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Historical Romance (Singles)

Historical Romance-Singles


I realized after doing Historical Romance 101–a theme we hosted in April, that I needed to have a favorites lists so all of you can see what are must reads in my mind. Below is “HISTORICAL ROMANCE” this is one of my favorite genres, and even though I don’t read it as much as I used to, its still my favorite even after all of these years.

I would like to share some of the best reads I have in Historical Romance, these are both recent and older…books that still make me sigh, stories to inspire and enchant. I will list Single Titles here.



Single Titles: 

1. Saving Grace by Julie Garwood Saving Grace

This is such a charming medieval highlander romance. Its a story of unity and love, of facing your past and embracing the future. Want to know more

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2. Petals on the River by Kathleen Woodiwiss Petals On The Rive r

This is a book that I read when I was first reading romance, its a story set in colonial north america. We have our hero, who is a widower and has a little boy in need of affection and love. The heroine was kidnapped and forced into servitude and brought to the colonies, and was brought to serve as housekeeper and cook, and they fall in love. Its a sweet and deep romance, and its one of those I can still re read.

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3. Bride Enchanted by Edith Layton Bride Enchanted

This is a paranormal historical romance, where two people fall in love, but Eve sees through Aubreys facade, and sees the man underneath the secrets, and shows him the power of true love and accepting one for who they are.

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4. Silver Anger by Johanna Lindsey Silver Angels

Silver Angel is a harem themed romance. But it is one of my favorite books by this author. I still love re reading it, its a good thin I own it. The story is about our heroine who is Chantelle, and ends up kidnapped and sold to a Sheikh. She is bold and daring, and a fighter. She is fighting for her rights for freedom, but she is attracted to the man she has been sold to, but still resists him because she wants him only and him to only want her and not the other women in the harem. What she doesn’t know is that he isn’t what he appears to be. I loved the sensuality and the historical context of the story,



5. The Conquerer by Brenda Joyce The Conqueror

This is a romance set in Medieval England. It’s 1069 and William I has conquered England. We have a story that is tough and gritty, but is one hell of a page turner. The romance is spectacular, and in grained in the story is the richness of history and passion.

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6. Suddenly You by Lisa Kleypas Suddenly You

This is a story I read ages ago, but what a beautiful love story, the characters are easy to relate to, very endearing and their connection has some sparks. Its a story of two people that are more alike than they realize and find love where they least expect to find it.

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7. Midnight Rider by Kat Martin Midnight Rider

Midnight Ride is a perfect blend of sexual tension, suspenseful plot, a enticing love story that is bound to blow you away!! I love the way the plot unravels and the western theme. This is a deep romance, its not light or fluffy…it has substance and a great story line.

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8. Midnight Warrior by Iris Johansen Midnight Warrior

This is a classic romance, its very well balanced and the writing is steady and the story is one that makes you fall in love all over again. Its an tender and emotional read that still makes me want to read it again.





9. Prince Charming by Julie Garwood Prince Charming-Garwood

Prince Charming is a classic romance, that takes you from the city of London, to the spacious skies of Montana. I loved everything about this story, it was my first book to read by Julie Garwood, and it has everything you need for a winning romance novel!!





10. Rebellious Bride by Donna FletcherRebellious Bride 2

This is a western, a story from a author that is a smart and sexy romance., its a attraction between two that at first they don’t like each other very much, complete opposites, but that soon changes. The chemistry between the two are wonderful. And you can’t get better than reading a Donna Fletcher romance.



11. An English Bride in Scotland by Lynsay Sands An English Bride In Scotland

What I loved about this story is the chemistry between the two, its a plot that gives you a surprise or two along the way and never lets up on the romance or entertaining moments.

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