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Historical Romance (Series)

Historical Romance-Series


Welcome to the Historical Romance SERIES segment!! I am so excited to share these with you. I hope that you check out some of the best series ever to be written in Historical Romance!!!



Series and Trilogy’s

Here I share with you my personal favorites and must reads of historical romance in Series and Trilogy’s. These aren’t all of the ones I love…just my absolutes. I would highly recommend each and every one of them.

1. Highland Lairds


This trilogy is set in Medieval Scotland, and they are all connected to each other, each book is full of passion, history and adventure, characters to make you laugh and win your heart. This is a must read author, Julie Garwood writes the best historical romances, her writing is deep and true, and you will not find a author to match her books. If you like this genre, and have yet to read her….BUY HER BOOKS NOW!! You won’t regret it. Both paper and audio books are all fantastic.

2. Bridgertons

The Bridgertons are a classic family that I can just never get enough of. Each book is each siblings book, and we have a family that lived in Regency England, the father died when the children were young, and this amazing mother “Violet” reared them all on her own. Its sweet, light, witty and fun romances to keep you smiling for years.

3. The Malory’s

The Malory’s are another fantastic family, but these book are more “adventure like romances”, this family is very diverse, and quite outrageous at times. With a mix of lords and pirates, passionate heroines, and alpha male heroes!!

4. Mackenzie’s & McBrides

The Mackenzies are one of the best families to ever read. From beginning to the latest…you will have barrels of laughs and cries, heartfelt scenes, and quick witted humor on every page.

5. Spies and Lovers Trilogy

This was one of the first series I read from Gayle Callen, and by far one of her best work. This is a trilogy of espionage, and it brings some twists, turns and surprises you don’t see until it slams right into you. These stories are brought to life with Callen’s beautiful storytelling.

6. McCabe Trilogy

This is a highlander trilogy that is a must for any romance lover…whether or not you like historical romance…this is a high priority. I don’t care too much for Maya Banks except when she writes historical romance….they are vivid in detail, rich in history, deep in emotion, and sensual in passion….magnifiscent in every way!!

7. Texas Trilogy

This is a western trilogy, about three brothers, that are each damaged by the war. Each book is endearing and romantic…and whether or not you like this sub genre…these books are a must if you like romance. The characters are realistic and down to earth, each story is packed with adventure, conflict and passion.

8. Royal Brotherhood Trilogy

This trilogy is so good I own all of these book on paperback…I only buy books on paperback if they are worth it and I love them enough to re read them. I found this trilogy when I first discovered romance novels. Each story is precious and enchanting. This trilogy is about three men that are all bastards of the prince also known as “Prinny”. They are all half brothers and lords among the Ton. Each book is unique and different from the others. I love these books because they are one of the reasons I read Regency in the first place, and another…these are classic romances, you can’t get better than Sabrina Jeffries at the helm right?

9. Highland Guard

If you are looking for a series to wow you….read this series. I mean sexy men in kilts, fighting for a righteous cause, passionate and strong, fierce lovers, and stories to captivate your attention.

10. Scoundrels of St. James

If I had to choose a regency series to take to a deserted island….this series would win hands down!! Superb in every way, these are stories about rising above what others think you should do and create your own future, and falling in love along the way. These are stunning love stories to leave one breathless for more.

11. Return of the Highlanders

This is a series of four highland warriors, fighting for freedom and the lasses they love. Each book is spectacular, the writing enchanting, and completely hooks you in.

12. Medieval Trilogy

This is a must read for anyone that enjoys romance. This is a trilogy that is set in the Medieval era of England, it deals with plenty of conflict, passion, intrigue and love. These books are considered “classics”…if you have yet to read them you are missing out on a memorable trilogy.

13. Wallflowers

What is most fun about this series is the friendship bonds we see form between these four ladies!! In the beginning they join up since they were all “wallflowers” and form a strong friendship and help each other find husbands. From Annabelle, Lillian, Evie, and Daisy. All stories are charming and tender romances, beautifully written, and one of the best series ever to be written in Historical Romance.

14. Hathaways

This is a series, that is based on a family “The Hathaways” Four sisters and one brother…each story is unique and charming and different from other Kleypas books.

15. The Inferno Club

The Inferno Club is a a group of men that were recruited as lads from noble families, trained in an array of deadly arts, and sent into various countries throughout Europe to hunt down and destroy their targets, they are the operatives of an agency so secret that few beyond the Crown and a few top officials even know it exists…the Ton view them as rakes and scoundrels!!