Grab It Up: Book Releases for August 6 2019

Grab It Up is a feature we do every week to feature the week’s releases and this week there are a few goodones to show off!!

I just love this author so much and she can really write great plots in her stories. Now this one we have a assassin hero and a dark fae heroine….I am getting thrilled just thinking about the goodness in this one.

Sawyer Bennett really knows how to write her sensual erotic romances and I am so ready for this one!!

This author writes the coziest and charming of small town reads and I am really ready for this one, and plus such a picturesque cover!!

I love this author so much, so I can’t wait to grab this up, and a dating app set up….GIVE IT TO ME!!


What Books Are You Looking Forward To Being Release? Let me know in the comments below!!