Lusting For Covers (239)

Lady Rhea Claire Dominick, fair and flawlessly beautiful daughter of a Duke, was stolen from her father’s house — and shipped to the Colonies as a slave.

Dante Leighton, who squandered a Marquis’ inheritance in his dissolute youth, pursued his fortune at sea — and found his destiny in the amethyst eyes of a fascinating woman.

They sailed the West Indian isles, discovering fabulous riches… and the raptures of a love more precious than treasure. On a secluded shore, in an idyll apart from the world, they surrendered themselves to ecstasy. But on returning to England, their joy was beset by a tempest of scandal, spite and murderous peril — which was the end of their happiness, or the dark before the radiance of their love….

Why Dark Before The Rising Sun?

So gorgeous….Sourcebooks did a great job with this cover. I love the sweet romantic pose, her dress and the backdrop is just breathtaking. I love the way the sun shines behind them.

9 thoughts on “Lusting For Covers (239)

  1. Love the dress and the sun peeking out from the clouds behind the couple. They do a nice job at Sourcebooks, don’t they?

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