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Registered For Fall Semester #2020HW

by | Aug 3, 2020 | Reading Assignment Challenge | 0 comments

I found this FUN challenge from the blog Because Reading and I think I am in love. It takes a theme of going to school but assignments for reading and since I just love school and college and the idea of learning more or pushing yourself to your limits at times—which definitely happens especially if any of you have ever gone to college. If you are interested in learning more about the challenge check out their year post for it HERE

The beauty of this challenge is you can pick your professors of the various challenges and also build your semester. And since we are coming into August and I only four months to get more reading done (because man I have been failing at my reading this year and want to be better and push myself more for fall and early winter). So for this reading challenge I will be going with:

Professor AuthorLuv-Advanced Class-3 Credits

-This is where I am committing to reading three books by a chosen author. So I will be picking J.D. Robb, I need to get through this series and it will take years to get through her Naked In Death series unless I read multiple books a month. And I am really liking Roarke and Evie and curious to see the various mystery/crimes they will solve and seeing their relationship grow throughout the series.

Professor Genre-Beginner Class-Credits 1–

So for this one I choose a certain genre/theme to read more of. So I want to read  more New Adult Romance. I have hardly read ANY this year and I really need to read more of this genre.

Professor Mix-It-Up -Beginner Class-Credits 1

This is where you commit to reading books from a list you create. So here are the books on my list to pick from for this challenge, I might go up to the Intermediate Class just depending on my reading this fall.

Professor Ann Thology- Beginner Class-Credits 1

I have been wanting to explore way more anthologies and I just hardly read them So I am going to try this challenge—have no idea how I will do with this one though but I am endeavoring to try it at least.


I am very excited to try this one for sure, and really love the idea behind this challenge. So hopefully I have a blast with this one.

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