Lusting For Covers (176) Let It Be Me


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London weather is chilly—and the social scene even more so. Luckily, Bridget Forrester is just getting warmed

Bridget longs to meet a gentleman who doesn’t mention her beautiful sister upon shaking her hand. But since being branded a shrew after a disastrous social season, Bridget knows she’s lucky to even have a man come near her. It’s enough to make a lady flee the country…

So Bridget heads to Venice for music lessons with the renowned Italian composer Vincenzo Carpenini, with whom she’s been corresponding. But not only is Carpenini not expecting her, he doesn’t even remember her! His friend, theater owner Oliver Merrick, does, though. And one look into her tantalizing green eyes has him cursing his impulsive letter-writing, which brought her across the continent. Yet before Merrick can apologize, Carpenini has ordered her away.

Little does either man know that they will soon be embroiled in a wager that will require the beautiful Miss Forrester’s help—or that there’ll be far more at stake in this gamble than money…

Why Let It Be Me? 

I have been wanting to try this author out for a while, but love this cover. Its so classy, I love the green dress, with the umbrella and the river in the background. So quaint.

6 thoughts on “Lusting For Covers (176) Let It Be Me

  1. This is a lovely cover and I do like the green of her dress and the lovely parasol. That looks like Venice in the background.

  2. I do love Kate’s covers too. I have only read one and it wasn’t that great. I’m always willing to give an author another try. I think I bought this one, but I’m not sure.

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