Featured Podcast: Dads Talkin Sh*t

I discovered these two …you know I am not sure how I discovered them. Hehe.  I believe it was Franco who started following me and then I checked out their podcast and I was hooked immediately. But many of our mutual friends are people I have featured in podcasts on here previously. So these two Ray D ( or who also likes to be known as Pod God) and Franco reside in the beautiful Windy City of Chicago. Both dads and family men who just talk about everything under the sun.

I love the way that Ray and Franco interact with one another, it’s so infectious and it makes you want to take a trip to Chicago and sneak into one of their BBQ parties and seriously I need to meet all their kids they are always talking about…the good, the bad and the crazy. LOL I truly have so much love for these men who I know just chat and talk about life but everything they talk about is relatable and feels so real and anyone can connect with. I learn so much from these two with every episode that I listen to. I have had zero regrets in checking these two out and I come out of listening to them with a happier beat to my step and a smile on my face.

I don’t think that anything I could say in this feature review could do them justice. I truly admire both Ray and Franco, who even when they have differences and have various points of view, are both open minded and can stay objective. I like that their outlook on life is easily relatable and you see the truths that they talk about and adds a deeper level of understanding, The Dads Talkin Shit Podcast is one that uplifts the soul, awakens the mind a little bit more, and with the perfect dose of humor and engagement you will leave will a lighter air in your step and feel more positive vibes!! So grab this up and you will have no regrets! Truly A Compelling and Lively Experience!


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