Lusting For Covers (187) Teach me Under The Mistletoe


Teach Me Under The MistletoeAccording to Caroline “Kitty” Tyndall’s friends, a young lady who’s gone two seasons in London with nary a nibble from a prospective suitor is well on the way to spinsterhood. But what’s a girl to do when she’s never been kissed, and the worldly man she wants regards her as a child?

Hugh McCollum spends his days as a stable hand staying out of trouble and saving for his planned emigration to America. When Lady Caroline asks him to teach her how to kiss so the man she’s set her cap for will find her more sophisticated, he knows he should run in the other direction. But when a pretty young woman falls into his arms and begs for his help, what’s a red-blooded man to do but oblige?

If learning to kiss leads Kitty to love, will the man of her dreams be the man of her heart?

Why Teach Me Under The Mistletoe

This is on my list of Christmas reads for this year. I LOVE and adore this cover. I love her dress with the christmas colors, and I love the background and the romantic pose. And the story sounds so sweet and fun. I can’t wait to read it.

10 thoughts on “Lusting For Covers (187) Teach me Under The Mistletoe

  1. What a gorgeous cover! The pose is great, I love those almost kiss poses. And I like the christmas colours, her dress si so pretty! I am looking forward to hear what you think of this one!

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