Lusting For Covers (169) The Dangerous Lord

Lusting For Covers (169) The Dangerous Lord

Lusting For Covers (169) The Dangerous Lord

She never knew how dangerous he was...

To prevent a dear friend from wedding Ian Lennard, the notorious Viscount St. Clair, Felicity Taylor reveals his shady past in her anonymous London gossip column. But the dauntless miss never imagined St. Clair's rage---for the dangerous rake is now short a bride and desperately needs an heir. So imagine Felicity's surprise when the hot-blooded lord sets his sights on her! Threatened with exposure and ruin,
What choice does she have but to marry him?

... until she married him!

A wife was merely a necessity to secure his fortune -- or so Ian thought until he met Felicity. But the audacious female is his match in both wit and passion and she may be more than he can handle. For burnt kisses and tender touches tempt him to lay bare his very soul--but Ian knows the secrets he harbors will drive her away. So nothing would be more dangerous than actually falling in love with his fiery new bride!

Why Dangerous Lord?
This is a book that I have loved for years and I adore this new cover. With the scruff, the wet hair, the intense stare and those gorgeous eyes!! Who wants first dibs? 

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