Quickie Book Review-Midnight Magic

Quickie Book Review-Midnight Magic

Quickie Book Review-Midnight MagicMidnight Magic by Shari Anton
Also in this series: Twilight Magic
Series: Magic #1
Published by Forever on December 1st 2005
Genres: Historical Romance, Fantasy Romance, Medieval Era
Pages: 368
Format: Paperback
Source: Library
ISBN: 0446614661
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From the moment the warrior arrives to claim her and her land, Gwendolyn de Leon's reaction is swift and fierce. She refuses to yield, not to the knight who slew her brother in battle. But Alberic of Chester is a powerfully sensual man, intent on taking what is now rightfully his by king's decree.


Gwendolyn has one hope for deliverance: invoking a powerful spell with an ancient ring. Yet the seal of the dragon is now on Alberic's finger. To wrest it away and avenge her family's honor, she must seduce him. But will her own heart surrender first?



My Review

There were so many things that made me really like this one. First off when I first started reading this I got hooked within the first few pages. But then it kinda went a little “meh” for me, but then it picked up. We start off with Alberic of Chester, who is a soldier for the King, and in aiding with a battle, has earned a knighthood and a holding. This holding belonged to one of the men he helped bring down, and had fought against the King. So he is ordered by the King, to take charge of his new holding, marry one of the daughter, have one sent to the Abbey, and the other sent to court. Easy enough right? Well the one woman he is drawn to Gwendolyn, is not your normal English lady. She is passionate and independent. Gwendolyn is outraged upon hearing of her father and brother’s death, and must get her father’s ring from Alberic so she can right a wrong. But what she doesn’t expect to happen is to fall for Alberic herself and realize he was her destined match. What we have here is a love story that is set in the mid 1100’s, with a mix of old legends and magic. Its quite different from what you assume from the synopsis…so don’t let it confuse you. this is a story that slowly won me over, and at first I was going to set it aside, but I really wanted to give this one a shot. So glad I did because this story, while, it didn’t WOW me, it did make a very good impression. I enjoyed seeing Alberic and Gwen slowly learn each other, about how love really works, and how you build on it. I am interested in the legend of this ring, really fascinating and has quite a bit of historical relelvance to it. Eager to see what happens to her two other sisters…definitely plan on reading more of Shari Anton. Its a slow and warm love story that worked its way to my heart, with a hint of sibling drama, fascinating intrigue and a dose of magic to keep you drawn to this pair….spellbinding to the end!

Series Order

Midnight Magic (1)

Twilight Magic (2)

Magic In His Kiss (3)

About Shari Anton

Shari Anton's resume lists an impressive string of job titles, from personnel clerk to executive secretary. When she took a creative writing class and found she possessed some talent for writing fiction, she dared to dream of a career that allowed her to work at home, shun panty hose and take unlimited coffee breaks.

Determined to write what she loved to read - historical romance - she spent the next few years learning the craft of writing a novel and entering various writing contests, winning first place in several. Emboldened by her success, she submitted her work to agents and publishers.

Her persistence paid off in 1997. With subsequent publishing contracts signed, Shari left the work world behind. She now spends her days in her home office weaving romantic tales set in medieval England.

Shari and her husband live in Wisconsin, have two grown children, and do their best to spoil their grandsons. Every chance they get, they pack the saddlebags on their Harleys and hit the road. Traveling companions expect to find a visit to a Civil War battlefield, a medieval fair, or an historical society on the itinerary.

Shari is a member of Romance Writers of America and Wisconsin Romance Writers of America (WisRWA), Hearts Through History Romance Writers, Novelists, Inc., and The Authors Guild.

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