Lusting For Covers (188) A Match Made In Scandal


A Match Made In Scanal

An obsession that blooms into scandal…

Since childhood, Ryan Donally adored Rachel Bailey, though the brilliant, beautiful lass saw him as just another rowdy boy. The years pulled them apart, carrying Rachel to a place of responsibility and respect few women of her time enjoyed . . . while Ryan ascended to undreamed-of heights of wealth and success, and bound his heart to another.

Now fate has brought them together once again—and Rachel sees not the boy she once spurned, but a breathtaking man she desires. Yet Ryan has moved on and is unwilling to forgive, and Rachel hides a secret shame that could destroy everything she has worked for. Then, in one moment of unrestrained passion, the walls between them tumble, and the price they must pay is a marriage neither can afford. But will a sensuous fire too-long resisted bring tragedy . . . or will it forge a glorious and undying love?

Why A Match Made In Scandal ?

I love the old style to this cover…..romantic and sweet. I really like the staircase in the background, gives it a more authentic feel to the cover.

11 thoughts on “Lusting For Covers (188) A Match Made In Scandal

  1. Such a pretty cover. Another one I might have read…maybe? I don’t know, regardless it’s a great cover, for all the reasons you mentioned. I’m also really liking the font. Font matters sometimes. 😀

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