Lusting For Covers (174) Where Dreams Begin


[divider]Where Dreams Begin-New Cover

“We’re strangers in the darkness,” he whispered. “We’ll never be together like this again.”

Zachary Bronson has built an empire of wealth and power, but all London knows he is not a gentleman. He needs a wife to secure his position in society—and warm his bed in private. But one alluring, unexpected kiss from Lady Holly Taylor awakens a powerful need within him beyond respectability.

An exceptional beauty whose fierce passions match Zachary’s own, Holly always intended to play by society’s rules, even when they clashed with her bolder instincts. But now a dashing stranger has made her a scandalous offer that does not include matrimony. Should she ignore the sensuous promise of a forbidden kiss…or risk everything to follow her heart to a place where dreams begin?

Why Dreams Begin? 

I just adore this book, and this new cover I really love. I like the old one too –its classic, but this one is so elegant and pretty, love the rich red colors, and the gold trimmed settee.

7 thoughts on “Lusting For Covers (174) Where Dreams Begin

  1. I’m loving the makeovers for Kleypas’ books! They’re gorgeous!

    I really enjoyed this one too, so I’m glad its gotten a cover that pops now. 😀

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