Library Loot (85)

Library Loot is a feature where to post all of our library goodies and celebrate our love of libraries!! How much do you love your local library?Today I went to my library specifically for some Christmas/Winter themed romances, and I found some goodies. Now some of these, are re reads and others are new to me.

This is a book I read just about every year, I love this book so much because we get to see so many of my favorite all time characters come together for the Christmas holiday. And my favorite scene is at the end with Marcus and Lillian, just loved Marcus’ reaction to Lillian’s assumptions.

I just love Valerie Bowman and I just love Christmas themed romances, and I have had a blast with this Playful Brides series though.

I love this series and having all my favorite couples of the series come together is such fun to see and so this is another book I read every single year. And plus seeing Gregori act as Santa for all the little kids is so cute.

I love anythologies and I have yet to read a Jodi Thomas novel even though she has been in my TBR for YEARS and YEARS!!

I love this author and its been years since I have read this series and am inkling to do a re read of them. Especially this book and see if its as good as the first time I read it.

I haven’t had a chance to read this author yet, however, the moment I saw this cover I knew I wanted to read it and was thrilled to find it at my library!!! I can’t wait.

I just love this author so much and she is superb with her westerns. I loved the first two so I can’t wait for this one here.

I read the blurb for these anthologies and these are the books that are perfect for me!!! I just can’t wait to read these, because these type of shifter romances are exactly what I enjoy the most in PNR.

I am loving this Rock Chick series and I just can’t wait for this one!!! These books are so easy to read and I love books that are so hard to put down too. And KA is great with engaging me just right with her books.

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