Library Loot (66)

Library Loot (66)

1. Slave To Sensation–Re Read 

Slave To Sensation


So I decided to re read this because, one I adore this series and its been a while since I have re read a series. And I love this book, I just finished the scene where Sascha has recently met Lucas, and they go visit a friend and have lunch, and we see her meet the two adorable cubs. I love this scene because we see how much she really feels emotion, even though she tries to hide it. And the two rascals fall in love with her. What do you think of this author? Have you read this series and what do you think of it? One of my favorite aspects is the affection of the packs or also known as “skin privileges”. 


2. Magic Slays 

Magic Slays


Well I am so excited to read this…because after four books these two are finally together…TOGETHER!! And I love that this series is written by a couple (so unique right?) and I can’t wait to jump right into it. And Curran is one sexy beast!! 


3. Sex and the Single Fireman 

Sex and Single Fireman


I love that this whole series is at my library, and so I am onto the next book. I love fireman romances, and the humor that Bernard displays is so fantastic. 


4. The Night Is Mine 

The Night Is Mine

This author has been popping up quite a bit lately, and I haven’t read much Romantic Suspense so I decided that I needed to try this author out. 

5. Archangel’s Blade 

Archangel's Blad


Now this is the fourth, I still need to get the third book, but the waiting list for the third is actually a bit long and so I will probably buy the third book this week. But I love Raphael and the heroine sounds pretty neat. 


6. Dark Witch-Audiobook 

Dark Witch


A couple of months ago I had borrowed this in paperback form but didn’t have time enough to get to it, so when I saw this in audio format, I grabbed it, and its been a while since I have listened to an audiobook, so I am pretty excited. Hope it has a good narrator.