Fit Readers: Weekly Check In


So I decided to start doing this, and it will be a great way to track the workouts that I do!!! I love this idea of being fit and healthy and maintaining this type of lifestyle.

I have been starting a new fitness plan. I have been focusing on eating healthier, making a focus of vegetables, fruit and protein and healthy carbs. A couple weeks ago I started the Kayla Itsines BBG program. Its a 12 week program, with 30 min workouts six days a week with one rest day. I have been seeing testimony and results lately, and then a friend I grew up with, did it and wow the difference amazed me!!! I said to myself….I want abs like that hehe and boy so far it has worked me so well and I am loving it.

Week Progress for April 8-15th: 

Friday–38 Min of Gym Cycling

Saturday –10 Min in depth stretching, 28 Min Resistence focus on abs and arms.

Sunday –38 Mins of Treadmill running.

Monday –38 Mins of Gym Cycling

Tuesday –38 Min of Treadmill Running

Wednesday–30 Min of Yoga/Pilates

Thursday – Rest Day


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