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My Podcast has officially LAUNCHED!!

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Welcome Everyone and I have great news for you, as of today my podcast has LAUNCHED!! This is both nerve wracking and really really exciting. I have no idea where this venture is going to be taking me but I am super excited for this and what the future holds in store.

What Is The Pod?

This podcast is “Steeped In Romance” and yes it will have a tea like theme to it. It took me a while to figure out exactly what I wanted to do for it and took a few episodes before I figured everything out. Episode 3 is where we see the final and full changes that I decided on. The first couple episodes just figuring out what I actually wanted to do.

What is the Podcast About?

Well this podcast will be an extension of this site and a little bit more. At first when I knew I wanted to do a podcast about romance I wanted to deliver something more than what the other podcasts actually deliver and that is what I will be doing. So I will of course every week be doing episodes that feature a weekly book read. Once a month or maybe even twice a month (depending on my mood) I will be re reading a old favorite that I want to feature. The reason for this is that there are many amazing romances out there that I believe are underapperciated and want a way to highlight those as well as the newer released books.

HERE are the segments that I will be doing for it:

Afternoon Tea

This segment will feature just the basics of the story and book details, the synopsis of the story and basic character sketches and the listings of character types and tropes that you will find in the story.

High Tea

In this segment this will be the spoiler section of the episode where I delve deep into the story and what actually happens in the story from beginning to end in my own words.

Cream Tea

This will be the review section and share what I thought about this story overall.

“Proper Cuppa”

This segment is where I will be sharing life lessons that I have learned from the book itself. I truly believe that there are so many elements in the books that we read that we don’t take to heart enough. I want to share what I learn and cover all sorts of issues that can help us be BETTER human beings. The topics can go from relationships, sex, social, and more!! I have no idea where this will actually take me, but I can’t wait for the journey in exploring this segment more with you.

My Inspiration For This Podcast:

There are so many people that have really helped inspire me. My first podcast that I was introduced me was “Smart Podcast Trashy Books” what Sarah Wendell has done with her podcast is truly amazing and was the original source of inspiration for me in this. Also we have the duo at Heaving Bosoms & Learning The Tropes. Many of you who follow this blog, who I have built friendships with and stood by me over the years, I truly couldn’t have been brave enough without you. I truly value your support and love over the months and years. Now I won’t be able to list all the bloggers ( as there is over 100 or so) and I don’t need that long of a post ) that have been there over the past 9 years ( and can you believe it had actually been that long since I started? ) but you know who you are…truly love you all.

And finally I have my podfamily. I truly love all of these podcasters that I have been blessed enough to be a part of. And I hope that you check out these amazing people

CEO Haize – I truly consider this man to be a brother and true friend. I love him dearly and his support, love, advice and friendship is priceless. He gave me the courage to do this and I could never thank him enough for all that he is and does. He is one of the HARDEST working people I know. He runs the B.R.E.A.K.S. Media network, co hosts Love Lust and Badass Soul and solo host of the Awakened Soul and also is a co host of BREAKS Radio. If you love hiphop or rap music that is the pod to check out. I love all music so I learn so much from them.

Dem Chakras-This girl is truly a kindred spirit and I would be lost without her. She is truly a beautiful soul and love her to pieces. She is the solo host of the podcast “DemChakras” and co host of the youtube podcast Best Friends Talking Shit.

DergoBJ–This man is a giant, the work he is doing is incredible and he really delves so deep. Check his podcast out “Change The Subject” and you will have no regrets.

Oversaturated Podcast —both Ralph and Johnnie have been such great supporters …truly value you both

Scoop Grady— this man runs Da Inside Scoop and I admire him dearly!! He is hilarious, kinda crazy but one of the most supportive people in the podcasting community.

Andrew Bello-He is a true friend and I met him through Haize. He does so much where he is part of a Network where he talks politics, wrestling, MCU, movies, music and more!! He is going to go far. Some may not approve of his political leanings, but he is one of the most intelligent people I know, reasonable, loves honest open conversations and truly kind!! So check him out at http://hackerhamin.podbean.com/—-love ya Bello even if you don’t like nuts in your brownies!!

Billy Ray Valentine-This MAN IS SMARTER than he gives himself credit for and I have had some great conversations with him and I can’t wait to meet him in person when I visit New York next year. He runs the “Infinite Fringe” podcast which I featured this past week. He is very intelligent and see the world in such a unique way. His advice and friendship is priceless and such a great supporter.

Rasslin Redneck–This man here is one of the kindest people I know, a great podcaster and very real person and a great supporter. Truly love what he does.

Queen Poiison–This lady is real and she writes poetry and such a sweetheart. I truly love her dearly and all the support and love she gives me.

VJ Burton—- this gal has such a beautiful spirit and been a great supporter both in romance blogging and podcasting. I truly adore her

The Podcast Brothers—Both Fresco and Flaw are great souls that always gives me a laugh and Flaw especially has been great in being a true support in my podcasting adventure.

Dads Talkin Shit–These two are fabulous and hopefully will be meeting them this October. I truly value these two who have stood by me even through the hate and turmoil I faced a couple months ago when I first started podcasting. You are shining rocks!!

AJ-LLBAS—-she is a real shining spirit and I have grown so close to her and plus we share those Canadian bonds. She has been one of my top supporters in this podcast and I appreciate and love her so much. She is starting her own podcast very soon as she retired from LLBAS to do her own venture and I am so proud of her. So check her out on Twitter @ThatJonesKidAJ1

Aj-What We Gone Do—This man is incredible and a real rockstar in the podcasting world. He is serious and funny and I never know if he is teasing me or not….but he keeps me on my toes so I truly value him. He has given me great advice and support.

Dan-Who is a co host to two podcast “Black Law and Legal Lies” and “A Few Screws Loose” I truly admire him and boy he knows SO much about podcasting and life and dealing with emotional and mental struggles and I truly value  his support and I call him friend.

Kierra Monet—- this gal is so badass and such a sweetheart….I truly adore her to pieces and life will be perfection when I can meet her in person.

I could list many more—-but these are the ones who have stood by me and supported me through  my podcasting ventures. I truly love you all deeply and I admire all that you have done for me and the incredible examples of shining lights of love, hope and cheer to the world you are!!

How To Listen:


You can also listen to me on these following platforms


Google Play



Will be available on all other platforms very very soon.,

If you enjoy it…..would appreciate it greatly if you could support by subscribing, rating and leaving a review on Itunes so I am easier to find. Thank you all for the lovely support….have a bright and shining day.

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