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Featured Podcast: The Awakened Soul

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Every Week I want to be able to showcase a podcast that I love most dearly. I have always enjoyed listening to podcasts but I really want to share the love and get others to see why these podcasts need a listen by everyone. These are podcasts that change lives and these podcasts I will be sharing will be both bookish and life motivating ones that make you be better.

This week is a podcast that has CHANGED my life for the better. This is a podcast that was started and is hosted by the one and only CEO Haize. Haize or CJ, began this podcast to awaken people’s minds and to get you to think about things. In the beginning of the podcast it was more about a little of everything. Haize brings on people to discuss various topics that really make you think. But this podcast has grown so much and I have learned so much from the guests that he has had on. We get some amazing podcasters that he brings to the listeners attention. I love his motivation behind this podcast, he really does it to help others and love how humble he is. We see the type of man he is through the episodes, what a great loving father he is, the type of son and brother he is with his parents and sisters.

He has a variety of topics that he discuss from politics with his friend Bello, to music and movies, the complexities of the black community, he has a unique perspective since he is biracial and love how objective he can be no matter the issue. He has very firm opinions but he also sees mutliple points of view and he never judges or criticizes what one believes even if he doesn’t agree with it. Considering the culture that we have now where people will burn you with fire and brimstone if you disagree with them….Haize is so not like that. I love how he motivates others and is so encouraging. His voice is very soothing and relaxing and leaves you with a smile on your face.

What has really impressed me by this man is that he doesn’t realize his true greatness. Ever since I discovered him about a month ago, he has become a friend and I am so grateful for it. He is such an uplifting soul and really helps you become a better person and you don’t even realize what he does for you until he has you hooked. Most podcasters don’t realize what they truly do for others. Which is the PURPOSE of this post and many others in the future.To show what these inspiring people do for others so that you can benefit too like I have.

I have found The Awakened Soul to be so motivating, sincere, genuine and the epitome of what success is ALL about. This podcast is full of unique subjects and brings such depths to the soul and the mind and delivers in every way….so I DARE you to listen and NOT love it. Keep up the fabulous work that you do Mr. CEO Haize, you make a difference and hope you grow, continue in your honorable work and make life better for MANY!!


So Listen to The Awaken Soul Check it out HERE and let me know what you think of this podcast that make you think about the deep stuff and inspires you to be BETTER!

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