Lusting For Covers ( 194) The Highlander


The Highlander-ByrneCan the fiercest master of battle conquer a woman’s heart?

They call him the Demon Highlander. The fearsome Lieutenant Colonel Liam MacKenzie is known for his superhuman strength, towering presence, and fiery passion in the heat of battle. As Laird to the MacKenzie clan, the undefeated Marquess has vanquished his foes with all rage and wrath of his barbaric Highland ancestors. But when an English governess arrives to care for his children, the master of war finds himself up against his greatest opponent. . . in the game of love.

Defying all expectations, Miss Philomena is no plain-faced spinster but a ravishing beauty with voluptuous curves and haughty full lips that rattle the Laird to his core. Unintimidated by her master’s raw masculinity and savage ways, the headstrong lass manages to tame not only his wild children but the beast in his soul. With each passing day, Liam grows fonder of Miss Mena–and more suspicious. What secret is she hiding behind those emerald eyes? What darkness brought her to his keep? And how can he conquer this magnificent woman’s heart . . . without surrendering his own?

Why The Highlander?

I love covers like this, but I think what really drew me to this cover is the mix of the soft tone of colors. It has an almost deep pastel feeling to it and the background goes so well with it. Very romantic and sensual and it makes me want to jump right into the cover!! Plus this is a new favorite author, who writes deep provoking romances with a bit of grit to them and leaves you fully satisfied with a HEA. This author alone would get me to read this book when it becomes released but the cover is definitely the whipped cream and cherry on top.

14 thoughts on “Lusting For Covers ( 194) The Highlander

  1. Ug, yes! So pretty and I love the colours. It kind of remind me of When A Scot Ties the Knot but more windy and intense, haha. So excited for this book!

  2. I agree the colours are so pretty on this cover. I like how the colours are so soft and the combination of his green and blue kilt and her soft green dress is stunning. Although I do think the female her face looks a bit weird, not sure why.

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