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Mid Year Book Freak Out Tag

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I saw this book tag with Rowena @ Weendizzle and Christy’s Love of Books and so I decided that I needed to do this book tag especially since I have been pretty busy working on projects and haven’t been too involved in the blogging community lately. SO SORRY…taking way longer than I expect but I hope to be done by the end of the summer. But felt that a mid year book tag was a must especially since I have managed to read up to 130 books so far. So not too bad considering how busy I have been this year.

Best book you’ve read

This book has many mixed reviews on GR, and I will agree that this book won’t be for everyone but I ADORED this book so much and its the most memorable book of the year so far. I just loved it so much.

Best sequel you’ve read

This was quite a wonderful book, I haven’t read too many sequels, but from those that I have read this one is my favorite (no contest). I just adore these brothes and this author is such a delight to read.

New release you haven’t read yet but want to

I really really want to read this, but its a trilogy and the first two books have Cliffhangers, so I am waiting until August when book three comes out before I grab up these books. But seriously, I love vampires and this set up is so for me here. So I just have a feeling I will love these books. Its so HARD waiting but I will be even more upset if I have to deal with cliffhangers and having to wait on the finale.

Most anticipated release for the 2nd half of the year

This book has been delayed so many times, however since its finally with Avon….I am really really hoping this release date will stick this time. Especially since we have been waiting years for this one.

Biggest disappointment

I got this through Audible, and it had one of my favorite narrators to listen to and I ended up DNF. Which is sad because I had high hopes and this is the first time I have ever DNF this author before. She has always rated a 4 or 5 star at least, so it breaks my heart that I had to do this and I am unsure if I will try out books 2 and 3.

Biggest surprise

I have had my eye out for this author here, however, I really wasn’t sure since the covers aren’t what I normally go for when looking for a good book to read. (covers are a big deal for me) but Holy Moly was I shocked at how much I fell in love with this book and this author. She writes medieval historical’s so well and I was very impressed in her writing style and plus her narrator Brad Wills is phenomenal.

Favorite new author (Debut or new to you)

I recently grabbed up this book from the library and I fell in love with her writing. A great page turner and read it in a couple of hours. So this author will definitely be on my reading lists for the future.

I stumbled across this book on Audible and I had such a blast with this story. It was sweet and charming and sexy and gave me all the feels!!!

I had heard great things about this author, and I have read a couple of her books so far and I loved this one. Her writing style is so fun and writes the best heroes.

Newest fictional crush

I have to say that out of all the books that I have read this year…..the hero in this one is my favorite!!! He is so sexy and sensual. And yeah the way he kisses his girl against the wall makes me swoon in all those delicious places. I loved his personality, he is the playful brother and always likes to make jokes.

Newest favorite character

The hero here is so great. He is hard working, determinted and devoted to his girl. I really liked what a “good” guy he really is especially since his father and other relatives were not so good.

Book that made you cry

Yeah this book had me in tears in the end especially, this pair is so in tune with each other and I loved seeing them have such a beautiful ending. Cassie (one of my favorite characters of the series) deserved what she got with her man.

Book that made you happy

I may not have loved this book completely however, this book left me with a smile and so happy that I wanted to go dancing in the street.

Favorite book to film adaptation you saw this year

I adore these Dan Brown movie adaptions, and Inferno I watched a couple of months ago and really liked it. Not quite as good as the previous two movies, but still unique and had a solid plot and the villain wasn’t who you think it is.

Most beautiful book you’ve bought so far this year (or received)

There are a ton of beautiful covers out there, however this is my favorite one because kissing in the rain will always get to me. Its my favorite romantic scene (plus this whole kissing in the rain actually happens in the book too and whew what a kiss)

What books do you need to read by the end of the year?

Top Reads (so far)

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