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Quickie Book Review-Edege of Eon by Anna Hackett

by | Apr 24, 2022 | Book Reviews, Quickie Romance Review | 3 comments

This review may contain spoilers, so fair warning, upon reading the review.

About The Book

Framed for a crime she didn’t commit, a wrongly-imprisoned space captain’s only chance at freedom is to abduct a fearsome alien war commander.

Sub-Captain Eve Traynor knows a suicide mission when she sees one. With deadly insectoid aliens threatening to invade Earth, the planet’s only chance of survival is to get the attention of the fierce Eon Warriors. But the Eon want nothing to do with Earth, and Eve wants nothing to do with abducting War Commander Davion Thann-Eon off his warship. But when Earth’s Space Corps threaten her sisters, Eve will do anything to keep them safe, even if it means she might not make it back.

War Commander Davion Thann-Eon is taking his first vacation in years. Dedicated to keeping the Eon Empire safe, he’s been born and bred to protect. But when he’s attacked and snatched off his very own warship, he is shocked to find himself face-to-face with a bold, tough little Terran warrior. One who both infuriates and intrigues him.

When their shuttle is attacked by the ravenous insectoid Kantos, Eve and Davion crash land on the terrifying hunter planet known as Hunter7. A planet designed to test a warrior to his limits. Now, the pair must work together to survive, caught between the planet and its dangers, the Kantos hunting them down, and their own incendiary attraction.

My Review

I have really been eager to pick more of this author and her science fiction romance, and this is definitely a subgenre that I have been neglecting in recent years and she has so many sci-fi romance to indulge in and I do find her writing fairly easy to get into. I also was intrigued by the setup of the story and it sounded like such a kick-ass romance that I was in the mood for. I found myself thoroughly enjoying this short novel. It was such a nice distraction to escape into, and these two were so funny together.. They had such great chemistry but their bantering was on point with each other. Anna Hackett definitely knows how to write her dialogue in her pairings. The set up is pretty simple, our heroine was blamed for what her superior officer made a mistake in, and her ticket out of jail and to keep her sisters safe is to kidnap the head commander of the Eon people who have the technology to save the Terrans from being exterminated, So so kidnaps the great commander, only to find themselves under attack, and stranded on a planet and they have to work together and survive the dangers on the planet all the while their enemy is chasing them. I absolutely love some great survivor type of setting for a romance, but we also have this angst between this pairing that is so delicious. But I really liked how great our hero is about being kidnapped (haha) he takes it in good humor actually, because he sees the sincerity of our heroine, Eve, who really felt like she has zero choices in it. I really loved the vulnerabilities that we see in both of our characters, and they surely know how to kick ass together. They make such a solid team and really know how to work together in all aspects. The chemistry in this book is solid and while I was hoping for more in some areas, this was such a well-rounded story to indulge in. My issues with the book are real, I just wasn’t quite feeling the connection and the romance between these two,. I was hoping for more intensity that what I was given. Despite this though, I still enjoyed this book so much and I am eager to work my way through this series.

Title: Edge of Eon

Author: Anna Hackett

Genre: Science Fiction Romance

Format: eBook

Source: Kindle Unlimited

Length: 225 Pages

Amazon| Goodreads| LibraryThing| StoryGraph| Literal Club

Book Evaluation

Storytelling Quality: 3.5

Story Itself: 4

Character Development: 4

Writing Style: 4

World Building 4

Feels + The Romantic Heart 3.5

Pacing 4

Plot 4

Cover Art 3

Ending 4.5

Book Ratings

Overall Rating of the Book

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Steam Level

Simmering—soft warm touches and light intimacy

Warm- a medium level of sexual tension, a balance of sexual and emotional intimacy, lighter on the details in the sexual moments.

Steamin’ up the room -the sexual content is more explicit in the language and tone, heavier amount of sexual scenes.

Blazing fire to the building-The prime focus is the sex scenes, scorching hot, and could burn one. Less focus on the emotional intimacy to the relationship.

Series Order

Eon Warriors

Edge of Eon-Pub 2018 #1 in the Series

Touch of Eon-Pub 2019 #2 in the Series

Heart of Eon-Pub 2019 #3 in the Series

Kiss of Eon-Pub 2019 #4 in the Series

Mark of Eon-Pub 2019 #5 in the Series

Claim of Eon-Pub 2020 #6 in the Series

Storm of Eon-Pub 2021 #7 in the Series

Soul of Eon-Pub 2021 #8 in the Series

King of Eon-Pub 2021 #9 in the Series

About The Author

I’m a USA Today bestselling romance author who’s passionate about fast-paced, emotion-filled romantic suspense and science-fiction romance. I love writing about people overcoming unbeatable odds and achieving seemingly impossible goals. I like to believe it’s possible for all of us to do the same.

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    I’m still pretty new to this genre, but this author’s books keep popping up. I just haven’t tried her yet. I’m glad to read this honest review and maybe… just maybe… I’ll give her a chance 🙂

  2. Ann Lorz

    This sound pretty good.


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