Romance Book Club Questionnaire: Mine Till Midnight by Lisa Kleypas

Romance Book Club Questionnaire: Mine Till Midnight by Lisa Kleypas

As a member of the Heroes and Heartbreakers book club, this month we received a free copy of Mine Till Midnight by Lisa Kleypas. I own many of this authors books, but for some reason I haven’t owned this book previously. Definitely thrilled I have a copy of it now, and I had the opportunity to read this book over the weekend. And what a story and it made me fall in love with this wonderful and eclectic family that the Hathaways are. One of the most unique families that she has ever written. Each sibling are so different, they deal with their own eccentricities. Below is the questionaire that we have been asked to answer about this book so settle in and let me know what you think.


  • Kleypas heroes are known for their quick wit and fondness for banter—what was one of your favorite quips of Cam’s in Mine Till Midnight?

“Marry me, Amelia. You’re what I want. You’re my fate.” One hand slid to the back of her head, gripping the braids and ribbons to keep her mouth upturned. “Say yes.” He nibbled at her lips, licked at them, opened them. He kissed her until she writhed in his arms, her pulse racing. “Say it, Amelia, and save me from ever having to spend a night with another woman. I’ll sleep indoors. I’ll get a haircut. God help me, I think I’d even carry a pocket watch if it pleased you.”

  • Amelia grew up taking care of her brother and sisters; did you relate to her need to put her siblings first or were you rooting for her to let go of some of that sense of responsibility?

I actually relate so well with Amelia. I am the oldest in the family, and have always looked out for my siblings even though growing up they might have hated me for it hehe I related with her sense of duty and responsibility towards her siblings and all that she is willing to sacrifice for them. She is more serious, which tends to happen to those who are the oldest or have to take over those type of responsiblities. She sees what the family really needs instead of the wants. She takes quite a few risks to see to her siblings and I just admired her devotion and love for her siblings.

  • We’re introduced to the entire Hathaway family in this book—who is your favorite Hathaway?

Oh boy that is a difficult one to be honest. Poppy I feel is the most “normal” of the siblings. She is quirky in her own way, she loves gadgets. We have Win, who is struggling with recovering from a sickness that has left her body weak but she is adament to be useful. She has this quiet inner strength you have to admire. Then we have Leo, who quite frankly needs a wake up call. He can be funny at times, but he is struggling with some horrible memories and tends to lash out against his family in some not so good ways. Beatrix however is hilarious. In this book, I probably like her the most. Our of the whole series though, Poppy is my favorite, I relate to her the most. However in this book, Beatrix is so frank and honest. She looks at life in such a unique way, really logically actually but she comes off being pretty humorous at the same time.

  • Who do you prefer as a hero: a self-made man or a noble?

I do like both in very different ways of course. With Lisa Kleypas she writes fabulous heroes, and it doesn’t matter if they are nobles or self made heroes. In this story, though she writes Cam so wonderfully. He is a self made man, he is filthy rich but hates wealth. Which makes him perfect for having all that money. He hates it, but he has this “curse” that money just comes to him. He is half roma, and parts of him craves the roma kind of life. But he is also so intellectual, talented, a great defender and can find just about anyone. I loved his mind and heart.

  • Did you feel any sympathy towards Leo throughout Mine Till Midnight?

Many times I do, but I have always struggled with his character at times. Mostly because of how his younger siblings turn out to be way more responsible than he is. They suffer for his gambling and drinking and losing their few funds. I am sympathetic to what he goes through, and we learn more about it later in the book. However I just couldn’t condone that no matter how bad you feel inside, treating others especially the way he treats Amelia is horrible. He is always condescending and complaining about everything she does. So in this book, he really REALLY rubs me the wrong way. Especially in seeing how much Amelia has sacrificed for her family.