckless Rogue NeedsWhat a Reckless Rogue NeedsVicky DreilingThe Sinful Scoundrels #24 Stars
Fury of DesireFury of DesireCoreene CallahanDragonfury #45 Stars
Rule BreakerRule BreakerLora LeighBreeds, #29 Feline Breeds #164 Stars
Confessions of a Royal BridegroomConfessions of a Royal BridegroomVanessa KellyThe Renegade Royals #24 Stars
Enchanting the BeastEnchanting the BeastKathryne KennedyRelics of Merlin #34 Stars
RevealedRevealedEvangeline AndersonBrides of the Kindred #55 Stars
SethSethEve LanglaisCyborgs: More Than Machines #54 Stars
Secrets of SeductionSecrets of SeductionNicole JordanLegendary Lovers #35 Stars
The Witch of Clan SinclairThe Witch of Clan SinclairKaren RanneyClan Sinclair #24 Stars
Hearts of DarknessHearts of DarknessKira BradyDeadglass #15 Stars
Beloved StrangerBeloved StrangerPatricia PotterBeloved Trilogy #25 Stars
Bunny and the BearBunny and the BearEve LanglaisFurry United Coalition #14 Stars
How to Lose a Duke in Ten DaysHow to Lose a Duke in Ten DaysLaura Lee GuhrkeAn American Heiress in London #25 Stars
The Importance of Being WickedThe Importance of Being WickedVictoria AlexanderWicked Family Secrets #3, Millworth Manor #24 Stars
Playing It ClosePlaying It CloseKat LathamLondon Legends #24 Stars
How to Seduce a Vampire (Without Really Trying)How to Seduce a Vampire (Without Really Trying)Kerrelyn SparksLove At Stake #155 Stars
The Art of Seducing a Naked WerewolfThe Art of Seducing a Naked WerewolfMolly HarperNaked Werewolf #25 Stars
Redemption of the DukeRedemption of the DukeGayle CallenBrides of Redemption #34 Stars
Black and BlueBlack and BlueGena ShowalterOtherworld Assassin #2Did Not Finish
It Takes a ScandalIt Takes a ScandalCaroline LindenScandalous #24.5 Stars
The Scoundrel's SeductionThe Scoundrel's SeductionJennifer HaymoreHouse of Trent #35 Stars
Hearts of ShadowHearts of ShadowKira BradyDeadglass #25 Stars
The Scandalous Adventures of the Sister of the BrideThe Scandalous Adventures of the Sister of the BrideVictoria AlexanderMillworth Manor #33.5 Stars
Copper KingCopper KingVivian ArendTakhini Shifters #13.5 Stars
Woo'd in HasteWoo'd in HasteSabrina DarbyTaming #14 Stars
The Virgin of Clan SinclairThe Virgin of Clan SinclairKaren RanneyClan Sinclair #35 Stars
Love with a Perfect CowboyLove with a Perfect CowboyLori WildeCupid Texas #44 Stars
Duke of MidnightDuke of MidnightElizabeth HoytMaiden Lane #64.5 Stars
Knight of LoveKnight of LoveCatherine LaRoche1 Star
Jaguar HuntJaguar HuntTerry SpearHeart of the Jaguar #35 Stars
A Vampire's SoulA Vampire's SoulCarla Susan SmithVampire's Promise #24.5 Stars
A Vampire's PromiseA Vampire's PromiseCarla Susan SmithVampire's Promise #15 Stars
A Sword Upon The RoseA Sword Upon The RoseBrenda JoyceScottish Medieval #34.5 Stars
The Secrets of a ScoundrelThe Secrets of a ScoundrelGaelen FoleyThe Inferno Club #74 Stars
To Marry a Scottish LairdTo Marry a Scottish LairdLynsay SandsHighlander-Sands #24 Stars
A Kiss of LiesA Kiss of LiesBronwen EvansThe Disgraced Lords #15 Stars
Highlander in Her DreamsHighlander in Her DreamsAllie MackayThe Ravenscraig Legacy #24 Stars
Big Bad WolfBig Bad WolfChristine WarrenThe Others #25 Stars
Legend of the Highland DragonLegend of the Highland DragonIsabel CooperHighland Dragon #14 Stars
The LairdThe LairdJuliana Garnett4 Stars
The Care and Feeding of Stray VampiresThe Care and Feeding of Stray VampiresMolly HarperHalf Moon Hollow #14 Stars
Beckman: Lord of SinsBeckman: Lord of SinsGrace BurrowesLonely Lords #44 Stars
The Cowboy Takes a BrideThe Cowboy Takes a BrideLori WildeJubilee Texas #15 Stars
The ScotsmanThe ScotsmanJuliana Garnett5 Stars
The ViperThe ViperMonica McCartyHighland Guard #45 Stars
The Wolf Who Loved MeThe Wolf Who Loved MeLydia DareWestfield Wolves #55 Stars
The ChaseThe ChaseLynsay SandsThe Deed #35 Stars
Air BoundAir BoundChristine FeehanSisters of the Heart #35 Stars
Lady Windermere's LoverLady Windermere's LoverMiranda NevilleThe Wild Quartet #33.5 Stars
Vixen in VelvetVixen in VelvetLoretta ChaseThe Dressmakers #33.5 Stars
Marked by the VampireMarked by the VampireCynthia EdenPurgatory #25 Stars
The MacGregor's LadyThe MacGregor's LadyGrace BurrowesMacGregors #33.5 Stars
Why Dukes Say I DoWhy Dukes Say I DoManda CollinsWicked Widows #14 Stars
Night EmbraceNight EmbraceSherrilyn KenyonDark-Hunter #25 Stars
Once Upon a Highland AutumnOnce Upon a Highland AutumnLecia CornwallOnce Upon A Highland Season #24 Stars
The Vampire KingThe Vampire KingHeather Killough-WaldenThe Kings #14 Stars
The SwordThe SwordJean JohnsonSons of Destiny #13 Stars
If the Slipper FitsIf the Slipper FitsOlivia DrakeCinderella Sisterhood #15 Stars
The CaptiveThe CaptiveGrace BurrowesCaptive Hearts #15 Stars
BetrayedBetrayedRebecca YorkRockfort Security #25 Stars
With This RingWith This RingCeleste BradleyWorthington #31 Star
When a Laird Takes a LadyWhen a Laird Takes a LadyRowan KeatsClaimed by the Highlander #24.5 Stars
Prince Charming Doesn't Live HerePrince Charming Doesn't Live HereChristine WarrenThe Others #34 Stars
Wolfishly YoursWolfishly YoursLydia DareWestfield Wolves #65 Stars
The Winter BrideThe Winter BrideAnne GracieChance Sisters #24 Stars
The SaintThe SaintMonica McCartyHighland Guard #55 Stars
Rogue with a BrogueRogue with a BrogueSuzanne EnochScandalous Highlanders #25 Stars
The Cowboy and the PrincessThe Cowboy and the PrincessLori WildeJubilee Texas #25 Stars
My Wicked HighlanderMy Wicked HighlanderJen HollingMacDonell Brides #14 Stars
AcheronAcheronSherrilyn KenyonDark Hunter #145 Stars
Claimed by the LairdClaimed by the LairdNicola CornickScottish Brides #34 Stars
Hero of a Highland WolfHero of a Highland WolfTerry SpearHeart of the Wolf #145 Stars
The RecruitThe RecruitMonica McCartyHighland Guard #65 Stars
A Good Debutante's Guide to RuinA Good Debutante's Guide to RuinSophie JordanThe Debutante Files #14.5 Stars
The Danger in Tempting an EarlThe Danger in Tempting an EarlSophie BarnesAt the Kingsborough Ball #34 Stars
The Winter KingThe Winter KingC.L. WilsonWeathermages of Mystral #15 Stars
I Adored a LordI Adored a LordKatharine AsheThe Prince Catchers #24 Stars
Love and Let SpyLove and Let SpyShana GalenLord and Lady Spy #35 Stars
The TraitorThe TraitorGrace BurrowesCaptive Hearts #25 Stars
One Bite Per NightOne Bite Per NightBrooklyn AnnScandals with Bite #25 Stars
Sleeping Beauty and the DemonSleeping Beauty and the DemonMarina MylesThe Cursed Princes #34 Stars
How the Scoundrel SeducesHow the Scoundrel SeducesSabrina JeffriesThe Duke's Men #35 Stars
Once More, My Darling RogueOnce More, My Darling RogueLorraine HeathScandalous Gentlemen of St. James #25 Stars
The ArrowThe ArrowMonica McCartyHighland Guard #94 Stars
What a Duke DaresWhat a Duke DaresAnna CampbellSons of Sin #34 Stars
What a Lady Most DesiresWhat a Lady Most DesiresLecia CornwallTemberlay #34 Stars
The Earl's MistressThe Earl's MistressLiz CarlyleMacLachlan Family & Friends #103 Stars
Ever AfterEver AfterKate SeRineTransplanted Tales #44 Stars
Stone Cold LoverStone Cold LoverChristine WarrenGargoyles #24.5 Stars
The Governess Club: SaraThe Governess Club: SaraEllie MacdonaldThe Governess Club #35 Stars
The Devil Wears KiltsThe Devil Wears KiltsSuzanne EnochScandalous Highlanders #15 Stars
Stroke of MidnightStroke of MidnightOlivia DrakeCinderella Sisterhood #25 Stars
The LairdThe LairdGrace BurrowesCaptive Hearts #34 Stars
His Favorite MistressHis Favorite MistressTracy Anne WarrenMistress Trilogy #35 Stars
Beauty and the BritBeauty and the BritLizbeth SelvigRural Gentleman #34 Stars
Worth the FallWorth the FallClaudia ConnorThe McKinney Brothers #15 Stars
Reaper's PropertyReaper's PropertyJoanna WyldeReapers MC #15 Stars
Rock AddictionRock AddictionNalini SinghRock Kiss #14 Stars
A Highlander's HeartA Highlander's HeartJennifer HaymoreHighland Knights #0.55 Stars
What a Wallflower WantsWhat a Wallflower WantsMaya RodaleBad Boys and Wallflowers #34 Stars
The Groom Says YesThe Groom Says YesCathy MaxwellThe Brides of Wishmore #33.5 Stars
EternityEternityTmonique StephensDescendants of Ra # 14 Stars
Sarah SunshineSarah SunshineMerry FarmerMontana Romance #2.55 Stars
A Highland Wolf ChristmasA Highland Wolf ChristmasTerry SpearHeart of the Wolf #15
The Governess Club: LouisaThe Governess Club: LouisaEllie MacdonaldThe Governess Club #43.5 Stars
Once Upon a Christmas KissOnce Upon a Christmas KissManda CollinsWicked Widows #3.54 Stars
The Vampire's BiteThe Vampire's BiteEve GrantBlood and Love #13.5 Stars
CharadeCharadeLori Foster5 Stars
The Seduction of His WifeThe Seduction of His WifeTiffany ClareHallaway Sisters #15 Stars
Never Seduce a SheikhNever Seduce a SheikhJackie AshendenInternational Bad Boys #24 Stars
Christmas at TwilightChristmas at TwilightLori WildeTwilight Texas #55 Stars
Sleigh Bells in Valentine ValleySleigh Bells in Valentine ValleyEmma CaneValentine Valley #55 Stars
Rock CourtshipRock CourtshipNalini SinghRock Kiss #1.55 Stars
The Secret Desires of a GovernessThe Secret Desires of a GovernessTiffany ClareHallaway Sisters #24 Stars
Reforming the Rock StarReforming the Rock StarChristine BellHead Over Heels #25 Stars
Taken, Not SpurredTaken, Not SpurredRuth CardelloLone Star Burn #14 Stars
The Sweethearts' Knitting ClubThe Sweethearts' Knitting ClubLori WildeTwilight Texas #15 Stars
Dreaming of the WolfDreaming of the WolfTerry SpearHeart of the Wolf #84.5 Stars
The Prince Who Loved MeThe Prince Who Loved MeKaren HawkinsThe Oxenburg Princes #15 Stars
Rules of AscensionRules of AscensionSuzy Knight4 Stars
TwistedTwistedElisabeth NaughtonEternal Guardians #75 Stars
The Trouble With Being a DukeThe Trouble With Being a DukeSophie BarnesAt the Kingsborough Ball #1
The HealerThe HealerAllison ButlerBorderland Brides #15 Stars
My Fair MistressMy Fair MistressTracy Anne WarrenMistress Trilogy #15 Stars
Lord and Lady SpyLord and Lady SpyShana GalenLord and Lady Spy #15 Stars
Love Me to DeathLove Me to DeathMarissa ClarkeUnderveil #15 Stars
Darkest FlameDarkest FlameDonna GrantDark Kings #15 Stars
HuntedHuntedD.B. ReynoldsVampires in America #6.54 Stars
Enslaved by the OceanEnslaved by the OceanBella JewelCriminals of the Ocean #14 Stars
Destiny's CaptiveDestiny's CaptiveBeverly JenkinsDestiny #35 Stars
When the Rancher Came to TownWhen the Rancher Came to TownEmma CaneValentine Valley # 4.55 Stars
UnforgivenUnforgivenD.B. ReynoldsVampires in America #7.54 Stars
When You DareWhen You DareLori FosterMen Who Walk the Edge of Honor #15 Stars
The First Love Cookie ClubThe First Love Cookie ClubLori WildeTwilight Texas #35 Stars
Dangerous HighlanderDangerous HighlanderDonna GrantDark Sword #15 Stars
Tempting the PlayerTempting the PlayerKat LathamLondon Legends #34 Stars
WarprizeWarprizeElizabeth VaughanChronicles of the Warlands #15 Stars
WarswornWarswornElizabeth VaughanChronicles of the Warlands #24 Stars
WarlordWarlordElizabeth VaughanChronicles of the Warlands #35 Stars
'Til Dragons Do Us Part'Til Dragons Do Us PartLorenda ChristensenNever Deal with Dragons #33 Stars
Chieftain By CommandChieftain By CommandFrances HousdenChieftain #23.5 Stars
Christmas in TransylvaniaChristmas in TransylvaniaSandra HillDeadly Angels #4.54 Stars
An Heiress for All SeasonsAn Heiress for All SeasonsSophie JordanThe Debutante Files #1.54 Stars
Bound by BloodBound by BloodTracey Jane JacksonCauld Ane #15 Stars
What a Lady DemandsWhat a Lady DemandsAshlyn MacnamaraThe Eton Boys Trilogy #24 Stars
The Lone WarriorThe Lone WarriorLori AustinOnce Upon A Time in the West #34 Stars
The Viscount Who Lived Down the LaneThe Viscount Who Lived Down the LaneElizabeth BoyleRhymes With Love #45 Stars
Why Earls Fall in LoveWhy Earls Fall in LoveManda CollinsWicked Widows #24 Stars
The Accidental MistressThe Accidental MistressTracy Anne WarrenMistress Trilogy #24 Stars
True Love at Silver Creek RanchTrue Love at Silver Creek RanchEmma CaneValentine Valley #25 Stars
Shield of WinterShield of WinterNalini SinghPsy Changeling #135 Stars
Bride Of A Scottish WarriorBride Of A Scottish WarriorAdrienne Basso5 Stars
Not Quite A GentlemanNot Quite A GentlemanJacquie D'AlessandroRegency #34 Stars
Bound by FireBound by FireTracey Jane JacksonCauld Ane #25 Stars
The Shocking Secret of a Guest at the WeddingThe Shocking Secret of a Guest at the WeddingVictoria AlexanderMillworth Manor #44 Stars
Lady Elinor's Wicked AdventuresLady Elinor's Wicked AdventuresLillian MarekVictorian Adventures, #14 Stars
A Rake by Any Other NameA Rake by Any Other NameMia MarloweSomerfield Park #14 Stars
The Wicked Deeds of Daniel MackenzieThe Wicked Deeds of Daniel MackenzieJennifer AshleyMacKenzies & McBrides, #64 Stars
Never Judge a Lady by Her CoverNever Judge a Lady by Her CoverSarah MacLeanThe Rules of Scoundrels #45 Stars
The Duke's Guide to Correct BehaviorThe Duke's Guide to Correct BehaviorMegan FramptonDuke's Behaving Badly #14 Stars
To Love A HighlandeTo Love A HighlandeSue-Ellen WelfonderScandalous Scots #14 Stars
Christmas at Thorncliff TowersChristmas at Thorncliff TowersMarina MylesThe Cursed Princes #3.53 Stars
Vampire in ParadiseVampire in ParadiseSandra HillDeadly Angels #54 Stars
Hard to Come ByHard to Come ByLaura KayeHard Ink #35 Stars
VincentVincentD.B. ReynoldsVampires In America #85 Stars
Where Darkness LiesWhere Darkness LiesBella JewelCriminals of the Ocean #25 Stars
The Governess Club: BonnieThe Governess Club: BonnieEllie MacdonaldThe Governess Club #24 Stars
The Bride BedThe Bride BedLinda Needham5 Stars
The Duchess WarThe Duchess WarCourtney MilanBrothers Sinister #14 Stars
Sinfully Ever After (Book Club Belles Society, #2)Sinfully Ever After (Book Club Belles Society, #2)Jayne FresinaBook Club Belles Society, #23.5 Stars
The Highland Dragon's LadyThe Highland Dragon's LadyIsabel CooperHighland Dragon #23 Stars
Unlaced by the OutlawUnlaced by the OutlawMichelle WillinghamSecrets In Silk #44 Stars
Seduce Me By ChristmasSeduce Me By ChristmasDeborah RaleighIllegitimate Bachelor, #34 Stars
EnrapturedEnrapturedElisabeth NaughtonEternal Guardians #45 Stars
A Highlander's ObsessionA Highlander's ObsessionVonnie DavisHighlander's Beloved, #15 Stars
Crouching Tiger, Forbidden VampireCrouching Tiger, Forbidden VampireKerrelyn SparksLove At Stake #165 Stars
The Duke of Dark DesiresThe Duke of Dark DesiresMiranda NevilleThe Wild Quartet #44.5 Stars
Say Yes to the MarquessSay Yes to the MarquessTessa DareCastles Ever After #25 Stars
Chained by NightChained by NightLarissa IoneMoonbound Clan Vampire #25 Stars
A Kiss For MidwinterA Kiss For MidwinterCourtney MilanBrothers Sinister #1.54 Stars
Forever MineForever MineMonica Burns5 Stars
The Trouble with Texas CowboysThe Trouble with Texas CowboysCarolyn BrownBurnt Boot Texas #24 Stars
Knight in Highland ArmorKnight in Highland ArmorAmy JareckiHighland Dynasty #15 Stars
Once Upon a Highland ChristmasOnce Upon a Highland ChristmasLecia CornwallOnce Upon A Highland Season #35 Stars
If the Viscount FallsIf the Viscount FallsSabrina JeffriesThe Duke's Men #45 Stars
Return to Clan SinclairReturn to Clan SinclairKaren RanneyClan Sinclair #3.54 Stars
To Kiss a Kilted WarriorTo Kiss a Kilted WarriorRowan KeatsClaimed by the Highlander #35 Stars
Catch a Falling HeiressCatch a Falling HeiressLaura Lee GuhrkeAn American Heiress in London #34 Stars
Never Surrender to a ScoundrelNever Surrender to a ScoundrelLily DaltonOne Scandalous Season #35 Stars
Hungry Like the WolfHungry Like the WolfPaige TylerSWAT #15 Stars
Earls Just Want to Have FunEarls Just Want to Have FunShana GalenCovent Garden Clubs #15 Stars
Unbound (The Amoveo Legend, #5.5)Unbound (The Amoveo Legend, #5.5)Sara HumphreysThe Amoveo Legend, #5.54 Stars
Secrets of a Scandalous HeiressSecrets of a Scandalous HeiressTheresa RomainThe Matchmaker Trilogy #31 Star
To Love a Scottish LordTo Love a Scottish LordKaren RanneyThe Highland Lords #44 Stars
Jaguar PrideJaguar PrideTerry SpearHeart of the Jaguar #45 Stars
Till Dawn with the DevilTill Dawn with the DevilAlexandra HawkinsLords of Vice #25 Stars
Fury of ObsessionFury of ObsessionCoreene CallahanDragonfury #54 Stars
Never Desire a DukeNever Desire a DukeLily DaltonOne Scandalous Season #14 Stars
I Loved a RogueI Loved a RogueKatharine AsheThe Prince Catchers #34 Stars
Bride of LochbarrBride of LochbarrMargaret MooreBrothers In Arms #14 Stars
Forbidden HighlanderForbidden HighlanderDonna GrantDark Sword #24 Stars
Shadow's ClaimShadow's ClaimKresley ColeImmortals After Dark #135 Stars
The Welcome Home Garden ClubThe Welcome Home Garden ClubLori WildeTwilight Texas #45 Stars
After Dark with a ScoundrelAfter Dark with a ScoundrelAlexandra HawkinsLords of Vice #35 Stars
The Lord of the ClansThe Lord of the ClansChris Lange5 Stars
The Immortal Who Loved MeThe Immortal Who Loved MeLynsay SandsArgeneau #214 Stars
A Sinful DeceptionA Sinful DeceptionIsabella BradfordBreconridge Brothers #24 Stars
In Your Wildest Scottish Dreams (MacIain, #1)In Your Wildest Scottish Dreams (MacIain, #1)Karen RanneyMacIain, #14 Stars
Blood AssassinBlood AssassinAlexandra IvyThe Sentinels #25 Stars
Why Lords Lose Their HeartsWhy Lords Lose Their HeartsManda CollinsWicked Widows #35 Stars
Various States of Undress: GeorgiaVarious States of Undress: GeorgiaLaura SimcoxVarious States of Undress #34 Stars
How to Tame Your DukeHow to Tame Your DukeJuliana GrayA Princess In Hiding #14 Stars
Bound by FlameBound by FlameJeaniene FrostNight Prince #35 Stars
Never Entice an EarlNever Entice an EarlLily DaltonOne Scandalous Season #25 Stars
The Seduction of an English ScoundrelThe Seduction of an English ScoundrelJillian HunterBoscastle #14 Stars
Bound by SecretsBound by SecretsTracey Jane JacksonCauld Ane #35 Stars
Sweet EnemySweet EnemyHeather SnowVeiled Seduction #15 Stars
My Lady, My LordMy Lady, My LordKatharine AsheTwist #14 Stars
The Last Man on EarthThe Last Man on EarthTracy Anne WarrenThe Graysons #14 Stars
The Secrets of Sir Richard KenworthyThe Secrets of Sir Richard KenworthyJulia QuinnSmythe-Smith Quartet, #44 Stars
Black RookBlack RookKelly MeadeCornerstone Run Trilogy #15 Stars
Rough JusticeRough JusticeSarah CastilleSinner's Tribe Motorcycle Club #15 Stars
Wagon Train CinderellaWagon Train CinderellaShirley Kennedy4 Stars
Samurai GameSamurai GameChristine FeehanGhostwalkers #105 Stars
Fire RisingFire RisingDonna GrantDark Kings #25 Stars
Sweet DeceptionSweet DeceptionHeather SnowVeiled Seduction #24 Stars
Runaway CowboyRunaway CowboyT.J. KlineRodeo #3.54 Stars
PursuedPursuedEvangeline AndersonBrides of the Kindred #65 Stars
Hard As It GetsHard As It GetsLaura KayeHard Ink #15 Stars
What a Devilish Duke DesiresWhat a Devilish Duke DesiresVicky DreilingThe Sinful Scoundrels #35 Stars
His Wicked Celtic KissHis Wicked Celtic KissKaryn GerrardWicked Men of Rockland #25 Stars
Viper GameViper GameChristine FeehanGhostwalkers #115 Stars
Back in the GameBack in the GameLori WildeStardust Texas #15 Stars
When Good Earls Go BadWhen Good Earls Go BadMegan FramptonDukes Behaving Badly #1.53 Stars
Diary of an Accidental WallflowerDiary of an Accidental WallflowerJennifer McQuistonSeduction Diaries #14 Stars
Snowed InSnowed InSarah TitleSouthern Comfort #33 Stars
The ProfessionalThe ProfessionalKresley ColeThe Game Maker #14 Stars
The MasterThe MasterKresley ColeThe Game Maker #25 Stars
MacRieveMacRieveKresley ColeImmortals After Dark #144 Stars
Highland GuardHighland GuardHannah HowellMurray Family #203 Stars
Burning WildBurning WildChristine FeehanLeopard People #35 Stars
Tycoon TakedownTycoon TakedownRuth CardelloLone Star Burn #24 Stars
The CowboyThe CowboyJoan JohnstonBitter Creek #15 Stars
Vampires Never Cry WolfVampires Never Cry WolfSara HumphreysDead in the City #35 Stars
OutlawOutlawSusan JohnsonCarre #15 Stars
Bolt From The BlueBolt From The BlueTania SparksOblivion On Tour #25 Stars
RadianceRadianceGrace DravenWraith Kings #15 Stars
One Kiss MoreOne Kiss MoreMandy BaxterU.S. Marshals #24 Stars
Wicked Dark DragonWicked Dark DragonLolita LopezDragon Heat #33.5 Stars
At Wolf RanchAt Wolf RanchJennifer RyanMontana Men #15 Stars
When It's RightWhen It's RightJennifer RyanMontana Men #25 Stars
Rock HardRock HardNalini SinghRock Kiss #25 Stars
DeepDeepKylie ScottStage Dive #45 Stars
Rule BreakerRule BreakerHarper KincaidBreak on Through #15 Stars
Saving the SheikhSaving the SheikhRuth CardelloLegacy Collection #45 Stars
Highland SurrenderHighland SurrenderTracy Brogan4 Stars
ClaimedClaimedRebecca ZanettiDark Protectors #25 Stars
A Touch of PassionA Touch of PassionBronwen EvansThe Disgraced Lords, #34 Stars
Feral SinsFeral SinsSuzanne WrightThe Phoenix Pack #15 Stars
Wicked CravingsWicked CravingsSuzanne WrightThe Phoenix Pack #25 Stars
My Highland LoverMy Highland LoverMaeve GreysonHighland Hearts #13.5 Stars
Gray BishopGray BishopKelly MeadeCornerstone Run Trilogy #25 Stars
It Started With a ScandalIt Started With a ScandalJulie Anne LongPennyroyal Green #104 Stars
DeceptionDeceptionD.B. ReynoldsVampires in America, #95 Stars
A Perfect TenA Perfect TenLinda KageForbidden Men, #55 Stars
A Highlander's PassionA Highlander's PassionVonnie DavisHighlander's Beloved, #24 Stars
The Lady Meets Her MatchThe Lady Meets Her MatchGina ConkleMidnight Meetings #24.5 Stars
Price of a KissPrice of a KissLinda KageForbidden Men #15 Stars
The Elusive Lord EverhartThe Elusive Lord EverhartVivienne LorretThe Rakes of Fallow Hall, #14 Stars
To Professor, with LoveTo Professor, with LoveLinda KageForbidden Men #24 Stars
Four Nights With the DukeFour Nights With the DukeEloisa JamesDesperate Duchesses by the Numbers, #24 Stars
Silver BastardSilver BastardJoanna WyldeSilver Valley #14 Stars
Be My HeroBe My HeroLinda KageForbidden Men #35 Stars
Full ContactFull ContactSarah CastilleRedemption #34 Stars
When a Rake FallsWhen a Rake FallsSally OrrThe Rake's Handbook #23 Stars
Sebastian's Lady SpySebastian's Lady SpySharon CullenSecrets and Seduction #54 Stars
Dark MagicDark MagicChristine FeehanCarpathian #44 Stars
AfflictionAfflictionRiver SavageKnights Rebels MC #24 Stars
Kiss the EarlKiss the EarlGina LammGeek Girls #33.5 Stars
Bite at First SightBite at First SightBrooklyn AnnScandals with Bite #35 Stars
Ever After at Sweetheart RanchEver After at Sweetheart RanchEmma CaneValentine Valley, #65 Stars
The Duke and the Lady in RedThe Duke and the Lady in RedLorraine HeathScandalous Gentlemen of St. James #35 Stars
RansomRansomJulie GarwoodHighland Lairds #25 Stars
SinfulSinfulJoan JohnstonBitter Creek #94.5 Stars
Lady Sarah's Sinful DesiresLady Sarah's Sinful DesiresSophie BarnesSecrets At Thorncliff Manor #14 Stars
Saving GraceSaving GraceJulie Garwood5 Stars
Her Wild HeroHer Wild HeroPaige TylerX-Ops #34 Stars
50 Ways to Ruin a Rake50 Ways to Ruin a RakeJade LeeRakes and Rogues #1
The DealThe DealElle KennedyOff-Campus, #14 Stars
Twice a Texas BrideTwice a Texas BrideLinda BrodayBachelors of Battle Creek #24.5 Stars
RushRushGina GordonWhite Lace #14 Stars
Kilts and DaggersKilts and DaggersVictoria RobertsHighland Spies #24 Stars
Cat's Lair (Leopard People, #7)Cat's Lair (Leopard People, #7)Christine FeehanLeopard People, #74 Stars
Rules of the Game (Stardust, Texas, #2)Rules of the Game (Stardust, Texas, #2)Lori WildeStardust Texas, #24 Stars
I've Got My Duke to Keep Me WarmI've Got My Duke to Keep Me WarmKelly BowenThe Lords of Worth #14.5 Stars
Seduction's ShiftSeduction's ShiftA.C. ArthurThe Shadow Shifters #24 Stars
Love in the Time of ScandalLove in the Time of ScandalCaroline LindenScandalous #35 Stars
ProvokedProvokedRebecca ZanettiDark Protectors #55 Stars
All Lined UpAll Lined UpCora CarmackRusk University #15 Stars
AdamAdamJennifer AshleyRiding Hard #14.5 Stars
Her Perfect Mate (X-Ops, #1)Her Perfect Mate (X-Ops, #1)Paige TylerX-Ops, #15 Stars
Sultry GrooveSultry GrooveEden SummersReckless Beat #45 Stars
The Trouble With HonorThe Trouble With HonorJulia LondonThe Cabot Sisters #14.5 Stars
Dearest RogueDearest RogueElizabeth HoytMaiden Lane #84.5 Stars
Beyond the CutBeyond the CutSarah CastilleSinner's Tribe Motorcycle Club #23.5 Stars
When Darkness Comes (Guardians of Eternity, #1)When Darkness Comes (Guardians of Eternity, #1)Alexandra IvyGuardians of Eternity, #14 Stars
The Fireman Who Loved Me (The Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriel, #1)The Fireman Who Loved Me (The Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriel, #1)Jennifer BernardThe Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriel #14 Stars
The Devil Takes a BrideThe Devil Takes a BrideJulia LondonThe Cabot Sisters #24 Stars
The Scoundrel and the DebutanteThe Scoundrel and the DebutanteJulia LondonThe Cabot Sisters #34 Stars
Never Resist a RakeNever Resist a RakeMia MarloweSomerfield Park #24 Stars
Sweet MadnessSweet MadnessHeather SnowVeiled Seduction #34.5 Stars
When an Alpha PurrsWhen an Alpha PurrsEve LanglaisA Lion's Pride #13.5 Stars
Embrace The DarknessEmbrace The DarknessAlexandra IvyGuardians of Eternity #24 Stars
The Unexpected DuchessThe Unexpected DuchessValerie BowmanPlayful Brides #14 Stars
Stranded with a BillionaireStranded with a BillionaireJessica ClareBillionaire Boys Club #14 Stars
Upon the Midnight ClearUpon the Midnight ClearSherrilyn KenyonDark Hunter #12, Dream Hunter #25 Stars
The Dream HunterThe Dream HunterSherrilyn KenyonDark Hunter #10, Dream Hunter #15 Stars
Destiny's EmbraceDestiny's EmbraceBeverly JenkinsDestiny #15 Stars
Beauty and the BillionaireBeauty and the BillionaireJessica ClareBillionaire Boys Club #25 Stars
MarkedMarkedRebecca ZanettiDark Protectors #75 Stars
ShadowedShadowedRebecca ZanettiDark Protectors #65 Stars
The Wrong Billionaire's BedThe Wrong Billionaire's BedJessica ClareBillionaire Boys Club #34 Stars
The Highlander Next DoorThe Highlander Next DoorJanet ChapmanSpellbound Falls #63 Stars
Angels' BloodAngels' BloodNalini SinghGuild Hunter #15 Stars
Once Upon a BillionaireOnce Upon a BillionaireJessica ClareBillionaire Boys Club #44 Stars
Down London RoadDown London RoadSamantha YoungOn Dublin Street (2)5 Stars
ShadowfeverShadowfeverKaren Marie MoningFever (5)5 Stars
Darkness AwakenedDarkness AwakenedKatie ReusDarkness (1)5 Stars
Bengal's QuestBengal's QuestLora LeighBreeds (30)4 Stars
Lord of VengeanceLord of VengeanceTina St. John4 Stars
Hunter's MoonHunter's MoonC.T. Adams, Cathy ClampA Tale Of The Sazi (1)4 Stars
SEAL Wolf HuntingSEAL Wolf HuntingTerry SpearHeart of the Wolf (16)4 Stars
How to Marry a Royal HighlanderHow to Marry a Royal HighlanderVanessa KellyThe Renegade Royals (4)
How to Marry a Royal HighlanderHow to Marry a Royal HighlanderVanessa KellyRenegade Royals (4)4 Stars
Outlaw HeartsOutlaw HeartsRosanne BittnerOutlaw Hearts #15 Stars
Do Not Forsake MeDo Not Forsake MeRosanne BittnerOutlaw Hearts #25 Stars
Earth BoundEarth BoundChristine FeehanSisters Of The Heart #45 Stars
A Sword for His LadyA Sword for His LadyMary WineCourtly Love #15 Stars
The Art of SinningThe Art of SinningSabrina JeffriesSinful Suitors #14 Stars
All the Ways to Ruin a RogueAll the Ways to Ruin a RogueSophie JordanThe Debutante Files #23 Stars
You Really Got MeYou Really Got MeErika KellyRock Star Romance #15 Stars
I Want You to Want MeI Want You to Want MeErika KellyRock Star Romance #25 Stars
Put Up Your DukePut Up Your DukeMegan FramptonDukes Behaving Badly #24 Stars
Archangel's KissArchangel's KissNalini SinghGuild Hunter #25 Stars
The Warlord's Wife (Sons of the North, #1)The Warlord's Wife (Sons of the North, #1)Sandra LakeSons Of The North (2)4 Stars
Hot for FiremanHot for FiremanJennifer BernardThe Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriel #23.5 Stars
Dirty ThoughtsDirty ThoughtsMegan EricksonMechanics of Love #14 Stars
A Radical ArrangementA Radical ArrangementJane Ashford3 Stars
Bear NakedBear NakedJessica SimsMidnight Liaisons #3.55 Stars
Wolf TroubleWolf TroublePaige TylerSwat #25 Stars
With Every HeartbeatWith Every HeartbeatLinda KageForbidden Men #44 Stars
Dare to RockDare to RockCarly PhillipsDare to Love #73.5 Stars
Archangel's ConsortArchangel's ConsortNalini SinghGuild Hunter #34 Stars
ChaosChaosJamie ShawMayhem #34 Stars
Close to HeartClose to HeartT.J. KlineHealing Harts #34 Stars
Shards of HopeShards of HopeNalini SinghPsy Changeling #144 Stars
Lady Emily's Exotic JourneyLady Emily's Exotic JourneyLillian MarekVictorian Adventures #23.5 Stars
Destiny's SurrenderDestiny's SurrenderBeverly JenkinsDestiny #24.5 Stars
The Great EstateThe Great EstateSherri BrowningThornbrook Park #34 Stars
Midnight MagicMidnight MagicShari AntonMagic #13.5 Stars
A Pirate's Wife for MeA Pirate's Wife for MeChristina DoddGoverness Brides #104 Stars
The Prince and IThe Prince and IKaren HawkinsThe Oxenburg Princes #25 Stars
Her Lucky CowboyHer Lucky CowboyJennifer RyanMontana Men #35 Stars
When a Scot Ties the KnotWhen a Scot Ties the KnotTessa DareCastles Ever After #33.5 Stars
Ever AfterEver AfterRachel LaceyLove To The Rescue #34.5 Stars
Even Vampires Get the BluesEven Vampires Get the BluesSandra HillDeadly Angels #63.5 Stars
You're the Earl That I WantYou're the Earl That I WantKelly BowenThe Lords of Worth #34 Stars
Scotsman of My Dreams (MacIain, #2)Scotsman of My Dreams (MacIain, #2)Karen RanneyMacIain, #23.5 Stars
The Highlander's WomanThe Highlander's WomanMonica BurnsThe Reckless Rockwoods #34 Stars
Forgotten SinsForgotten SinsRebecca ZanettiSin Brothers #15 Stars
Sweet RevengeSweet RevengeRebecca ZanettiSin Brothers #25 Stars
Blind FaithBlind FaithRebecca ZanettiSin Brothers #34.5 Stars
Total SurrenderTotal SurrenderRebecca ZanettiSin Brothers #44 Stars
The Night Is MineThe Night Is MineM.L. BuchmanThe Night Stalkers4 Stars
Almost a ScandalAlmost a ScandalElizabeth EssexThe Reckless Brides #14 Stars
Rescuing the Bad BoyRescuing the Bad BoyJessica LemmonSecond Chance #24 Stars
Sex and the Single FiremanSex and the Single FiremanJennifer BernardThe Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriel #34 Stars
Chase the DarknessChase the DarknessJ.D. TylerAlpha Pack #74 Stars
Hard as You CanHard as You CanLaura KayeHard Ink #25 Stars
Her Lone WolfHer Lone WolfPaige TylerX-Ops #24.5 Stars
The WandererThe WandererRobyn CarrThunder Point #14 Stars
A Good Rake is Hard to FindA Good Rake is Hard to FindManda CollinsLords of Anarchy #14.5 Stars
How to Tame a Wild Fireman (The Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriel, #4)How to Tame a Wild Fireman (The Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriel, #4)Jennifer BernardThe Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriel #44 Stars
Kiss of MidnightKiss of MidnightLara AdrianMidnight Breed #15 Stars
The Notorious KnightThe Notorious KnightMargaret MooreKing John #24 Stars
Taming Her WolfTaming Her WolfDee CarneyFire Creek Shifters #13.5 Stars
Lost LadyLost LadyJude DeverauxThe Lady Trilogy #23 Stars
Kiss of CrimsonKiss of CrimsonLara AdrianMidnight Breed #24.5 Stars
I Own the DawnI Own the DawnM.L. BuchmanThe Night Stalkers #24 Stars
Thornbrook ParkThornbrook ParkSherri Browning, Sherri Browning ErwinThornbrook Park #13.5 Stars
Rescued by the RangerRescued by the RangerDixie Lee Brown4 Stars
Moon's WebMoon's WebC.T. Adams, Cathy ClampA Tale of the Sazi #24 Stars
A Little Thing Called LoveA Little Thing Called LoveCathy MaxwellMarrying The Duke #0.54.5 Stars
Midnight AwakeningMidnight AwakeningLara AdrianMidnight Breed #34 Stars
Four Weddings and a FiremanFour Weddings and a FiremanJennifer BernardThe Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriel #54 Stars
A Rogue's EmbraceA Rogue's EmbraceMargaret MooreRestoration #23.5 Stars
About a VampireAbout a VampireLynsay SandsArgeneau, #224 Stars
Forever Your EarlForever Your EarlEva LeighThe Wicked Quills of London #14 Stars
The NewcomerThe NewcomerRobyn CarrThunder Point #24 Stars
Twilight MagicTwilight MagicShari AntonMagic #24 Stars
Midnight RisingMidnight RisingLara AdrianMidnight Breed #44 Stars
Her Secret GuardianHer Secret GuardianLinda Needham4 Stars
His Wicked ReputationHis Wicked ReputationMadeline HunterWicked Trilogy #14 Stars
Everlasting DesireEverlasting DesireAmanda AshleyEverlasting #25 Stars
Chance The Winds of FortuneChance The Winds of FortuneLaurie McBainDominick #24 Stars
First Time with a HighlanderFirst Time with a HighlanderGwyn CreadySirens of the Scottish Borderlands #23.5 Stars
No LimitsNo LimitsLori FosterUltimate #14.5 Stars
Heir To The PackHeir To The PackLaura WellingThe Cursed Pack #14 Stars
InsatiableInsatiableVirginia Henley3 Stars
The Madness of Lord WestfallThe Madness of Lord WestfallMia MarloweThe Order of the Muse #23.5 Stars
Brave the HeatBrave the HeatSara HumphreysThe McGuire Brothers, #14 Stars
Thunder on the PlainsThunder on the PlainsRosanne Bittner5 Stars
UnleashedUnleashedRachel LaceyLove to the Rescue #14 Stars
Wanted: Wild Thing (Midnight Liaisons, #4)Wanted: Wild Thing (Midnight Liaisons, #4)Jessica SimsMidnight Liaisons #44 Stars
Cowboy Boots for Christmas: (Cowboy Not Included)Cowboy Boots for Christmas: (Cowboy Not Included)Carolyn BrownBurnt Boot Texas #13.5 Stars
Dark GhostDark GhostChristine FeehanCarpathian #284 Stars
DarknessDarknessLaurann DohnerNew Species #124 Stars
The Wrong BrideThe Wrong BrideGayle CallenHighland Weddings-Callen #14 Stars
Bearing It AllBearing It AllVonnie DavisHighlander's Beloved #34 Stars
A Silver Wolf ChristmasA Silver Wolf ChristmasTerry SpearHeart of the Wolf #174 Stars
The Mane EventThe Mane EventShelly LaurenstonPride #14 Stars
Right Wrong GuyRight Wrong GuyLia RileyBrightwater #24.5 Stars
I'll Be Home for ChristmasI'll Be Home for ChristmasLori WildeTwilight, Texas #74 Stars
The Highlander Takes a BrideThe Highlander Takes a BrideLynsay SandsHighlander-Sands #34 Stars
The Beast in HimThe Beast in HimShelly LaurenstonPride #24 Stars
Wicked FallWicked FallSawyer BennettThe Wicked Horse #14 Stars
Bound by Night (Bound #1)Bound by Night (Bound #1)Amanda AshleyBound #14.5 Stars
Bound By BloodBound By BloodAmanda AshleyBound #24.5 Stars
Seduction of a Highland WarriorSeduction of a Highland WarriorSue-Ellen WelfonderHighland Warriors #34 Stars
The Highlander's BrideThe Highlander's BrideAmanda ForesterHighlander Trouble #14 Stars
Cold-Hearted RakeCold-Hearted RakeLisa KleypasThe Ravenel's #14.5 Stars
Veil of MidnightVeil of MidnightLara AdrianMidnight Breed #54 Stars
The Virgin's Guide to MisbehavingThe Virgin's Guide to MisbehavingJessica ClareBluebonnet #44 Stars
The Mark of the Midnight ManzanillaThe Mark of the Midnight ManzanillaLauren WilligPink Carnation, #114 Stars
Slightly MarriedSlightly MarriedMary BaloghBedwyn Saga #14 Stars
Everlasting KissEverlasting KissAmanda AshleyEverlasting #14 Stars
Holding StrongHolding StrongLori FosterUltimate #24 Stars
The Winter LairdThe Winter LairdNancy ScanlonMists of Fate #14.5 Stars
Lucky ShotLucky ShotB.J. DanielsThe Montana Hamiltons #34 Stars
The HighwaymanThe HighwaymanKerrigan ByrneVictorian Rebels #15 Stars
Wicked RideWicked RideRebecca ZanettiRealm Enforcers #14 Stars
Conqueror's KissConqueror's KissHannah Howell4.5 Stars
The Friend ZoneThe Friend ZoneKristen CallihanGame On #24 Stars
The Game PlanThe Game PlanKristen CallihanGame On #33.5 Stars
Rock RedemptionRock RedemptionNalini SinghRock Kiss #34.5 Stars
The Spring BrideThe Spring BrideAnne GracieChance Sisters #34 Stars
Forever His Texas BrideForever His Texas BrideLinda BrodayBachelors of Battle Creek #34 Stars
In the Company of WolvesIn the Company of WolvesPaige TylerSWAT #34.5 Stars
ShamelessShamelessJoan JohnstonBitter Creek #144 Stars
The Perfect PlayThe Perfect PlayJaci BurtonPlay by Play #14 Stars
Claws & Effect (Midnight Liaisons, #3.6)Claws & Effect (Midnight Liaisons, #3.6)Jessica SimsMidnight Liaisons #3.64 Stars
Last BreathLast BreathJessica Clare, Jen FrederickHitman #24.5 Stars
All of MeAll of MeJennifer BernardLove Between The Bases4 Stars
Undone by the DukeUndone by the DukeMichelle WillinghamSecrets In Silk3.5 Stars
UndertowUndertowCherry AdairCutter Cay #14 Stars
MisconductMisconductPenelope Douglas4 Stars
Falling Into Bed with a DukeFalling Into Bed with a DukeLorraine HeathThe Hellions of Havisham #15 Stars
Healing EdenHealing EdenRhenna MorganEden #25 Stars
Caught by YouCaught by YouJennifer BernardLove Between The Bases #24 Stars
Tough LoveTough LoveLori FosterUltimate #34.5 Stars
Wild CatWild CatChristine FeehanLeopard People #84 Stars
To Have and to HoldTo Have and to HoldLeigh GreenwoodCactus Creek Cowboys #14.5 Stars
Teach Me Under the MistletoeTeach Me Under the MistletoeKay Springsteen3.5 Stars
To Love and to CherishTo Love and to CherishLeigh GreenwoodCactus Creek Cowboys #24 Stars
Forever and AlwaysForever and AlwaysLeigh GreenwoodCactus Creek Cowboys #35 Stars
The Earl's Complete SurrenderThe Earl's Complete SurrenderSophie BarnesSecrets at Thorncliff Manor #2
ForbiddenForbiddenJacquelyn FrankThe World Of Nightwalkers #14 Stars
Captive MoonCaptive MoonC.T. Adams, Cathy ClampA Tale of the Sazi, #34.5 Stars
Drink of MeDrink of MeJacquelyn Frank4.5 Stars
Ashes of MidnightAshes of MidnightLara AdrianMidnight Breed #65 Stars
Sutherland's SecretSutherland's SecretSharon CullenHighland Pride #14 Stars
The Closer You ComeThe Closer You ComeGena ShowalterThe Original Heartbreakers #14.5 Stars
Devil's PrizeDevil's PrizeKat MartinGarrick #34 Stars
RiptideRiptideCherry AdairCutter Cay #24 Stars
One-Eyed Dukes are WildOne-Eyed Dukes are WildMegan FramptonDukes Behaving Badly #33 Stars
Magic RisesMagic RisesIlona AndrewsKate Daniels #65 Stars
As Twilight FallsAs Twilight FallsAmanda Ashley4 Stars
Wildest DreamsWildest DreamsRosanne Bittner5 Stars
Highland SpitfireHighland SpitfireMary WineHighland Weddings #14.5 Stars
Declaration of CourtshipDeclaration of CourtshipNalini SinghPsy Changeling #9.54.5 Stars
Dark Celebration (Re Read Review)Dark Celebration (Re Read Review)Christine FeehanCarpathian #174.5 Stars
In Bed with the Devil (Re Read Review)In Bed with the Devil (Re Read Review)Lorraine HeathScoundrels of St. James, #15 Stars
In Bed with a Highlander (Re Read Review)In Bed with a Highlander (Re Read Review)Maya BanksMcCabe Trilogy #15 Stars
Shades of MidnightShades of MidnightLara AdrianMidnight Breed #74 Stars
Night ShiftNight ShiftNalini Singh, Ilona Andrews, Lisa Shearin, Milla VanePsy Changeling #12.5, Kate Daniels #6.54 Stars
My American DuchessMy American DuchessEloisa James4 Stars
The Marriage ContractThe Marriage ContractKatee RobertThe O'Malleys, #14.5 Stars
The Stolen Mackenzie Bride (MacKenzies & McBrides, #8)The Stolen Mackenzie Bride (MacKenzies & McBrides, #8)Jennifer AshleyMacKenzies & McBrides, #84.5 Stars
SEAL Wolf In Too DeepSEAL Wolf In Too DeepTerry SpearHeart of the Wolf #183 Stars
What Happens Under the MistletoeWhat Happens Under the MistletoeSabrina Jeffries, Karen Hawkins, Candace Camp, Meredith Duran4 Stars
Burning DarknessBurning DarknessJaime RushOffspring #44 Stars
Taken by MidnightTaken by MidnightLara AdrianMidnight Breed #84 Stars
Wild InvitationWild InvitationNalini SinghPsy Changeling #0.5, Psy Changeling #3.5, Psy Changeling #9.5, Psy Changeling #10.54 Stars
The HunterThe HunterKerrigan ByrneVictorian Rebels #24.5 Stars
Fighting DirtyFighting DirtyLori FosterUltimate #44.5 Stars
A Kingdom of DreamsA Kingdom of DreamsJudith McNaughtWestmoreland Saga #15 Stars
The Hotter You BurnThe Hotter You BurnGena ShowalterThe Original Heartbreakers #24 Stars
Burn for MeBurn for MeIlona AndrewsHidden Legacy #14 Stars
The WindflowerThe WindflowerLaura London4.5 Stars
Magic BreaksMagic BreaksIlona AndrewsKate Daniels #74 Stars
Magic ShiftsMagic ShiftsIlona AndrewsKate Daniels #84 Stars
Full Moon RisingFull Moon RisingKeri ArthurRiley Jenson Guardian #14 Stars
Kiss Me in ChristmasKiss Me in ChristmasDebbie MasonChristmas Colorado #64 Stars
In Bed With A StrangerIn Bed With A StrangerMary WineMcJames #14.5 Stars
The Art of Taming a RakeThe Art of Taming a RakeNicole JordanLegendary Lovers #44 Stars
The RogueThe RogueKatharine AsheDevil's Duke #14 Stars
Stone Cold CowboyStone Cold CowboyJennifer RyanMontana Men #45 Stars
DrantosDrantosLaurann DohnerVLG #14 Stars
Good Earl Gone BadGood Earl Gone BadManda CollinsLords of Anarchy #23.5 Stars
Kissing Sin (Riley Jenson Guardian #2)Kissing Sin (Riley Jenson Guardian #2)Keri ArthurRiley Jenson Guardian #23.5 Stars
Heat ExchangeHeat ExchangeShannon StaceyBoston Exchange #14 Stars
Flowers from the StormFlowers from the StormLaura Kinsale4.5 Stars
Deeper Than MidnightDeeper Than MidnightLara AdrianMidnight Breed #94 Stars
Second Chance SummerSecond Chance SummerJill ShalvisCedar Ridge #14 Stars
The Baron Next DoorThe Baron Next DoorErin KnightleyPrelude To A Kiss #14 Stars
On the HuntOn the HuntGena Showalter, Shannon K. Butcher, Jessica Andersen, Deidre KnightSentinel Wars #3.4, Nightkeepers #5.5, Gods of Midnight, #4.54 Stars
The Highlander Who Loved MeThe Highlander Who Loved MeAdrienne BassoThe McKennas #14 Stars
Dark PromisesDark PromisesChristine FeehanCarpathian #294.5 Stars
The Princess Wore PlaidThe Princess Wore PlaidKaren HawkinsThe Oxenburg Princes #2.54 Stars
OverruledOverruledEmma ChaseThe Legal Briefs #14 Stars
The Study of SeductionThe Study of SeductionSabrina JeffriesSinful Suitors #23.5 Stars
A Better ManA Better ManCandis TerrySunshine Creek Vinyard #14 Stars
Falling AwayFalling AwayPenelope DouglasFall Away #35 Stars
Luck Is No LadyLuck Is No LadyAmy SandasFallen Ladies #14 Stars
The Wedding PactThe Wedding PactKatee RobertThe O'Malleys, #24.5 Stars
Ride SteadyRide SteadyKristen AshleyChaos #35 Stars
BullyBullyPenelope DouglasFall Away #14.5 Stars
RivalRivalPenelope DouglasFall Away #25 Stars
Love of the GameLove of the GameLori WildeStardust Texas #33.5 Stars
Walk Through FireWalk Through FireKristen AshleyChaos #44.5 Stars
Take Me Home TonightTake Me Home TonightErika KellyRock Star Romance #34 Stars
White TigerWhite TigerJennifer AshleyShifters Unbound #84.5 Stars
The Rogue Not TakenThe Rogue Not TakenSarah MacLeanScandal and Scoundrel #13 Stars
Tennessee BrideTennessee BrideRosanne BittnerBride Series #15 Stars
SplendorSplendorBrenda Joyce4 Stars
The PlayerThe PlayerKresley ColeThe Game Maker #34 Stars
Dark SkyeDark SkyeKresley ColeImmortals After Dark #154 Stars
Abducted by a PrinceAbducted by a PrinceOlivia DrakeCinderella Sisterhood #34 Stars
Slightly Wicked (Bedwyn Saga, #2)Slightly Wicked (Bedwyn Saga, #2)Mary BaloghThe Bedwyn Saga, #24.5 Stars
CaptiveCaptiveHeather GrahamFlorida Civil War #24 Stars
Bold AngelBold AngelKat Martin5 Stars
Some Like It WickedSome Like It WickedTeresa MedeirosKincaid Highland4 Stars
Ride HardRide HardLaura KayeRaven Riders #15 Stars
IndigoIndigoBeverly JenkinsLe Veq Family #0.54 Stars
Some Like It WildSome Like It WildTeresa MedeirosKincaid Highland #24 Stars
Through the StormThrough the StormBeverly JenkinsLe Veq Family #15 Stars
ForsakenForsakenJacquelyn FrankThe World Of Nightwalkers #34 Stars
Stay with MeStay with MeJ. LynnWait For You #35 Stars
Fall with MeFall with MeJ. LynnWait For You #44 Stars
Something Like LoveSomething Like LoveBeverly Jenkins4 Stars
Always and ForeverAlways and ForeverBeverly Jenkins4 Stars
The Taming of Jessi RoseThe Taming of Jessi RoseBeverly Jenkins4.5 Stars
Wait for YouWait for YouJ. LynnWait For You #15 Stars
Savage UrgesSavage UrgesSuzanne WrightThe Phoenix Pack #54 Stars
Spiral of NeedSpiral of NeedSuzanne WrightThe Mercury Pack #14 Stars
An Enchanted SpringAn Enchanted SpringNancy ScanlonMists Of Fate #25 Stars
Good GirlGood GirlLauren LayneLove Unexpectedly, #23.5 Stars
Before the DawnBefore the DawnBeverly Jenkins4 Stars
Castles in the MistCastles in the MistJosie LittonAkora #34 Stars
AflameAflamePenelope DouglasFall Away #44 Stars
Stacked UpStacked UpSidney HalstonWorth The Fight #64 Stars
Her Fierce WarriorHer Fierce WarriorPaige TylerX Ops #44 Stars
Kill or Be KiltKill or Be KiltVictoria RobertsHighland Spies #34 Stars
Marrying WinterborneMarrying WinterborneLisa KleypasThe Ravenel's, #25 Stars
Hannah and the HighlanderHannah and the HighlanderSabrina YorkUntamed Highlanders #14 Stars
VividVividBeverly JenkinsGrayson Family #13.5 Stars
Before Jamaica LaneBefore Jamaica LaneSamantha YoungOn Dublin Street #34 Stars
The Earl Claims a BrideThe Earl Claims a BrideAmelia GreyThe Heirs' Club of Scoundrels #23.5 Stars
Rock SteadyRock SteadyDawn RyderRock Band #23.5 Stars
Panther's MatePanther's MateJosie WalkerShapeshifter Love #13.5 Stars
Forever with YouForever with YouJ. Lynn, Jennifer L. ArmentroutWait For You #54 Stars
Alpha Ever AfterAlpha Ever AfterJessica SimsMidnight Liaisons, #54 Stars
ChristianChristianD.B. ReynoldsVampires in America #104 Stars
Flat-Out SexyFlat-Out SexyErin McCarthyFast Track #14 Stars
Hot in Hellcat CanyonHot in Hellcat CanyonJulie Anne LongHellcat Canyon #13 Stars
Kiss Me ForeverKiss Me ForeverRosemary LaureyForever Vampires #13.5 Stars
Dream IslandDream IslandJosie LittonAkora #14 Stars
Highland HeatHighland HeatJennifer HaymoreHighland Knights #14 Stars
The Governess and the SheikhThe Governess and the SheikhMarguerite KayeArmstrong Sisters #2, Princes of the Desert #34 Stars
DamianDamianD.B. ReynoldsStone Warriors #14 Stars
Beauty and the Highland BeastBeauty and the Highland BeastLecia CornwallA Highland Fairy Tale #14 Stars
The Billionaire’s Favorite Mistake (Billionaires and Bridesmaids, #4)The Billionaire’s Favorite Mistake (Billionaires and Bridesmaids, #4)Jessica ClareBillionaires and Bridesmaids, #43 Stars
Be with MeBe with MeJ. LynnWait For You #24 Stars
Sweet Little LiesSweet Little LiesJill ShalvisHeartbreaker Bay #14 Stars
Shadow RiderShadow RiderChristine FeehanShadow #14.5 Stars
Love's Sweet RevengeLove's Sweet RevengeRosanne BittnerOutlaw Hearts #35 Stars
Then Came YouThen Came YouLisa KleypasThe Gamblers #14 Stars
Dreaming of YouDreaming of YouLisa KleypasThe Gamblers #25 Stars
EidolonEidolonGrace DravenWraith Kings #24 Stars
Tough Luck HeroTough Luck HeroMaisey YatesCopper Ridge #63 Stars
From Kiss to QueenFrom Kiss to QueenJanet Chapman4.5 Stars
No One But YouNo One But YouLeigh GreenwoodSeven Brides #1.54 Stars
Her SurvivorHer SurvivorVonnie DavisBlack Eagle Ops #14 Stars
Untouched (The Amoveo Legend, #2)Untouched (The Amoveo Legend, #2)Sara HumphreysThe Amoveo Legend, #24 Stars
A Promise of FireA Promise of FireAmanda BouchetKingmaker Chronicles #14 Stars
The BeastThe BeastJ.R. WardBlack Dagger Brotherhood #144.5 Stars
Dark CarouselDark CarouselChristine FeehanCarpathian #304 Stars
Rock WeddingRock WeddingNalini SinghRock Kiss #44 Stars
The HighlanderThe HighlanderKerrigan ByrneVictorian Rebels #34.5 Stars
A Taste of SeductionA Taste of SeductionBronwen EvansThe Disgraced Lords #54 Stars
Shadows and LaceShadows and LaceTeresa MedeirosBrides of Legend #14 Stars
Dirty For MeDirty For MeJackie AshendenMotor City Royals #13 Stars
Highland HellcatHighland HellcatMary WineHighlander-Wine #24 Stars
Highland HeatHighland HeatMary WineHighlander-Wine #34 Stars
Lord of ScoundrelsLord of ScoundrelsLoretta ChaseScoundrels #34 Stars
Savage EcstasySavage EcstasyJanelle TaylorGray Eagle #13 Stars
Waking EdenWaking EdenRhenna MorganEden #35 Stars
Unexpected EdenUnexpected EdenRhenna MorganEden #14 Stars
The Match of the CenturyThe Match of the CenturyCathy MaxwellMarrying The Duke #14 Stars
The Earl Takes AllThe Earl Takes AllLorraine HeathThe Hellions of Havisham #24 Stars
Winter Fire (Maxwells, #2) (Only, #6)Winter Fire (Maxwells, #2) (Only, #6)Elizabeth LowellOnly #6, Maxwells #63 Stars
Captured by a LairdCaptured by a LairdMargaret MalloryThe Douglas Legacy #14 Stars
An Indecent ProposalAn Indecent ProposalKatee RobertThe O'Malleys, #34 Stars
Runaway VampireRunaway VampireLynsay SandsArgeneau, #234 Stars
DirtyDirtyKylie ScottDive Bar #14 Stars
Gabriel's GhostGabriel's Ghostlinnea SinclairDock Five Universe #14 Stars
Proud HeartsProud HeartsPhoenix SullivanWild Hearts #23.5 Stars
Highland TemptationHighland TemptationJennifer HaymoreHighland Knights #34 Stars
Her Renegade RancherHer Renegade RancherJennifer RyanMontana Men #54.5 Stars
Mad for the PlaidMad for the PlaidKaren HawkinsThe Oxenburg Princes #34 Stars
Wild EmbraceWild EmbraceNalini SinghPsy Changeling #15.54 Stars
At Fairfield OrchardAt Fairfield OrchardEmma CaneFairfield Orchard #13.5 Stars
Dukes Are ForeverDukes Are ForeverAnna HarringtonThe Secret Life of Scoundrels, #14 Stars
For Better or WorseFor Better or WorseLauren LayneThe Wedding Belles #24 Stars
The Bear Who Loved MeThe Bear Who Loved MeKathy LyonsGrizzlies Gone Wild #14 Stars
Her Rogue AlphaHer Rogue AlphaPaige TylerX-Ops #54 Stars
The Fairest of Them AllThe Fairest of Them AllCathy MaxwellMarrying The Duke #24 Stars
Taming the HighlanderTaming the HighlanderMay McGoldrickThe Scottish Relic Trilogy #24 Stars
Destined for a KingDestined for a KingAshlyn MacnamaraThe Bastard Brotherhood #14 Stars
AppealedAppealedEmma ChaseThe Legal Briefs #34 Stars
Lord of the Storm (Coalition Rebellion, #1)Lord of the Storm (Coalition Rebellion, #1)Justine DavisCoalition Rebellion, #15 Stars
The Skypirate (Coalition Rebellion, #2)The Skypirate (Coalition Rebellion, #2)Justine DavisCoalition Rebellion, #24.5 Stars
SustainedSustainedEmma ChaseThe Legal Briefs #24.5 Stars
Creole FiresCreole FiresKat MartinSouthern #14 Stars
Highland ChieftainHighland ChieftainHannah HowellMurray Family #214 Stars
Leopard's Fury (Leopard People, #9)Leopard's Fury (Leopard People, #9)Christine FeehanLeopard People, #94 Stars
Hero in the HighlandsHero in the HighlandsSuzanne EnochNo Ordinary Hero, #13 Stars
Fire BoundFire BoundChristine FeehanSisters Of The Heart #54 Stars
Witchful Thinking (Jolie Wilkins, #3)Witchful Thinking (Jolie Wilkins, #3)H.P. MalloryJolie Wilkins, #33 Stars
Immortal NightsImmortal NightsLynsay SandsArgeneau, #243.5 Stars
The ScoreThe ScoreElle KennedyOff-Campus, #34 Stars
The Untouchable EarlThe Untouchable EarlAmy SandasFallen Ladies #24.5 Stars
Sparking the FireSparking the FireKate MeaderHot in Chicago, #34 Stars
Allegiance of HonorAllegiance of HonorNalini SinghPsy Changeling #154 Stars
My Seductive HighlanderMy Seductive HighlanderMaeve GreysonHighland Hearts #44 Stars
A Most Devilish RogueA Most Devilish RogueAshlyn MacnamaraA Most Series #24 Stars
Night's MasterNight's MasterAmanda AshleyChildren Of The Night #34 Stars
MystiqueMystiqueAmanda Quick4 Stars
Royally ScrewedRoyally ScrewedEmma ChaseRoyally #15 Stars
IdolIdolKristen CallihanVIP #14 Stars
Dark Mafia PrinceDark Mafia PrinceAnnika MartinDangerous Royals Romance #14 Stars
Hunting JulianHunting JulianJacquelyn FrankGatherers4 Stars
Pursuing the BearPursuing the BearKerry AdrienneShifter Wars #24 Stars
LuciferLuciferD.B. ReynoldsVampires In America #114 Stars
The One Real ThingThe One Real ThingSamantha YoungHart's Boardwalk #14.5 Stars
ForgivingForgivingLaVyrle Spencer4.5 Stars
A Night of ForeverA Night of ForeverBronwen EvansThe Disgraced Lords #64 Stars
When a Laird Finds a LassWhen a Laird Finds a LassLecia CornwallA Highland Fairy Tale #24 Stars
The Danger of DesireThe Danger of DesireSabrina JeffriesSinful Suitors #34.5 Stars
All Chained UpAll Chained UpSophie JordanDevil's Rock #14.5 Stars
Wild Wicked ScotWild Wicked ScotJulia LondonHighland Grooms #14.5 Stars
Reaper's FallReaper's FallJoanna WyldeReapers MC, #54 Stars
The Alpha's PromiseThe Alpha's PromiseRenee RoseThe Alpha's Hunger #23.5 Stars
Night of FireNight of FireBarbara SamuelSt. Ives Family, #24 Stars
Fire in YouFire in YouJ. LynnWait for You #64 Stars
The WarlordThe WarlordElizabeth ElliottMontagues, #15 Stars
Guardian's HeartGuardian's HeartKhloe WrenFire and Snow #14 Stars
Tempest in the HighlandsTempest in the HighlandsMay McGoldrickThe Scottish Relic Trilogy #34 Stars
Pack EnforcerPack EnforcerLauren DaneCascadia Wolves #13.5 Stars
WallbangerWallbangerAlice ClaytonCocktail #14.5 Stars
Christmas in Mustang CreekChristmas in Mustang CreekLinda Lael MillerThe Brides of Bliss County #44 Stars
Kingdom Of MoonlightKingdom Of MoonlightJosie LittonAkora #24 Stars
Breath of FireBreath of FireAmanda BouchetKingmaker Chronicles #25 Stars
Kissing with FangsKissing with FangsAshlyn ChaseFlirting With Fangs #33.5 Stars
A Spiced Apple WinterA Spiced Apple WinterEmma CaneFairfield Orchard #24 Stars
Highland VixenHighland VixenMary WineHighland Weddings #24 Stars
JaxsonJaxsonAlisa WoodsRiver Pack Wolves #14 Stars
Snow Angel CoveSnow Angel CoveRaeAnne ThayneHaven Point #15 Stars
Redemption BayRedemption BayRaeAnne ThayneHaven Point #24 Stars
How the Duke Was WonHow the Duke Was WonLenora BellThe Disgraceful Dukes #14.5 Stars
A Pirate for ChristmasA Pirate for ChristmasAnna Campbell4 Stars
A Bad Boy for ChristmasA Bad Boy for ChristmasJessica LemmonSecond Chances #34 Stars
Lady Claire Is All ThatLady Claire Is All ThatMaya RodaleKeeping Up with the Cavendishes #34 Stars
ForbiddenForbiddenBeverly JenkinsOld West #14.5 Stars
Duke of SinDuke of SinElizabeth HoytMaiden Lane #105 Stars
NutsNutsAlice ClaytonHudson Valley #15 Stars
A Date at the AltarA Date at the AltarCathy MaxwellMarrying The Duke #34.5 Stars
Royal ScandalRoyal ScandalMarquita ValentineRoyals In Exile #13.5 Stars
Rough & TumbleRough & TumbleRhenna MorganThe Haven Brotherhood #15 Stars
Once PerfectOnce PerfectCecy RobsonShattered Past #15 Stars
Magic BindsMagic BindsIlona AndrewsKate Daniels #95 Stars
ProtectedProtectedLauren DaneDiablo Lake #24 Stars
Hell Breaks LooseHell Breaks LooseSophie JordanDevil's Rock #24 Stars
Fury on FireFury on FireSophie JordanDevil's Rock #34 Stars
Mr. PresidentMr. PresidentKaty EvansWhite House #15 Stars
Commander in ChiefCommander in ChiefKaty EvansWhite House #25 Stars
Love Only OnceLove Only OnceJohanna LindseyMalory-Anderson Family #14 Stars
The DukeThe DukeKerrigan ByrneVictorian Rebels #44 Stars
Dirty MoneyDirty MoneyJessica ClareRoughneck Billionaires #15 Stars
Bound TogetherBound TogetherChristine FeehanSisters of the Heart #65 Stars
Wild & SweetWild & SweetRhenna MorganThe Haven Brotherhood #25 Stars
Once LovedOnce LovedCecy RobsonShattered Past #24.5 Stars
Wolves' TriadWolves' TriadLauren DaneCascadia Wolves #24 Stars
Wolf UnboundWolf UnboundLauren DaneCascadia Wolves #34 Stars
Red Moon RisingRed Moon RisingElizabeth KellyRed Moon #24.5 Stars
NicoNicoSarah CastilleRuin and Revenge #14 Stars
RealRealKaty EvansReal #15 Stars
MineMineKaty EvansReal #25 Stars
RemyRemyKaty EvansReal #34 Stars
Falling for the HighlanderFalling for the HighlanderLynsay SandsHighlander-Sands #44 Stars
KnightKnightKristen AshleyUnfinished Hero #14.5 Stars
Ice Planet BarbariansIce Planet BarbariansRuby DixonIce Planet Barbarians #14 Stars
CreedCreedKristen AshleyUnfinished Hero #24.5 Stars
His Cowboy HeartHis Cowboy HeartJennifer RyanMontana Men #64 Stars
How to Tame a Beast in Seven DaysHow to Tame a Beast in Seven DaysKerrelyn SparksThe Embraced #15 Stars
HookedHookedChristina PhillipsViking Bastards MC #13.5 Stars
Back in BlackBack in BlackLori FosterSBC Fighters #53.5 Stars
White FireWhite FireCassie Edwards3 Stars
In The Warrior's BedIn The Warrior's BedMary WineMcjames #24 Stars
AlphaAlphaJasinda WilderAlpha #14 Stars
The KingThe KingJ.R. WardBlack Dagger Brotherhood #125 Stars
Alpha's ChallengeAlpha's ChallengeLauren DaneCascadia Wolves #44 Stars
Hell on WheelsHell on WheelsJulie Ann WalkerBlack Knights Inc #14 Stars
The Dom Who Loved MeThe Dom Who Loved MeLexi BlakeMasters and Mercenaries #14 Stars
King's CaptiveKing's CaptiveAmber A. Bardan4.5 Stars
Heart of a SavageHeart of a SavageLaShanta Charles3.5 Stars
The Men with the Golden CuffsThe Men with the Golden CuffsLexi BlakeMasters and Mercenaries #23.5 Stars
The Hating GameThe Hating GameSally Thorne5 Stars
Devil in SpringDevil in SpringLisa KleypasThe Ravenel's #35 Stars
Royally MatchedRoyally MatchedEmma ChaseRoyally #24 Stars
UndecidedUndecidedJulianna KeyesBurnham College #14 Stars
Every Little ThingEvery Little ThingSamantha YoungHart's Boardwalk #24 Stars
RaidRaidKristen AshleyUnfinished Hero #35 Stars
BetaBetaJasinda WilderAlpha #24 Stars
DeaconDeaconKristen AshleyUnfinished Hero #45 Stars
Fighting AttractionFighting AttractionSarah CastilleRedemption #44 Stars
SebringSebringKristen AshleyUnfinished Hero #54 Stars
WindsweptWindsweptDeborah Martin, Sabrina JeffriesWales #24 Stars
Sinful Scottish LairdSinful Scottish LairdJulia LondonHighland Grooms #23.5 Stars
Better When He's BadBetter When He's BadJay CrownoverWelcome To The Point #14 Stars
At Close RangeAt Close RangeLaura GriffinTracers #114 Stars
Tender RebelTender RebelJohanna LindseyMalory-Anderson Family #24 Stars
Her True MatchHer True MatchPaige TylerX-Ops #64 Stars
Wake A Sleeping TigerWake A Sleeping TigerLora LeighBreeds #314 Stars
Angel's RestAngel's RestEmily MarchEternity Springs #14 Stars
Into the FireInto the FireJeaniene FrostNight Prince #44.5 Stars
OmegaOmegaJasinda WilderAlpha #34 Stars
In Rides TroubleIn Rides TroubleJulie Ann WalkerBlack Knights Inc #23.5 Stars
The Highland DukeThe Highland DukeAmy JareckiLords of the Highlands #14.5 Stars
The Bedding ProposalThe Bedding ProposalTracy Anne WarrenThe Rakes of Cavendish Square #14 Stars
Beauty of the BeastBeauty of the BeastRachel L. DemeterFairy Tale Retellings #14 Stars
My One True HighlanderMy One True HighlanderSuzanne EnochNo Ordinary Hero #25 Stars
A Perfect GentlemanA Perfect GentlemanCandace Camp4 Stars
You May Kiss the BrideYou May Kiss the BrideLisa BerneThe Penhallow Dynasty #13.5 Stars
The Lady and the HighlanderThe Lady and the HighlanderLecia CornwallA Highland Fairy Tale #34 Stars
Once Upon a Summer NightOnce Upon a Summer NightNancy ScanlonMists Of Fate #34 Stars
Gentle RogueGentle RogueJohanna LindseyMalory-Anderson Family #35 Stars
Hard-Hearted HighlanderHard-Hearted HighlanderJulia LondonHighland Grooms #34 Stars
Romancing the BillionaireRomancing the BillionaireJessica ClareBillionaire Boys Club #54 Stars
Reaper's FireReaper's FireJoanna WyldeReapers MC #64.5 Stars
Royal AffairRoyal AffairMarquita ValentineRoyals In Exile #24 Stars
Million Dollar CowboyMillion Dollar CowboyLori WildeCupid Texas #54 Stars
ManagedManagedKristen CallihanVIP #25 Stars
Barbarian AlienBarbarian AlienRuby DixonIce Planet Barbarians #24 Stars
The Magic of YouThe Magic of YouJohanna LindseyMalory-Anderson Family #45 Stars
Say You Love MeSay You Love MeJohanna LindseyMalory-Anderson Family #55 Stars
Forbidden PromisesForbidden PromisesKatee RobertThe O'Malleys #44 Stars
Lost RiderLost RiderHarper SloanComing Home #14 Stars
Ride RoughRide RoughLaura KayeRaven Riders #24 Stars
Claim & ProtectClaim & ProtectRhenna MorganThe Haven Brotherhood #35 Stars
Shadow ReaperShadow ReaperChristine FeehanShadow #24.5 Stars
A Rose In The StormA Rose In The StormBrenda JoyceScottish Medieval #24 Stars
Blackthorne's BrideBlackthorne's BrideJoan JohnstonMail Order Brides #45 Stars
Lord of LiesLord of LiesAmy SandasFallen Ladies #34 Stars
Fierce ObsessionsFierce ObsessionsSuzanne WrightThe Phoenix Pack #65 Stars
Force of TemptationForce of TemptationSuzanne WrightMercury Pack #2
Silver SilenceSilver SilenceNalini SinghPsy Changeling Trinity #1, Psy Changeling #164 Stars
ManwhoreManwhoreKaty EvansManwhore #15 Stars
Manwhore +1Manwhore +1Katy EvansManwhore #25 Stars
Ms. ManwhoreMs. ManwhoreKaty EvansManwhore #2.54 Stars
My Fair LoverMy Fair LoverNicole JordanLegendary Lovers #53 Stars
A Scoundrel by MoonlightA Scoundrel by MoonlightAnna CampbellSons of Sin #44 Stars
Wolf HuntWolf HuntPaige TylerSWAT #64 Stars
The PresentThe PresentJohanna LindseyMalory-Anderson Family #64 Stars
The Girl with the Make-Believe HusbandThe Girl with the Make-Believe HusbandJulia QuinnRokesbys #23.5 Stars
Happily Bedded BlissHappily Bedded BlissTracy Anne WarrenThe Rakes of Cavendish Square #24 Stars
A Momentary MarriageA Momentary MarriageCandace CampSeries-Candace Camp #24 Stars
A Counterfeit HeartA Counterfeit HeartK.C. BatemanSecrets and Spies #34 Stars
The Pleasures of PassionThe Pleasures of PassionSabrina JeffriesSinful Suitors #44 Stars
The Day of the Duchess (Scandal & Scoundrel, #3)The Day of the Duchess (Scandal & Scoundrel, #3)Sarah MacLeanScandal & Scoundrel #33.5 Stars
LucaLucaSarah CastilleRuin and Revenge #24 Stars
Highland HellionHighland HellionMary WineHighland Weddings #34 Stars
Welcome to Last ChanceWelcome to Last ChanceHope RamsayLast Chance #14 Stars
The Highland CommanderThe Highland CommanderAmy JareckiLords of the Highlands #24 Stars
The Scottish DukeThe Scottish DukeKaren RanneyDuke Trilogy #14 Stars
BuiltBuiltJay CrownoverSaints of Denver #14 Stars
The Pirate and IThe Pirate and IKatharine AsheDevil's Duke #2.53 Stars
Warrior RisingWarrior RisingP.C. CastGoddess Summoning #64.5 Stars
Kiss My BootsKiss My BootsHarper SloanComing Home #24 Stars
No Other HighlanderNo Other HighlanderAdrienne BassoThe McKennas #24.5 Stars
Knight on the Texas PlainsKnight on the Texas PlainsLinda BrodayTexas Heroes #14.5 Stars
Monster Among the RosesMonster Among the RosesLinda KageFairy Tale Quartet #14.5 Stars
The Scandal of It AllThe Scandal of It AllSophie JordanThe Rogue Files #24 Stars
Crown of Crystal FlameCrown of Crystal FlameC.L. WilsonTairen Soul #55 Stars
BlissBlissLynsay Sands3.5 Stars
Red WolfRed WolfJennifer AshleyShifters Unbound #104.5 Stars
Escape to YouEscape to YouJennifer RyanMontana Heat #14 Stars
So I Married a SorcererSo I Married a SorcererKerrelyn SparksThe Embraced #25 Stars
TogetherTogetherLinda Lael Miller4 Stars
Lady Be BadLady Be BadMegan FramptonDuke's Daughters #14 Stars
The Last OutlawThe Last OutlawRosanne BittnerOutlaw Hearts #45 Stars
The Duchess DealThe Duchess DealTessa DareGirl Meets Duke #14 Stars
MermenMermenMimi Jean PamfiloffThe Mermen Trilogy #14 Stars
MerMadmenMerMadmenMimi Jean PamfiloffThe Mermen Trilogy #24 Stars
MercilessMercilessMimi Jean PamfiloffThe Mermen Trilogy #34 Stars
In His CornerIn His CornerVina Arno4 Stars
Immortally YoursImmortally YoursLynsay SandsArgeneau #264 Stars
Just Another Viscount in LoveJust Another Viscount in LoveVivienne LorretSeason's Original #3.54 Stars
HungerHungerJacquelyn FrankThe Energy Vampires #24 Stars
Can't Hardly BreatheCan't Hardly BreatheGena ShowalterThe Original Heartbreakers #44 Stars
Lucifer's DaughterLucifer's DaughterEve LanglaisPrincess of Hell #14 Stars
Sadie's HighlanderSadie's HighlanderMaeve GreysonHighlander Protector #14 Stars
The Laird Takes a BrideThe Laird Takes a BrideLisa BerneThe Penhallow Dynasty #23 Stars
Highland FlameHighland FlameMary WineHighland Weddings #44 Stars
The English DukeThe English DukeKaren RanneyDuke Trilogy #24 Stars
Barbarian LoverBarbarian LoverRuby DixonIce Planet Barbarians #34 Stars
Barbarian MineBarbarian MineRuby DixonIce Planet Barbarians #44 Stars
And Then He Kissed HerAnd Then He Kissed HerLaura Lee GuhrkeGirl Bachelors #15 Stars
Caught by the ScotCaught by the ScotKaren HawkinsMade To Marry #14 Stars
Fury of SurrenderFury of SurrenderCoreene CallahanDragonfury #64 Stars
BreathlessBreathlessBeverly JenkinsOld West #23.5 Stars
A Christmas to RememberA Christmas to RememberLisa Kleypas, Lorraine Heath, Megan Frampton, Vivienne Lorret4 Stars
White HotWhite HotIlona AndrewsHidden Legacy #24.5 Stars
Wildfire In His ArmsWildfire In His ArmsJohanna LindseyCallahan-Warren #24 Stars
Tangled Up in TinselTangled Up in TinselCandis TerrySunshine Creek Vineyard #34 Stars
Duke of PleasureDuke of PleasureElizabeth HoytMaiden Lane #114 Stars
Simply LoveSimply LoveMary BaloghSimply Quartet #23 Stars
The Scot Beds His WifeThe Scot Beds His WifeKerrigan ByrneVictorian Rebels #55 Stars
The Warrior VampireThe Warrior VampireKate BaxterLast True Vampire #24 Stars
Wild Blue UnderWild Blue UnderJudi FennellTritone Trilogy #24 Stars
KatoKatoD.B. ReynoldsStone Warriors #24 Stars
Release MeRelease MeJ. KennerStark Trilogy #14 Stars
Claim MeClaim MeJ. KennerStark Trilogy #24 Stars
Complete MeComplete MeJ. KennerStark Trilogy #34 Stars
Rocked by LoveRocked by LoveChristine WarrenGargoyles #43.5 Stars
No Mistress of MineNo Mistress of MineLaura Lee GuhrkeAn American Heiress in London #44 Stars
The Scotsman Who Saved MeThe Scotsman Who Saved MeHannah HowellSeven Brides for Seven Scotsmen #14 Stars
ReapReapTillie ColeScarred Souls #25 Stars
RazeRazeTillie ColeScarred Souls #15 Stars
WomanizerWomanizerKaty EvansManwhore #44 Stars
The DukeThe DukeKatharine AsheDevil's Duke #3Did Not Finish
Duke of DesireDuke of DesireElizabeth HoytMaiden Lane #124.5 Stars
Ride WildRide WildLaura KayeRaven Riders #35 Stars
The Texan DukeThe Texan DukeKaren RanneyDuke Trilogy #34 Stars
The Sea KingThe Sea KingC.L. WilsonWeathermages of Mystral #25 Stars
A Daring ArrangementA Daring ArrangementJoanna ShupeThe Four Hundred #14 Stars
Worth the FightWorth the FightVi KeelandMMA Fighter #14 Stars
RogueRogueKaty EvansReal #44 Stars
BittersweetBittersweetSarina BowenTrue North #14 Stars
Leopard's BloodLeopard's BloodChristine FeehanLeopard People #103.5 Stars
Act Like ItAct Like ItLucy ParkerLondon Celebrities #13 Stars
Hate to Want YouHate to Want YouAlisha RaiForbidden Hearts #14.5 Stars
RacerRacerKaty EvansReal # 75 Stars
When the Marquess Met His MatchWhen the Marquess Met His MatchLaura Lee GuhrkeAn American Heiress in London #13 Stars
Dirty ScoundrelDirty ScoundrelJessica ClareRoughneck Billionaires #24 Stars
Lure of OblivionLure of OblivionSuzanne WrightMercury Pack #34 Stars
Ruthless KingRuthless KingMeghan MarchMount Trilogy #13 Stars
Highland PromiseHighland PromiseAlyson McLayneThe Sons of Gregor MacLeod #14 Stars
Undercover AttractionUndercover AttractionKatee RobertThe O'Malleys #55 Stars
Seducing the DefendantSeducing the DefendantChantal FernandoConflict Of Interest #24 Stars
Dragon's LairDragon's LairChantal FernandoWind Dragons #23.5 Stars
The Scandalous FlirtThe Scandalous FlirtOlivia DrakeCinderella Sisterhood #63 Stars
Blame It on the DukeBlame It on the DukeLenora BellThe Disgraceful Dukes #33.5 Stars
RelentlessRelentlessD.B. ReynoldsVampires in America #11.54 Stars
To Marry a Texas OutlawTo Marry a Texas OutlawLinda BrodayMen of Legend #34 Stars
Tempted & TakenTempted & TakenRhenna MorganThe Haven Brotherhood #44 Stars
Can't Let GoCan't Let GoGena ShowalterThe Original Heartbreakers #54 Stars
Cherish HardCherish HardNalini SinghHard Play #14 Stars
The Right Kind of RogueThe Right Kind of RogueValerie BowmanPlayful Brides #84 Stars
My ChampionMy ChampionGlynnis CampbellKnights of de Ware #13 Stars
Once Upon a Wedding NightOnce Upon a Wedding NightSophie JordanThe Derrings #14 Stars
Defiant QueenDefiant QueenMeghan MarchMount Trilogy #23.5 Stars
Cuffed by His CharmCuffed by His CharmStacey KennedyDirty Little Secrets #44 Stars
Seized by LoveSeized by LoveSusan JohnsonRussian Kuzan Family #13 Stars
Primal DesiresPrimal DesiresSusan SizemorePrimes #63 Stars
Wrong to Need YouWrong to Need YouAlisha RaiForbidden Hearts #24.5 Stars
Cowboy UpCowboy UpHarper SloanComing Home #34 Stars
ScandalScandalAmanda Quick, Jayne Ann KrentzHistorical Romance4 Stars
Third Son's a CharmThird Son's a CharmShana GalenThe Survivors #14 Stars
A Highlander's Christmas KissA Highlander's Christmas KissPaula QuinnThe MacGregors: Highland Heirs #53.5 Stars
The RivalryThe RivalryNikki Sloane4.5 Stars
All Broke DownAll Broke DownCora CarmackRusk University #24.5 Stars
All Played OutAll Played OutCora CarmackRusk University #35 Stars
Conspiracy GameConspiracy GameChristine FeehanGhostwalkers #44.5 Stars
It Happened One AutumnIt Happened One AutumnLisa KleypasWallflowers #25 Stars
Devil in WinterDevil in WinterLisa KleypasWallflowers #35 Stars
Dark CrimeDark CrimeChristine FeehanCarpathian #23.54 Stars
A Good Day to Marry a DukeA Good Day to Marry a DukeBetina KrahnSin and Sensibility #14 Stars
The Wicked VampireThe Wicked VampireKate BaxterLast True Vampire #64 Stars
The GoalThe GoalElle KennedyOff-Campus #44 Stars
The MistakeThe MistakeElle KennedyOff Campus #24 Stars
The Heart of a Texas CowboyThe Heart of a Texas CowboyLinda BrodayMen of Legend #24.5 Stars
Beautiful LawmanBeautiful LawmanSophie JordanDevil's Rock #44.5 Stars
UndauntedUndauntedDiana PalmerLong Tall Texas #484 Stars
Easy LoveEasy LoveKristen ProbyBoudreaux #14.5 Stars
Easy CharmEasy CharmKristen ProbyBoudreaux #24 Stars
Heart on FireHeart on FireAmanda BouchetKingmaker Chronicles #34 Stars
RoccoRoccoSarah CastilleRuin and Revenge #34 Stars
Fall from India PlaceFall from India PlaceSamantha YoungOn Dublin Street #44 Stars
Echoes of Scotland StreetEchoes of Scotland StreetSamantha YoungOn Dublin Street #53.5 Stars
El DiabloEl DiabloM. RobinsonThe Devil #14 Stars
Sinful Empire (Mount Trilogy, #3)Sinful Empire (Mount Trilogy, #3)Meghan March4 Stars
The Cowboy Who Came CallingThe Cowboy Who Came CallingLinda BrodayTexas Heroes #23.5 Stars
When You Love a ScotsmanWhen You Love a ScotsmanHannah HowellSeven Brides for Seven Scotsmen #23.5 Stars
TempestTempestBeverly JenkinsOld West #34.5 Stars
RavageRavageTillie ColeScarred Souls #34 Stars
WildfireWildfireIlona AndrewsHidden Legacy #34 Stars
Easy MelodyEasy MelodyKristen ProbyBoudreaux #34 Stars
EgomaniacEgomaniacVi Keeland4.5 Stars
The Ones Who Got AwayThe Ones Who Got AwayRoni LorenThe Ones Who Got Away #14 Stars
Easy KissesEasy KissesKristen ProbyBoudreaux #44 Stars
The BallerThe BallerVi Keeland4 Stars
Judgment RoadJudgment RoadChristine FeehanTorpedo Ink #15 Stars
Lost For YouLost For YouJayne FrostSixth Street Bands #44 Stars
BossmanBossmanVi Keeland4.5 Stars
DrivenDrivenK. BrombergDriven #14 Stars
FueledFueledK. BrombergFueled #23.5 Stars
Dark LegacyDark LegacyChristine FeehanCarpathian #274 Stars
CrashedCrashedK. BrombergDriven #34.5 Stars
Dangerous MatingDangerous MatingMilly TaidenA.L.F.A. #34 Stars
Beyond Scandal and DesireBeyond Scandal and DesireLorraine HeathSins For All Seasons #14.5 Stars
AcedAcedK. BrombergDriven #44 Stars
The Bastard's BargainThe Bastard's BargainKatee RobertThe O'Malleys #64 Stars
About That Kiss About That Kiss Jill ShalvisHeartbreaker Bay #54 Stars
The Room MateThe Room MateKendall RyanRoommates #13.5 Stars
How to Date Your DragonHow to Date Your DragonMolly Harper, Amanda Ronconi, Jonathan DavisMystic Bayou #14.5 Stars
Surrender to the HighlanderSurrender to the HighlanderLynsay SandsHighlanders #54.5 Stars
True to YouTrue to YouJennifer RyanMontana Heat #24.5 Stars
A Princess in TheoryA Princess in TheoryAlyssa ColeReluctant Royals #14 Stars
Moonlight SinsMoonlight SinsJennifer L. Armentroutde Vincent #14.5 Stars
A Devil in Scotland A Devil in Scotland Suzanne EnochNo Ordinary Hero #33.5 Stars
Wildest DreamsWildest DreamsKristen AshleyFantasyland #15 Stars
The Golden DynastyThe Golden DynastyKristen AshleyFantasyland #24.5 Stars
Easy MagicEasy MagicKristen ProbyBoudreaux #54 Stars
GrimGrimM.K. EidemTornians #14.5 Stars
Revved Revved Samantha TowleRevved #14 Stars
Easy NightsEasy NightsKristen ProbyBoudreaux #64 Stars
Undone By YouUndone By YouKate MeaderChicago Rebels #34 Stars
YnyrYnyrM.K. EidemTornians #34 Stars
Mr. CEOMr. CEOLauren Landish, Willow Winters3.5 Stars
Wray Wray M.K. EidemTornians #24 Stars
Dirty BillionaireDirty BillionaireMeghan MarchThe Dirty Billionaire Trilogy #14 Stars
Dirty Pleasures Dirty Pleasures Meghan MarchThe Dirty Billionaire Trilogy #24 Stars
Dirty TogetherDirty TogetherMeghan MarchThe Dirty Billionaire Trilogy #34 Stars
Nero Nero Sarah BrianneMade Men #13.5 Stars
VincentVincentSarah BrianneMade Men #2
The Mafia And His Angel: Part 1The Mafia And His Angel: Part 1Lylah JamesTainted Hearts #15 Stars
The Mafia And His Angel: Part 2The Mafia And His Angel: Part 2Lylah JamesTainted Hearts #2 4 Stars
The Mafia And His Angel Part 3The Mafia And His Angel Part 3Lylah JamesTainted Hearts #3 5 Stars
Under LockeUnder LockeMariana Zapata4.5 Stars
Savage: The Awakening of Lizzie DantonSavage: The Awakening of Lizzie DantonL.A. Fiore4 Stars
Eight Simple Rules for Dating a DragonEight Simple Rules for Dating a DragonKerrelyn SparksThe Embraced #34 Stars
The Trouble with True Love The Trouble with True Love Laura Lee GuhrkeDear Lady Truelove #23 Stars
Come Away with MeCome Away with MeKristen ProbyWith Me In Seattle #14 Stars
CakeCakeJ. BengtssonCake #14.5 Stars
Hello StrangerHello StrangerLisa KleypasThe Ravenel's #44 Stars
Fight with MeFight with MeKristen ProbyWith Me In Seattle #24 Stars
Cake: The Newlyweds Cake: The Newlyweds J. BengtssonCake #44 Stars
Dream of Me/Believe in Me Dream of Me/Believe in Me Josie LittonViking & Saxon #1,#24.5 Stars
Play with Me Play with Me Kristen ProbyWith Me In Seattle #34 Stars
Rock with MeRock with MeKristen ProbyWith Me In Seattle #44 Stars
Safe with MeSafe with MeKristen ProbyWith Me In Seattle #54 Stars
Tied with MeTied with MeKristen ProbyWith Me In Seattle #64 Stars
The Duke of Her DesireThe Duke of Her DesireSophie BarnesDiamonds in the Rough #24 Stars
CalebCalebSarah McCartyShadow Wranglers #14 Stars
To Wed a HighlanderTo Wed a HighlanderMichele SinclairThe McTiernays #24 Stars
Guardian's BondGuardian's BondRhenna MorganAncient Ink #15 Stars
Shot on GoldShot on GoldJaci BurtonPlay By Play #144 Stars
To Wed a Wicked HighlanderTo Wed a Wicked HighlanderVictoria RobertsBad Boys of the Highlands #34 Stars
Ride DirtyRide DirtyLaura KayeRaven Riders #3.54 Stars
Hurts to Love YouHurts to Love YouAlisha RaiForbidden Hearts #33 Stars
Covert GameCovert GameChristine FeehanGhostwalkers #144.5 Stars
Claimed by a HighlanderClaimed by a HighlanderMargaret MalloryThe Douglas Legacy #24 Stars
Twice BittenTwice BittenLynsay SandsArgeneau #274 Stars
Highland Wolf Pact Highland Wolf Pact Selena KittHighland Wolf Pact #14 Stars
Wicked Nights With a LoverWicked Nights With a LoverSophie JordanThe Penwich School for Virtuous Girls #34 Stars
RuthlessRuthlessAnne StuartThe House of Rohan #15 Stars
The Secret of FlirtingThe Secret of FlirtingSabrina JeffriesSinful Suitors #5
What a Difference a Duke MakesWhat a Difference a Duke MakesLenora BellSchool For Dukes #14.5 Stars
Compromising Positions Compromising Positions Selena KittHighland Wolf Pact #24 Stars
Blood Reign Blood Reign Selena KittHighland Wolf Pact #3
Warwolfe Warwolfe Kathryn Le Vequede Wolfe Pack #0.55 Stars
How the Cowboy Was WonHow the Cowboy Was WonLori WildeCupid Texas #63.5 Stars
The Wolfe The Wolfe Kathryn Le Vequede Wolf Pack #15 Stars
Highland Conquest Highland Conquest Alyson McLayneThe Sons of Gregor MacLeod #24 Stars
Nighthawk: Sons of de WolfeNighthawk: Sons of de WolfeKathryn Le Vequede Wolfe Pack #74 Stars
Lord of Winter Lord of Winter Kathryn Le VequeLords of de Royans #24 Stars
Shadow Keeper Shadow Keeper Christine FeehanShadow #34.5 Stars
Serpent Serpent Kathryn Le Vequede Wolf Pack #24.5 Stars
Wild HungerWild HungerSuzanne WrightThe Phoenix Pack #74 Stars
Stand & Deliver Stand & Deliver Rhenna MorganHaven Brotherhood #54 Stars
Quinn Quinn D.B. ReynoldsVampires in America #123 Stars
Midnight WolfMidnight WolfJennifer AshleyShifters Unbound #114 Stars
Lady Be Reckless Lady Be Reckless Megan FramptonDuke's Daughters #23.5 Stars
Marry in Scandal Marry in Scandal Anne GracieMarriage of Convenience #24 Stars
Joanna's Highlander Joanna's Highlander Maeve GreysonHighlander Protector #23 Stars
Burn for You Burn for You J.T. GeissingerSlow Burn #14.5 Stars
Dark DestroyerDark DestroyerKathryn Le Vequede Wolf Pack # 64 Stars
Captured Heart Captured Heart Heather McCollumHighland Hearts-McCollum #14.5 Stars
To Catch a Texas StarTo Catch a Texas StarLinda BrodayTexas Heroes #33.5 Stars
Frederick's Queen (Clan Graham, #2)Frederick's Queen (Clan Graham, #2)Suzan TisdaleClan Graham #25 Stars
Ian's RoseIan's RoseSuzan TisdaleThe Mackintoshes and McLarens #14 Stars
The Bowie BrideThe Bowie BrideSuzan Tisdale The Mackintoshes and McLarens #24 Stars
Caelen's Wife - The Complete Collection: The Complete CollectionCaelen's Wife - The Complete Collection: The Complete CollectionSuzan TisdaleClan McDunnah #45 Stars
Rowan's LadyRowan's LadySuzan TisdaleClan Graham #14.5 Stars
The Beast of Aros CastleThe Beast of Aros CastleHeather McCollumHighland Isles #14 Stars
Laiden's Daughter Laiden's Daughter Suzan TisdaleClan MacDougall #14 Stars
The Last King The Last King Katee RobertThe Kings-Robert #14 Stars
Ocean Light Ocean Light Nalini SinghPsy Changeling Trinity #2, Psy Changeling #174 Stars
Ace of HeartsAce of HeartsChantal FernandoThe Cursed Ravens MC #14 Stars
Findley's Lass Findley's Lass Suzan TisdaleClan MacDougall #23.5 Stars
RecklessRecklessLex Martin4 Stars
Hometown Cowboy Hometown Cowboy Sara RichardsonRocky Mountain Riders #14.5 Stars
Moonlight Seduction Moonlight Seduction Jennifer L. Armentroutde Vincent #24.5 Stars
ShamelessShamelessLex Martin4 Stars
HookHookLilly AtlasNo Prisoners MC #0.54 Stars
StrikerStrikerLilly AtlasNo Prisoners MC #14 Stars
Jester Jester Lilly AtlasNo Prisoners MC #24 Stars
My Beloved My Beloved Karen RanneyLanglinais #14 Stars
RecklessRecklessSkye JordanRenegades #14 Stars
Close Liaisons Close Liaisons Anna ZairesThe Krinar Chronicles #14 Stars
Close Obsession Close Obsession Anna ZairesThe Krinar Chronicles #2 4 Stars
Close Remembrance Close Remembrance Anna ZairesThe Krinar Chronicles #3 4 Stars
The Wall of Winnipeg and MeThe Wall of Winnipeg and MeMariana Zapata4.5 Stars
A Scandalous DealA Scandalous DealJoanna ShupeThe Four Hundred #24.5 Stars
Wicked Nights Wicked Nights Gena ShowalterAngels of the Dark #14 Stars
Strong HoldStrong HoldSarah CastilleRedemption #54 Stars
Stars of FortuneStars of FortuneNora RobertsThe Guardians Trilogy #14 Stars
Bay of SighsBay of SighsNora RobertsThe Guardians Trilogy #2 4 Stars
Island of GlassIsland of GlassNora RobertsThe Guardians Trilogy #3 4 Stars
Tempted by LoveTempted by LoveJennifer RyanMontana Heat #33.5 Stars
Serpent's Kiss Serpent's Kiss Thea HarrisonElder Races #34 Stars
Knuckle DownKnuckle DownChantal FernandoThe Cursed Ravens MC #24 Stars
The Highlander's PromiseThe Highlander's PromiseLynsay SandsHighlander-Sands #64.5 Stars
The Duke Buys a Bride The Duke Buys a Bride Sophie JordanThe Rogue Files #34 Stars
Blood TypeBlood TypeK.A. LindeBlood Type #14.5 Stars
Blood Match Blood Match K.A. LindeBlood Type #2 4 Stars
Blood Cure Blood Cure K.A. LindeBlood Type #34.5 Stars
Wicked and the Wallflower Wicked and the Wallflower Sarah MacLeanThe Bareknuckle Bastards, #14.5 Stars
A Duke by DefaultA Duke by DefaultAlyssa ColeReluctant Royals #24.5 Stars
Bella and the BeastBella and the BeastOlivia DrakeCinderella Sisterhood #44 Stars
SinfulSinfulCharlotte FeatherstoneAddicted #24 Stars
Going RogueGoing RogueChantal FernandoThe Cursed Ravens MC #34 Stars
The One You Can't ForgetThe One You Can't ForgetRoni LorenThe Ones Who Got Away #24.5 Stars
Pestilence Pestilence Laura ThalassaThe Four Horseman #15 Stars
The Duke with the Dragon TattooThe Duke with the Dragon TattooKerrigan ByrneVictorian Rebels #65 Stars
Magic TriumphsMagic TriumphsIlona AndrewsKate Daniels #104.5 Stars
Fighting for Everything Fighting for Everything Laura KayeWarrior Fight Club #14 Stars
A Viking For The ViscountessA Viking For The ViscountessMichelle Willingham4 Stars
The Governess GameThe Governess GameTessa DareGirl Meets Duke #24 Stars
Saddle UpSaddle UpA.M. ArthurClean Slate Ranch #34 Stars
Dark SentinelDark SentinelChristine FeehanCarpathian #284 Stars
My Lady CaptorMy Lady CaptorHannah Howell4.5 Stars
Roped In Roped In A.M. ArthurClean Slate Ranch #24 Stars
Gunslinger's Vow Gunslinger's Vow Amy SandasRunaway Brides #14 Stars
Cross BreedCross BreedLora LeighBreeds #235 Stars
Beautiful TempestBeautiful TempestJohanna LindseyMalory-Anderson Family #123.5 Stars
Barbarian's PrizeBarbarian's PrizeRuby DixonIce Planet Barbarians #54 Stars
Barbarian's MateBarbarian's MateRuby DixonIce Planet Barbarians #63.5 Stars
When a Duke Loves a WomanWhen a Duke Loves a WomanLorraine HeathSins For All Seasons #23.5 Stars
Barbarian's TouchBarbarian's TouchRuby DixonIce Planet Barbarians #74 Stars
The Kiss QuotientThe Kiss QuotientHelen HoangThe Kiss Quotient #14.5 Stars
Eyes of Silver, Eyes of GoldEyes of Silver, Eyes of GoldEllen O'Connell4 Stars
Barbarian's Taming Barbarian's Taming Ruby DixonIce Planet Barbarians #84 Stars
Barbarian's HeartBarbarian's HeartRuby DixonIce Planet Barbarians #94 Stars
Mercury StrikingMercury StrikingRebecca ZanettiScorpius Syndrome #14.5 Stars
A Duke Like No Other A Duke Like No Other Valerie BowmanPlayful Brides #94 Stars
Getting SchooledGetting SchooledEmma ChaseGetting Some #14 Stars
The Red Wolf's PrizeThe Red Wolf's PrizeRegan WalkerMedieval Warriors #14 Stars
Love and Other Wild Things Love and Other Wild Things Molly HarperMystic Bayou #24.5 Stars
The Return of Brody McBrideThe Return of Brody McBrideJennifer RyanThe McBrides #14 Stars
Axel Axel Harper SloanCorps Security #14 Stars
A Girl Like Her A Girl Like Her Talia HibbertRavenswood #14 Stars
For The Duke's Eyes Only For The Duke's Eyes Only Lenora BellSchool For Dukes #23.5 Stars
A Nordic KingA Nordic KingKarina Halle4 Stars
Barbarian's Hope Barbarian's Hope Ruby DixonIce Planet Barbarians #103.5 Stars
Barbarian's Choice Barbarian's Choice Ruby DixonIce Planet Barbarians #11 4 Stars
A Notorious VowA Notorious VowJoanna ShupeThe Four Hundred #34.5 Stars
Highland RogueHighland RogueArnette LambClan MacKenzie #24 Stars
RecklessRecklessAnne StuartThe House of Rohan #24 Stars
The Lady is DaringThe Lady is DaringMegan FramptonDuke's Daughters #33 Stars
Breathe with Me Breathe with Me Kristen ProbyWith Me In Seattle #74 Stars
Oracle's MoonOracle's MoonThea HarrisonElder Races #44.5 Stars
Diamond FireDiamond FireIlona AndrewsHidden Legacy #3.54 Stars
Water World WarriorWater World WarriorLisa LaceTerraMates #13.5 Stars
Knight of Desire Knight of Desire Margaret MalloryAll The King's Men #14 Stars
PuckedPuckedHelena HuntingPucked #14 Stars
Phoenix Unbound Phoenix Unbound Grace DravenFallen Empire #14 Stars
Healer's NeedHealer's NeedRhenna MorganAncient Ink #24 Stars
Leopard's Run Leopard's Run Christine FeehanLeopard People #104 Stars
Beautiful Sinner Beautiful Sinner Sophie JordanDevil's Rock #53.5 Stars
Highland Betrayal Highland Betrayal Alyson McLayneThe Sons of Gregor MacLeod #34 Stars
Between a Highlander and a Hard PlaceBetween a Highlander and a Hard PlaceMary WineHighland Weddings #54.5 Stars
UntamedUntamedSara HumphreysThe Amoveo Legend #34 Stars
The Iron Knight The Iron Knight Kathryn Le VequeThe De Russe Legacy #44.5 Stars
Rookie MoveRookie MoveSarina BowenBrooklyn Bruisers #14 Stars
Hard HitterHard HitterSarina BowenBrooklyn Bruisers #24 Stars
Pipe DreamsPipe DreamsSarina BowenBrooklyn Bruisers #34 Stars
Brooklynaire Brooklynaire Sarina BowenBrooklyn Bruisers #44 Stars
Echoes of FireEchoes of FireSuzanne WrightMercury Pack #44 Stars
Forever with MeForever with MeKristen ProbyWith Me In Seattle #84 Stars
Listen to MeListen to MeKristen ProbyFusion #1 4.5 Stars
BurnBurnSuzanne WrightDark In You #15 Stars
BlazeBlazeSuzanne WrightDark In You #2 4.5 Stars
Ashes Ashes Suzanne WrightDark In You #3 4.5 Stars
Embers Embers Suzanne WrightDark In You #44.5 Stars
The Biker's VirginThe Biker's VirginA.J. Wynter3 Stars
Pleasure UnboundPleasure UnboundLarissa IoneDemonica #14.5 Stars
Never Let Me FallNever Let Me FallAbbie RoadsFatal Dreams #34 Stars
Beguiling the BeautyBeguiling the BeautySherry ThomasFitzhugh Trilogy #14 Stars
Wild Like the Wind Wild Like the Wind Kristen AshleyChaos #54.5 Stars
RippedRippedKaty EvansReal #53.5 Stars
LegendLegendKaty EvansReal #6 4.5 Stars
A Duke Changes Everything A Duke Changes Everything Christy CarlyleDuke's Den #14 Stars
Trouble Walks InTrouble Walks InSara HumphreysThe McGuire Brothers #34 Stars
Mystery Man Mystery Man Kristen AshleyDream Man #15 Stars
Wild ManWild ManKristen AshleyDream Man #2 4.5 Stars
Law ManLaw ManKristen AshleyDream Man #3 4 Stars
Motorcycle ManMotorcycle ManKristen AshleyDream Man #44 Stars
The Coppersmith Farmhouse The Coppersmith Farmhouse Devney PerryJamison Valley #14.5 Stars
The Clover ChapelThe Clover ChapelDevney PerryJamison Valley #24 Stars
The Lucky HeartThe Lucky HeartDevney PerryJamison Valley #34 Stars
The Last True CowboyThe Last True CowboyLaura DrakeChestnut Creek #14 Stars
The Bride Chooses a HighlanderThe Bride Chooses a HighlanderAdrienne BassoThe McKennas #34 Stars
The Proposal The Proposal Mary BaloghThe Survivors' Club #14.5 Stars
Shadow and IceShadow and IceGena ShowalterGods of War #15 Stars
Close to YouClose to YouKristen ProbyFusion #24 Stars
My Favorite CowboyMy Favorite CowboyDonna GrantHeart of Texas #34 Stars
Dirty Little SecretDirty Little SecretJennifer RyanWild Rose Ranch #14.5 Stars
Sweet CheeksSweet CheeksK. Bromberg4 Stars
Texas LegacyTexas LegacyLorraine HeathTexas Trilogy #3.54 Stars
Rock ChickRock ChickKristen AshleyRock Chick #15 Stars
Alex Alex Sawyer BennettCold Fury Hockey #14.5 Stars
Rock Chick RescueRock Chick RescueKristen AshleyRock Chick #24 Stars
GarrettGarrettSawyer BennettCold Fury Hockey #24 Stars
Rock Chick ReawakeningRock Chick ReawakeningKristen AshleyRock Chick, #0.5; 1001 Dark Nights #525 Stars
Rock Chick RedemptionRock Chick RedemptionKristen AshleyRock Chick #34 Stars
ZackZackSawyer BennettCold Fury Hockey #33 Stars
Rock Chick RenegadeRock Chick RenegadeKristen AshleyRock Chick #43.5 Stars