Library Loot (70)

Library Loot

Well its that time for another update on my latest loot from my local library. I had some good finds and can’t wait to try these out.

Brown Eyed Girl 

Brown Eyed Girl

I LOVE this author, and if I were to pick a favorite author to read, she would probably be the winner. Brown Eyed Girl is the fourth and last book in the Travis family series. I can’t wait to pick this one up and read Joe’s story. Plus our heroine is  a wedding planner, AWESOME (especially since I hope to be doing that next year)!!! 

Drink of Me 

Drink Of Me

This is an author I have probably been wanting to read for quite a few years but have never picked up. Its a vampire-themed romance and I was just glancing through the shelves and found this one and decided to grab it. Its always an adventure to try out an author I haven’t read before but have wanted to try out. Have any of you read Frank? If so, what do you think of her? 

Twin Of Ice 

Twin Of Ice

This was another “glance at the shelf and grab it up” book. I really am loving reconnecting with this author, and she writes fun historical’s. I love the variety she writes, she doesn’t write in one genre, she explores around different era’s which is so fun to see. This is quite an older book, written in the late 80’s. But I have been wanting to work on my TBR challenge with books older than five years and this one definitely fits the bill. Plus I love twin connecting books. What about you? Do you like twins in stories? 

Beauty’s Beast 

Beauty's Beast

Ever since reading one of her audiobooks this past week, I decided I wanted to read more of her and plus I love paranormal romance and she is so talented. And this has a beauty and beast theme to it so that definitely gets “brownie points”. 

The Hero 

The Hero

This is a series I just can’t stay away from, and I don’t even know why since it’s not my normal type of books I would like to read. But they are so addicting and I get so drawn into this town and the families and people that are connected to each other. 

The Night Belongs to Fireman 

The Night Belongs To The Fireman

I am at the end of the series, although I do still need to read the novella’s. However as far as the main novels  go, this is my last one needed before I finish the series. Love how lighthearted and fun these have been. And oh the humor, the humor gets to me every time. 

Magic In His Kiss by Shari Anton 

Magic In His Kiss

Finally, the third book and the last and youngest sister. She has been the one book I have been waiting forever since I read the first book. Sassy, smart, and spirited. Love the medieval theme mixed with some magic and romance. Can’t wait to open this one up. 

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  1. I do like books about twins. I haven’t read that one by Jude Deveraux though. I like her books, but never got around to reading the books about the twins.

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