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Welcome to the rugged land of the Scots!!! This page is dedicated to my love of that sexy Scottish brogue, men in kilts and the swords they wield.

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Want More Recommendations….here are some books to pick up!!!

Return of The Highlanders


This is a four book series, about a group of men….commrades, highlanders who are trying to save their people and get their clan back.

Why I Recommend-
Margaret Mallory is such a talented author, each book in this series is AMAZING!! Some of the best highlander romances I have ever read. I loved the way Mallory mixes delightful sweet romances with autentic historical context. She makes these stories come alive.

Highland Guard


This series is set in the Steward Era, where an elite team of highlanders who serve the interests of Robert The Bruce. They fight with honor and loyalty. Each member of the team has a unique call sign and each book is each members story and the women they fall in love with along the way on their missions.

Why I Recommend-

Now the Highland Guard series I have been reading since the first book came out. This series is phenomenal and if you haven’t read it….grab the first book NOW!! Oh my goodness…I just can’t recommend this series enough. The historical context is so realistic, and its very obvious the author did her research. I love this time period, but I do love what she has done with this series.

McCabe Trilogy


This trilogy focuses on three brothers, trying to rebuild their clan. And the complications of Scotland politics.

Why I Recommend-

Maya Banks has done a miraculous job with her historical’s here. And this trilogy is AMAZING!! These books are highly engaging, in depth characters and heartwarming romances to fall in love with.

Highland Lairds

This trilogy is based on a group of highland lairds, that live close to each other and are friends with one another.


Why I Recommend-

I cant express how much I adore this series!! I love all these books, Ransom is my favorite though but Secret is its close match. I can’t express enough how much I adored these books. They have great humor, engaging characters and stories you can’t put down. And as a plus this author does a great job in creating true historical relevant fact and the cultures in the story.

The Warrior King


In this series, we have a prophecy of four men, who are raised as brothers and only one of them will be the true warrior king.

Why I Recommend-

Donna Fletcher is a talented author and every time I open her books, I can’t put them down. These four books are her more recent releases. I love the brothers here, and their boisterious bantering with each other.

The Mackenzie Clan


“Rich, powerful, dangerous, eccentric. A lady couldn’t be seen with them without ruin. Rumors surround them–of tragic violence, of their mistresses, of their dark appetites, of scandals that set Victorian England and Scotland abuzz. Hart, Cam, Mac, and Ian: each a tortured genius, each ready for love and darkly sensual games.

This series, set in England and Scotland in the 1880s, presents the romances and adventures of the Mackenzie clan. Each book stands alone, but they are most enjoyable when read in order.”–Jennifer Ashley’s Website.

Why I Recommend-

Now these books are FANTASTIC!!! It begins with the original family in the late 1800’s and has evolved to their ancestors in the 1700’s. The humor is wonderful, the bond between these family members are engaging and the romances are captivating.