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My name is Renee, and I am the host of this site. I am a 34 year old woman, on the prowl for her mate, searching out the best of books, exploring the wilds of the imagination and delving into the heart of a beautiful love story.


Happy Ever After Database

I decided that I wanted to have a place for my readers to have a good reference for romance novels, with a listing of various types of heroes, heroines, book tropes and themes and genres. Basically this is a listing of links to pages for all of these groupings. I hope you enjoy seeing my own version of Listopia. I wanted to do this, because myself and many other readers enjoy various genres of romance and wanted something that everyone could enjoy.

Alpha Heroes                                                  Fire Fighters                                                  Rakish/Rogue Heroes

Actor Heroes                                                   Gay Heroes                                                    Reporter/Journalist Heroes

Artist Heroes                                                  Gambler Heroes                                            Royal Heroes

Athletes                                                           Highland Laird Heroes                                Scientist

Bad Boy                                                           Jerk Heroes                                                    Sheikh Heroes

Beta Heroes                                                    Knights                                                           Shape Shifter Heroes

Bikers                                                               Lawyer Heroes                                              Singers/Rockers

Billionaires                                                      MMA Fighters                                              Smuggler

Bounty Hunter Heroes                                 Military (Soldier/Warrior)                         Spy Heroes

Brooding Heroes                                           Native American                                           Swoony Heroes

Cowboy Heroes                                             Pirate Heroes                                                Teachers/Tudors

Demi Gods                                                      Playboy/Manwhore Heroes                      Tortured/Scarred Heroes

Demons                                                           Police Officers                                               Vampire Heroes

Detective Heroes                                            Politician Heroes                                          Virgin Heroes

Dream Walker                                                Racing Heroes                                               Warlords

Abused Heroines                                          Fire Fighter Heroines                                   Royal Heroines

Actress Heroines                                          Healer or Doctor Heroines                          Scientist

Angel Heroines                                             Governess Heroines                                     Shape Shifter

Artist Heroines                                             Kick Ass Heroines                                          Shy Heroines

Athletics                                                         Lawyer Heroines                                            Singers/Rock Band

Bluestocking Heroines                               Maid / HousekeeperHeroines                    Spinster

Bookish Heroines                                        Mail Order Brides                                          Spirited Heroines

College Student Heroines                          Medieval Era Ladies                                      Spy Heroines

Damaged Heroines                                     Pirate Heroines                                               Teachers/Tudors

Debutantes                                                   Plain Jane Heroines                                        Virgin Heroines

Detective Heroines                                     Reporter/Journalist Heroines                       Witches

Accidental Pregnancy                              Fling                                                            Politics

Amnesia                                                       Forbidden Love                                       Protector

Arranged Marriage                                   Friends To Lovers                                   Rags to Riches

Best Friend Sister                                     Guardian and Ward                               Redemption

Billionaire-Millionaire Love                 Instant Love Connection                     Return to Hometown

Blackmail                                                     Jilted Bride                                                 Revenge

Boss and Secretary                                  Kidnapping                                                Road Trip Adventure

Disguised As A Male                             Love Triangle                                            Scars or Trauma

Enemies To Lovers                                 Man or Woman in Peril                        Second Chance Romance

Epic Love                                                  Marriage of Convenience                     Secret Baby

Fairy Tale Retelling                                Matchmaker                                              Secret or Mistaken Identity

Fake Engagement                                   May to December                                     Sex Worker with Heart of Gold

Family Saga                                              Office Romance                                       Single Parent (s)

Fated Love                                                On The Rocks                                          Ugly Duckling

Fish Out Of Water                                Opposites Attract                                    Unrequited Love

Aliens                                                             Ghosts                                                           Nautical

Angsty                                                           Harem                                                           Steampunk

BDSM                                                           Highlanders                                                 Viking

Christian and LDS                                     Holiday                                                          Wagon Train

Cooking                                                        Interracial                                                      Western

Emotional                                                     Mafia

Family Feuds                                               Mythology