Elite Romance 2019: Leading Ladies

I have discovered some wonderful heroines this past year that are sweet, strong, courageous and beyond endearing and easy to relate to. These women are an inspiration, I love seeing them face unique challenges and rise above and grow beyond what they are in the beginning.


I just had to mention Elena of course, I have worked this year on getting caught up on the series and boy she is badass in every way. But especially in Archangel’s War we see something from her unexpected and delightful…one of the strongest women I have read this year.

Fancy is my favorite out of all the siblings, I related so much to her. One she is a lover of books but she has has such a kind compassionate heart.

Drew Carson …..this lady has courage and tenacity, Even though I am not a fan of some of her methods, I love how driven she is to get justice for her father. But my favorite quality is Loyalty especially with the hero. She stands for him and by him and I loved that.

Hattie is such a memorable character, and she is so empowered in crafting her own life and not apologizing for it which makes her the perfect match for “Beast”

Greer …..is such a lady of class and strength and she instantly won my heart over in these books.

Ana is such a great alpha female for her pack, there is a high threat against her people but she stands for them against their enemy. I admired her determination and how true she was to herself.

Lucia was such a lovely leading lady, I love what she is willing to do to help her girls and she had such devotion to them.

Esme Tran is such a great heroine, a loving mother will to do what it takes to give her the best opportunities. A lady of strength and resilience.

Valinda was so memorable, she is courageous, and not afraid to back down from what she stands for. She is a teacher and has such a kind heart.