Lusting For Covers (209) Her Irish Warrior


Taming Her Irish WarriorWhen did Ewan MacEgan grow to be so overwhelmingly strong and disarmingly sexy? He intends to wed Honora St. Leger’s demure sister–but why should that matter to her? Honora would rather wield a sword than a mending needle and, as a widow, she knows there is little pleasure in the marriage bed….Ewan MacEgan has set his sights on a wealthy bride but, tantalizingly, he finds himself drawn to the forbidden Honora! One touch and he is longing to awaken her sensuality, for he suspects she will be as passionate in bed as she is on the battlefield!

Why Her Irish Warrior? 

I love a good Irish setting in a romance, and this cover just pops!!! The pose is very sexy, it makes me want to one click this one, and I love the yellow colors used.

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