Historical Romance 101: Much Love For Endings

Welcome to another segment of Historical Romance 101. Today we will be discussing what we love about endings and what we love about them and share some personal favorites. Please join in and visit the other fabulous ladies: Jennifer @Feminist Fairy Tales, Amanda @ On A Book Bender, and Quinn @ Quinn’s Book Nook


There is so much that I love about a good ending, and I feel it is VERY vital to a romance or to any good book or great story. In fact I always look forward to see how an author will handle the finishing touches to a love story. These endings can happen in a variety of ways. What I enjoy most is seeing a couple together in some sweet, tender, poignant moments that burn in your memory. At times they can be amusing, at others you just want to cry because the moments are so romantic and tender and other times its a perfect conclusion. I love seeing a happy ending happen, its one of the main reasons I read romances. Is because I love seeing a couple get their happily ever after (which is definitely possible). Below I will share some of my top picks of the various styles of endings in romance.

Amusing/Witty/Playful Endings