Elite Romance: Book Covers of 2019

So Today we are discussing the best of the BEST book covers of books that I read this year. So this can include books published in 2018 but also published in previous years!! I just love a beautiful polished romance cover that makes you want to buy it because its so lovely!!! So here are my top picks for the year.





This cover is grogeous, I love the mix of warm colors used and if you blow up the cover you can see all the details that connect to the story. Truly remarkable what Berkley has done with these covers.

This is my favorite of the series, I love the endearing quality to the cover. I love the way he is cradling her, and how he is touching her jaw so gently. *swoony*

LOVE this cover, evidence you don’t need a bare chest to have a sexy male on the cover lol But the colors and the country feel to this cover is fabulous. I just love it so much.

I ADORE this cover so much, it just has that Christmas feel to it I expect from my Christmas reads. Makes me want to go have adventures in this winter wonderland.

Archangel’s War is the BEST cover of the whole series, even though I miss her long hair, this cover is so badass and I love the bright yellow colors of energy. It shows the majesty of the story.

I love a highland cover but boy I love my boys in kilts and they did such a great job with this cover. Delicious muscles to adore.

Isn’t this cover so gorgeous??? I love the mix of colors and the aspects of fade on some of the imagery that connects with the title and theme of the story.

I will admit the cover is what got me to read this book and I love it so much, her top is so pretty, I love the white lace, and the way they are holding onto each other is so captivating.

I just love this cover so much, I love the rich red coloring, their gowns and the way they are holding onto each other.

I love the night theme to this cover, and its so sexy, her dress is so beautiful, and I love how she is holding onto his head in the “almost kiss”  theme.

I LOVE this, I love a sexy muscled back and I love him in just a towel. YUM!!

I love laying on the ground in a bed of flowers, its so pretty and I love how he is laying on top of her.

This is one of the BEST covers that Avon has ever done for Beverly Jenkins, Everything about it is GORGEOUS. Like I want to have it framed and put on my wall its so pretty.

Loved this cover, it has such elegance and class to it

This cover is hot …..I love how he is holding her to him, and the desert backdrop.

This is such a pretty cover, I love it so much and her dress is breathtaking!! The gold theme with her auburn hair is the right touch.

This is the BEST cover I have seen from this author, and its so pretty and conveys the story so well. I love the castle, her dress and the stars. So pretty. Her cover artist did a superb job.

I love these covers to these “Hades Hangmen” and this is probably my favorite, I love the shadows of the silouette of the couple and the flames that rise up into the trees.

This book cover is awesome, I love the kitchen theme and I love the kiss on the neck with her flirty expression.

The cover is what got me to read this book, I love it. The pink tones with the crown, is just gorgeous.