Lusting For Covers (167)

Lusting For Covers (167)

Lusting For Covers (167)

Harrison Thornwick thought he was safe. The fourth son to the Earl of Thornwick, there was no reason he couldn’t lounge his life away, drinking and carousing in the notorious Heirs’ Club. But when the sudden deaths of his father and brothers leave Harrison holding the bag, he needs a wife in haste, unless he’s to defy the rule of the prince. Unluckily for Harrison, the prince has an entirely different rule for him—his wife-to-be, Miss Angelina Rule. But when he sees the lady in the flesh, Harrison finds her too beautiful and fascinating to resist…Princely command or not, Angelina has no desire to marry Thornwick. Waiting for her sweetheart to return from the army, she’s not about to be paired up with an Earl—especially with an infamous scoundrel like Harrison. But with Thornwick determined to make her his wife in more ways than one, Angelina will have to put up all her defenses if she is to resist being seduced…


Welcome to Lusting For Covers!! Such a wonderful way to share those covers we love!!

Why The Earl Claims His Bride? 

I love the teal blue colors and her dress…is just so pretty and femine! And I that man is pure sexy right?

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  1. Ohh great pick I absolutely love this cover it is really beautiful and I love the color tone of the cover. Blue is my favorite color. 🙂

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